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Elmbrook School Board candidate forum: first impressions

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I did make it to the Elmbrook School Board candidate forum last night, but I was about 3 minutes late.  There were about 30 people in the audience, 2 of which were board members Bob Zieggler and Tom Gehl. (There may have been others present, but I did not see them.)

As I found a seat, a woman was already speaking at a podium. (I later found out she was Dorothy Smaglick, the President of the Elmbrook Education Foundation and is part of the Parent Leadership Council, the sponsor of the forum). I thought the speaker was a candidate giving her opening statement. As she spoke, I found she was reading a statement for candidate Katie Lemcke, who could not be at the forum. Dorothy Smaglick was explaining something about a planned family activity conflicting with the forum time, and so she [Katie Lemcke] could not attend. There was some mention of meeting with some Disney characters? Did I hear that right? You will have to watch the cable broadcast to hear the explanation.

Part of Katie Lemke's statement went something like this:

I stand in firm support of 4K. By not having 4K... ....threatens our enrollment. Students enrolled elsewhere tend to stay there through high school. [I'll be a] voice for families and taxpayers.

I have to see if I can find my notes from the school board meeting back in fall of 2007. I believe Katie spoke during the public forum time in favor of 4K.

The other 5 candidates were in attendance. Barry Wightman certainly was the most entertaining!

I will try to go through my notes and post the highlights later today. My opinions were not changed by going to the forum, but hearing the candidates positions and approach to the district's problems did help me confirm my opinions. 

After the forum I spoke with a few acquaintances in the audience. One was not aware that all of Elmbrook School District voters vote on ALL the candidates regarless of which area you live in. In other words, even if you do not live in Area 4, you still vote for Jean Lambert, Donald Moore, or Barry Wightman in the primary on Feb. 17. So you need to pay attention to their positions as well as the At-Large members'. 


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