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Fun fall project

Just for fun!, Nature

Here is a fun project that you might want to try: Give oak leaves the Midas touch!

I have Martha Stewart to thank for this idea. She collected oak leaves and sprayed them with silver spray paint. She then made Christmas garlands and wreaths with her sliver leaves to deck her halls.

Martha's silvery leaves were pretty, but I much prefer the warmer tones of gold or copper metallic spray paint.

Whether you spray yours with silver, gold, or copper spray paint, the procedure is the same.




All you have to do is collect fallen white or red oak leaves.

Try to find ones that are relatively flat, clean, and not too beat up.

You can press them between the pages of a book for a few days if you want them really flat.


Get some large pieces of cardboard and metallic spray paint. Take these and your leaves outside.

Lay all the leaves on the cardboard and spray with a generous coat of paint.

Let dry.

Then turn the leaves over and spray again. Once they are dry, you can bring them in the house and let sit overnight. 

Depending on how many leaves you painted, you can tuck them into a fall wreath or arrangement, or make an entire wreath of them. I just added mine to a silk arrangement without glue. They stay pretty well.

When it is time to put the fall decorations away, I gather all my golden leaves and put them in a shoe box until next year.

If making a wreath, dab a little Tacky type glue on the stem to keep them in place.

If you are fortunate enough to find some acorns, you could give them a spray with gold, copper, or even just clear coat and add those to your arrangements.

The golden or copper leaves would also look pretty scattered on your Thanksgiving serving table or added to a centerpiece.

I have tried painting other leaves, but they don't work. (They ripple because they are too thin and become brittle.)

Because oak leaves are thick and leathery, they keep their shape and hold up pretty well. I've had mine a few years.

Every fall I say I am going to gather more and make a garland for my fireplace. (Haven't gotten to that project yet!)

Hope you give this a try. It is really easy and I think they are quite beautiful.

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