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Fantasy weather forecasts

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Some people are obsessed with the weather. They are glued to the Weather Channel and hang on every word of the local meteorologist. Instead of reporting real news, as every snow storm or cold snap approaches, network and local news stations hype endless stories featuring newscasters shivering outside, show you how to layer clothing, or instruct you to carry a snow shovel in your car.

I tend to avoid all that. Since I don't have cable TV, the Weather Channel is out. And I have long given up watching network news. I do check the internet, however.

The Weather Channel's website makes weather watching easy, and you can find out some interesting statistics on averages. You can also check weather in other areas of the country. That is where the fantasy comes in.

Since my husband and I are over 50, our thoughts sometimes turn wistfully to the retirement years. Our weather patterns seem to be back to the typical colder, snowier winters of Wisconsin, and that makes me wonder if I still want to endure them at age 70? 

So I have been checking a few locations on the Weather Channel website. Two of them are Thermopolis, Wyoming and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Thermopolis because of its proximity to Yellowstone National Park--that one is for us, and Chattanooga because they are the site of the new Volkswagen car plant--that one is for my son. I believe both of these states have no income tax. Once in a while I check Juneau, Alaska. They pay you to live in Alaska!  

Here is where the fun comes in (for me, anyway.) You would think Tennessee would be warmer than Wyoming, and Wisconsin warmer than Alaska, wouldn't you?

Nope! Today, while we had a high of -1 today and 8 degrees tomorrow, Thermopolis, Wyoming is the warmest with a high of 43 today and 45 tomorrow. Juneau, Alaska is next warmest at 38 today, 40 tomorrow, and surprisingly, Chattanooga, Tennessee is coldest with 26 today and 31 tomorrow.

As I have been checking these highs several times a week, the results are pretty consistent.  

Probably, I will never leave Wisconsin, but the weather website can be useful for planning a vacation too. Would this be a good time to go to Disney World? (If I won their free vacation contest.) How about Williamsburg in July? Start looking at what their weather is like. It could save you from making an expensive mistake.

Hope you have a little fun with fantasy weather forecasts of your own. I enjoy them.

By the way, even Fairbanks, Alaska had a high of 31 and Anchorage was 42 today. To feel warm, try looking at Hibbing, MN. Today's high was -7.

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