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Global warming -"Is the cure worse than the disease?"

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A new documentary aimed at exposing the true cost behind the "global warming" hysteria is coming to theaters in 2009.


Not Evil Just Wrong is produced and directed by Irish filmmaker Ann McElhinney. She says the film takes a look at the last time environmentalists were successful in persuading people that the world was about to end and the cost of that effort on humanity, and compares that to the modern movement of global warming hysteria.
McElhinney is referring to the ban on DDT, a pesticide that all but wiped out mosquito-born illness in the U.S. and around the world.
"But a woman came along...Rachel Carson, who...wrote a book called Silent Spring in 1962, where she basically said, 'Well, it couldn't be good, you know, all this use of pesticides; it cannot be good. There must be something wrong with it,'" she explains. "And they used what's called now, [what] a lot of people call it, the precautionary principle -- let's not jump into this, let's not do this, something bad might happen. And because of that, everyone jumped, everyone decided that this was obviously a bad thing. John F. Kennedy got involved, and DDT was banned."
Ann McElhinneyShe points out that since the banning of DDT, more than 50 million people -- mostly pregnant women and children -- have died from mosquito-born illnesses such as malaria. Drawing a comparison between the DDT ban and the global warming hysteria, McElhinney poses this question.
"Is the cure worse than the disease? If what they are proposing -- an end to the use of fossil fuels -- is that worse than any potential warming that we might ever get?" she asks.
The documentary, which includes interviews with scientists and global warming skeptics, was recently premiered at the Amsterdam Film Festival with record crowds. McElhinny is currently seeking donations to help bring the film to the U.S.



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