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Penzeys: Herbs & Spice and everything nice

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If you love to cook or know someone who does, stop in at Penzeys herb and spice shop. They recently relocated from the Town of Brookfield to the east side of the Brookfield Fashion Center on Bluemound Road.

I have shopped at Penzeys for years; they are my source for Pasta Sprinkles, Ceylon Cinnamon, and vanilla beans, to name a few. When I cook or bake, I try to use the best quality I can afford. Their quality is fabulous--very fresh.

The Pasta Sprinkles make a nice addition to pasta salads, vinegar and oil salad dressing, or anytime you want an Italian flavor. I like the mix because it is not too heavy on the oregano. They also have other herb blends.

Penzeys is one of the few places that sells Cassia. What is that, you ask? Cassia is a Cinnamon-like spice, often used and sold interchangeably. Cassia has more of the aromatic oil, 6%, than Cinnamon does. Some cooks use Cassia for spicy dishes and reserve the sweeter taste of Cinnamon for baking. Cassia often costs less than Cinnamon, which is why some companies pass it off as Cinnamon. I think the aroma and flavor of both spices is much stronger than the grocery store variety.

Many items have a sample available so you can give them a sniff! In fact, the whole store smells wonderful. And how about this display? We had a kitchen much like that when I was a little girl!

The store displays often include information about the spice or herb. Recipes are also scattered throughout the store, if you need a little inspiration.

The quantities vary from an ounce or two to larger sizes. Some herbs and spices are available in cellophane packages (less expensive) as well as glass bottles. Penzeys also has several assortments of spices or herbs specifically boxed for gift giving too. 

So give Penzeys a try. Its worth the trip just for the aroma!

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