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Sights and sounds of spring: did you see 'red'?

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Most people's spirits are lifted when the sun shines and the temperatures head upward. Seems we are in for a few nice days--at last!


Sunday was a glorious day, weather wise. I saw many neighbors out walking or riding bikes on the street, the playground at Kinsey Park was a magnet for area children, and my dog certainly enjoyed his outing--he met several neighborhood dogs out on their walks too. (Meeting and greeting is always a highlight in my pooch's day.)


I am happy to report that even I saw a Robin! I thought I heard one earlier in the week, but seeing a Robin is traditionally regarded as a sure sign of spring.  Listen: "American Robin song Sound
American Robin song 2 Sound " ( and photo)

If you have noticed, over the past several weeks, the birds have been vocalizing more. The Cardinals have been singing their finding their mate song ever since January. By March, their singing is at its peak. The song goes like this: Honey, I'm here, where are you? Cardinals are considered monogamous.


We are sure to go back to the deep freeze, but spring officially arrives this coming weekend. So cheer up. The worst is over with--better days are coming. I'm celebrating by putting up my daffodil wreath ahead of schedule!


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