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Kyle and her husband moved to Brookfield in 1986. She became active in local politics and started blogging in 2004. Her focus is primarily on local issues but often includes state and national topics, too. Kyle looks at things from the taxpayers' perspective in a creative, yet down to earth way, addressing them from a practical point of view.

Digital TV, The Ant and Grasshopper, & The Titanic

Self reliance

If Americans cannot be responsible for making sure their TVs work come Feb. 17th, by getting the digital conversion box, we are hopeless.

A good parent knows they must let their children fail at some things in order to teach them responsibility. The trick is to do it with things that really don't matter. Things that don't have life-long consequences. Isn't this TV conversion a perfect way to teach responsibility?

If a converter box is not purchased and installed in time for the conversion, what is the worst thing that can happen? The irresponsible party has no TV. Big deal. They can still use their old TV as a monitor for video or DVDs. Or they might have to pick up a newspaper or book for entertainment?

As a nation, do we want to coddle a populous so helpless they cannot even bother to sign up for the free $40 converter coupon on time? It makes me wonder if grade school children are still taught The Ant and the Grasshopper story.

What happened to self reliance? When I hear of the lazy, helpless masses, I joke, they would never have made it on the Oregon Trail! When the movie Titanic came out, a friend quipped that if she was on the Titanic, she would have wanted to be there with my family. She reasoned that we would have MacGyverd a raft out of something. I said, I would not have gone down without a fight: tying dining room tables together with nylon stockings to create a makeshift raft, perhaps?

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