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Will Real ID really be required by 2014?

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Our dear Governor Doyle must not think so, or he would be really using that additional $10 per driver's license renewal fee for the purpose it was created: to comply with the Real ID law. Instead, he is using it to fund his budget. Front and center today from the Journal Sentinel, Fees collected, but Doyle budget would put off Real ID:(My emphasis)

Gov. Jim Doyle's proposed budget puts no money toward complying with a federal anti-terrorism law, even though the state has been collecting $10 per driver's license to do so for over a year.

Doyle said Monday he is not abandoning the federal Real ID law.

"We're not shutting down our efforts by any means," Doyle told reporters in a conference call. "We are definitely slowing them down."

That is politician double speak for I'm taking that designated money from a real program and using it to shore up my extravagant budget.


This isn't small potatoes. We have 5 years in which to make the switch for most residents.

...Wisconsin drivers began paying $10 more for driver's licenses last year - raising about $12.5 million - so the state could comply with the federal Real ID law, which Congress passed in 2005 to thwart terrorism and prevent illegal immigrants from getting licenses.

Residents of states that don't comply could not use their licenses to board airplanes or visit federal courthouses, starting as early as 2014. The law requires residents to provide birth certificates and other documents to get more secure IDs.

I have serious doubts that we will be compliant by 2014 if Doyle is still our governor. When the fateful compliance deadline comes, he will just plead economic hardship. After all, if our government didn't stand by their original Digital TV from Analog TV conversion deadline, and that was just to watch TV, what makes us think they will make states meet this deadline? 


Our government is creating a nation of fiscally irresponsible citizens and allows those governing us to get away with creative budget fixing too. (Raiding the transportation fund to plug holes in last year's budget and then having the gall to say it was balanced, comes to mind at the state level. On the Federal level, the granddaddy of fund raiding is collecting Social Security and Medicare payments from workers but spending it now.)


Real ID would be a novel concept. I think I mentioned before that in 2004 I took my offspring to the DMV to get a State ID. (We were contemplating going to Canada on vacation and he needed a valid type of identification to cross the border.) While we stood in line, the DMV worker explained to the person next to us that the fake social security card he brought was not good enough, implying he needed to obtain a better fake. No call to law enforcement, just advice on how to get around the system.


I do have mixed feelings about a national ID requirement, but I can see how a certified birth certificate to obtain this special state driver's license would be a step in the right direction in verifying U.S. citizens and legal residents. 


So, for now, add the cost of REAL ID compliance to the list of bills waiting to come due for Wisconsin and the U.S.


Balanced budget indeed.



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