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What, me worry? (About recession)

Just for fun!, THE ECONOMY

I don't go to shopping at malls* very often for several reasons: 1. I can never find the style or item I need, and if I can, it is too expensive. 2. Watching people buy frivolous, overpriced stuff makes me want to leave. 3. Often, they are too crowded. But every 4 weeks or so, I do make a pilgrimage to Mayfair's Alterra coffee stand for my 5# bag of whole bean Sumatra coffee.

Last Saturday, I needed to go to Mayfair for coffee. I wondered, would the fear of recession or layoffs put a damper on people's shopping habits?

The parking lot answered my question. The photo was taken in the farthest corner of the west parking lot. I finally found a spot in the far north end of the Macy lot. The east lot was also pretty full too.

Would people be just looking or buying? I noticed the cell phone kiosks had people lined up. The Godiva chocolate shop looked full. Many shoppers were carrying multiple bags.

I ventured into Williams Sonoma just to look and spotted a really pretty saute' pan. It was unusual in that the decorative handle was attached to the pan with a leaf motif and the knob was a sculptured vegetable. They were attractive enough to use for serving pieces. How much I asked? The sales lady told me $400 for the one pan! She then added that they were selling well. (Well, not to me.) Customers were lined up at checkout.

The real clincher was the Coach Bag store. About 12 ladies were shopping there, 5 of them lined up at the sales counter checking out. In case you did not know, Coach purses average about $400 each. ($400 must be the magic number!)

To answer my original question, What, me worry?** I am very concerned. We are headed toward economic disaster. But I don't think the reality of a recession (or worse) has sunk in yet for these shoppers. They are not thinking they need to cut back on spending any more than our government is.

Can't afford it? Just put it on the credit card. Can't pay the credit card bill? Just wait for the bailout!

*In the winter, I do go to Mayfair and Brookfield Square to walk

**I think What, me worry? was the question asked by Mad magazine's Alfred E. Newman. 

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