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Elmbrook's revenue pie and future

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Tuesday, about 20 Elmbrook residents gathered at Brookfield El. to discuss state funding and its affect on class sizes. Board member Glen Allgaier attended as well. We all introduced ourselves and stated the ages and grade level of our children in the Elmbrook school system. I think I was the only person in attendance who never had a child in Elmbrook schools. (I homeschooled my son.) I would say most of the attendees were mothers of grade school aged children. 

Assistant Superintendent of Finance Bob Borch guided us through the very complicated system of school finance with a power point presentation. He carefully explained how the system used to work and then brought us up to date with today's system.

Bottom line, Elmbrook is a wealthy school district and receives less than the average "Equalization Aid" in Wisconsin.   Surprisingly, there were 11 districts that receive "No Primary Aid!" Elmbrook is one of 12 districts that receive "Only Primary Aid." At least we get something! This "Equalization Aid" plus Integration Aid--Chapter 220, and Computer Aid make up about 15% of of the revenue pie. The remaining 85% of revenue in the pie, grouped under the Revenue Cap, comes from property taxes.

Additional income comes from other sources: State Categorical Aides -- Open Enrollment, Library, Special Education, and Transportation, Federal Aids, and Local Sources such as student fees and rent. These additional sources are not under the revenue cap. Bob Borch gave a figure of $95 million dollars for the total budget. 

The School Levy Credit that appears on our property tax bills also helps our district. Last year a total of $12 million was funneled back to Elmbrook Schools from the district's municipalities.

Here is the difference between Chapter 220 and Open Enrollment students. Both are non-resident students. Chapter 220 at  


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