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George and Laura Bush, class act & desk trivia

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America may be known for its peaceful transfer of power; it has always been done according to the Constitution. But transfer of the White House residence and office space has not always gone so smoothly. Remember 8 years ago when the Clinton's moved out more than they brought in? How about the snafu with the offices and keyboards ? None of that this go round from the Bush family. Despite some in the crowd booing President Bush when he arrived at the ceremony and some singing, Na, na, na-nah, Hey, hey, goodbye, when former President Bush and Laura flew overhead afterwards, he and Laura behaved as I would have expected. With dignity.

President Bush did continue the tradition of leaving a note for the incoming president in the drawer of the Resolute Desk. In the commentary on the radio today, after the swearing in of President Obama, I learned President Reagan was the first to do this with his successor President George Bush Sr. They said Reagan left a note with a turkey on it and the words, Don't let the turkey's get you down. Evidentially, every president since has followed suit.

For trivia and history buffs, the desk is called the Resolute because "it was made from the timbers of the HMS Resolute, an abandoned British ship discovered by an American vessel and returned to the Queen of England as a token of friendship and goodwill. When the ship was retired, Queen Victoria commissioned the desk from William Evenden, Royal Naval Dockyard at Chatham, England, and presented to President Rutherford Hayes in 1880." 

I first heard about the Resolute Desk/s in the popular movie, National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. This second National Treasure movie plot centered around finding clues in the Queen of England's and President's Resolute Desks. The main character, Benjamin Franklin Gates, explains how the pair of desks came to be. If you enjoy history, these National Treasure movies are rather fun.

President Bush and First Lady Laura were a class act to the end. I wish them well in their civilian life.

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