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Was that an Obama Town Hall or "Queen for a Day"?

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President Obama was out and about promoting his "stimulus" package earlier this week. The audio clips I heard of the Town Hall meeting Obama held on Tuesday in Fort Myers, Florida, however, seemed bizarre to me. It certainly was not very presidential.


Some have referred to that Town Hall meeting as a church style revival meeting. It reminded me more of the old TV game show, "Queen for a Day".


I have fuzzy childhood memories of "Queen for a Day". The show featured 2, or was it 3, contestants who each had their own heartbreaking sob story. The show gave each lady an opportunity to tell of their needs. 


The show host would then have the audience vote by applauding for the contestant who was more deserving of the prize. They would zoom in on each contestant and show a corny applause-o-meter with a needle gauge. The (un)lucky contestant who garnered the most applause, and presumably the most compelling story, would win.


The show host then brought out all the wonderful products the contestant won that would make their miserable life better, and so the unfortunate woman became like a "Queen for a Day". 


Well, Henrietta Hughes, the woman who tearfully begged the President for a car, home of her own with her own kitchen and bathroom, became "Queen for a Day" on Tuesday*. She beat out fellow contestant Julio Osegueda, the college student who complained that he has not been able to find a better job for 4 years. He pleaded with the President to in effect wave his magic wand and increase benefits for workers like him. I had to wonder if the student's inability to secure a better job had to do with his odd demeanor?  Later I found out he wanted to be a broadcaster!  Check out the video and see what you think.


Henrietta did get her wish, thanks to the kindness of State Representative Thompson's wife, Chene, who offered Henrietta a home. I might add that Mrs. Thompson was able to help Henrietta because she was wealthy enough to do it. (I am not going to speculate on Thompson's motivation for the giving or the coincidence of these two women happening to be at the meeting, or how Henrietta just happened to be at the Town Hall and able to ask a question.)


Actually, there were 3 contestants involved on Tuesday--the 3rd being the President. For weeks he has been pedaling his sob story of doom and gloom and telling how government is the only entity that can right the sinking ship of our economy.


President Obama interrupted his Town Hall to tell the audience, "By the way, the Senate just passed our recovery bill. That's good news." But even the President has no illusions of his "stimulus" bill curing our ills, for he also "warned against expecting a quick turn around. It would take a long time for the economy to wouldn't happen overnight." I have to wonder though if he thought at least for yesterday, it's good to be King for a Day!


The House and Senate versions of the "stimulus" bill now heads to the conference committee where they work out a compromise bill. Then the Senate and House vote again. (No amendments are allowed at this point.)


The only shred of hope we have in defeating this $Trillion "stimulus" is if Americans keep up the pressure on elected officials. Yup, that means more phone calls and emails. I plan on contacting the 3 Republican Senators who voted for the bill as well as my reps and urge them to vote NO on the final version. Hey, I'll throw in Joe Lieberman too. I have heard calls are running 100 No to 1 Yes. Americans are angry about the pork and waste.

United States Senate: Contact Republican members Susan Collins - Maine (202) 224-2523, Olympia Snowe - Maine (202) 224-5344,  Arlen Specter - Pennsylvania (202) 224-4254, and Independent Joe Lieberman - Connecticut (202) 224-4041.

Our Senators Herb Kohl (202) 224-5653 and Russ Feingold (202) 224-5323

United States House of RepresentativesJames Sensenbrenner (202) 225-5101


*I do feel sorry for people who are homeless, it is just that I cannot ever remember a citizen begging a president in such a personal way before. It was more like a peasant coming before the king than a citizen and president exchange.


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