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Obama: 2008 - 1984

President Obama, Slipping fast!, Socialism / Marxism

This was a bumper sticker idea I heard on Vicki McKenna's radio show Monday. She was taking listener's suggestions for a whole host of bumper sticker ideas. I was in the car at the time, but I did manage to write down this one. I think it sums up the direction many Americans feel our country is headed toward: Government control of every aspect of our lives.

She will have the many suggestions up on her web page and you can vote for your favorite. McKenna hopes to have some made into bumper stickers in time for the Wisconsin Tea Party on April 15th.

When I came home from my errands, I found this in my in-box

George Orwell Would Be Impressed With Barack Obama


There he was, standing before a joint session of Congress, promising America the moon one minute and sounding like a deficit hawk the next. President Barack Obama and his Democrat cohorts had just rammed through the biggest pile of pork in the history of the Republic, and yet there he stood, before the whole nation, telling us he was going to go through the budget "line by line" finding ways to cut waste. In fact, he intended to "slash the deficit" he "inherited" by almost exactly the amount he and his Democrat Congress had just spent. What a coincidence.

Like his hero, that great lover of big government, Franklin Roosevelt, whose priorities would change with his moods from week to week, Barack Obama at first simply seemed to be in over his head. I no longer believe that to be the case. This man is not incompetent. I now think that he knows exactly what he is doing and it is going to be terrible for this country.

Former Clinton advisor Dick Morris was exactly right this past week when he said that Obama is a true believer who would trade the possibility of a second term for the chance to realize his radical agenda for transforming America into a Socialist utopia.

Obama is a combination of Ronald Reagan and Big Brother -- by which I mean that he uses his considerable communication skills to sell the agenda of a huge, intrusive government, and that he does it in a "Newspeak" that would impress George Orwell.

Those who have read Orwell's prophetic little tome, "1984," will recall that "Newspeak" was a language in which the line between contrary concepts was so blurred that words either had no meaning at all or could be used to create concepts that were contrary. When words no longer had meaning, the concept of truth was not far behind.


So what will Obama's America look like if he gets all that he wants? It won't happen overnight, but if he has his way, eventually it will be a very dreary place, much like the old Soviet Union. Having followed the old Marxist axiom of making everyone "equal," Obama will have brought about the same kind of "equality" instituted by the old Soviet Politburo. Gone will be the equality of opportunity we have enjoyed for more than two hundred years, the right to experience life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In Obama's America, as in the failed soviet state, equality of outcome will be the preferred result. The idea is to make everyone equally prosperous. This sounds good in theory, until one considers that the only way governments have ever accomplished this is by making men and women equal in their poverty, misery and squalor.

The most glaring example of this is in the area of universal health care. In Obama's America, "free" health care will be a right. No one will receive better care than anyone else. We will all be equal. Unfortunately, that means that everyone will be neglected equally. Health care will be rationed, treatment will be refused, and the kind of inadequate health care that liberals claim the poor receive will be dispersed equally across the all American economic demographics. But at least we will all be equal.

And how does the president pay for it all? It doesn't seem to matter to most Americans. He talks about "taxing the rich" in order to pay for his schemes. Yet, if our government confiscated 100 percent of the income of everyone in this country making more than $75,000 a year, he would barely have enough to cover this years' budget! And we don't even have universal health care yet!

Human beings are endowed with our rights by our Creator. Our Founders recognized that principle. This president and the majority in Congress believe our rights come from them. No one until now has been able to sell that idea to the American people. Barack Obama is doing his best to sell it to us now, and George Orwell would be very impressed.


None of this should really come as a surprise to any of us; Obama told us what he was all about during the campaign. 




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