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Am I missing something with trains?

Socialism / Marxism, Transportation, WISCONSIN Cato Institute, Randal O'Toole spoke on Jay Weber today about Doyle's pet project: "High" speed rail. Do listen to the podcast at around 9:15. It was very enlightening. In a nutshell, High speed rail does not work in France, Italy or Japan. It requires a huge input of taxpayer money. It pollutes and is innefficient use of fuel and dollars.


RTA? KRM? "High speed" trains that do a whopping 110mph? (That was the speed of the Milwaukee Road in the 1930s) High speed is usually thought of as closer to 200mph, or at least 150mph.

What is with the train to Kenosha, Chicago, or Minneapolis for that matter?

Just how many times do you go either direction that you would need a train? Do you even know someone who regularly takes the train to any of these destinations?

Once there, you mean to tell me you wouldn't want a car or need some other means of transportation?

I think I have been to Chicago 3 times in the past 6 years. And those trips were only made to see the Mary Cassatt exhibit, the King Tut exhibit and do a girls day out shopping. For Mary Cassatt, we took the Amtrak. Round trip cost: $39. Taxpayer subsidy required.

The next 2 trips we took the Megabus for an average of $2.00 each way. No taxpayer subsidy required!

Creating another train system in the U.S. is absurd. There is no need.

Sign the Stop Commuter Rail in Wisconsin petition, if you like. I did. (H/t Vicki McKenna)


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