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Remember when Flip Wilson used to say, "The devil made me do it"?


Bet they were saying, "The teleprompter made me do it" at the White House on St. Patrick's Day!


Ireland's Prime Minister was at the White House Tuesday, March 17th. President Obama gave a speech, using the teleprompter. (Nothing unusual there, he barely answers the phone without a teleprompter. Yes, that was said tongue in cheek.)


Well, after Obama spoke, it was the Prime Minister's turn. He too used the teleprompter. But after a few sentences, he realized it was Obama's speech all over again. "That's your speech," he said to the President.


I don't know why Obama just did not wait for the machine to cue up the right speech for the Prime Minister. Bet Obama wishes he did too, because it went from bad to worse. President Obama's dependency on the teleprompter is becoming well known--even across the pond: (My emphasis). 


Obama is becoming known as the "tele­prompter president" for his excessive use of the prompting screens, which retract when speeches are finished.


Although used for more than half a century, the device was previously employed mainly for set-piece speeches. The current president, however, often uses them for making small introductory statements at the beginning of press conferences.


On this occasion, as a laughing Mr Obama returned to the podium, the script was belatedly switched over to the Taoiseach's text – leaving Mr Obama inadvertently thanking himself for inviting everyone, to further laughter. "First, I'd like to say thank you to President Obama!" the President said. 


Obviously, we need to add thank yous to the list of teleprompter services.


I would think if the speaker was more involved in the speech writing process, this type of thing would happen less? It is difficult to imagine reading your own name as being the recipient of your sincere thank you if you were familiar with the speech.


In other important White House news for March 17th, the fountains were dyed green for the first time in White House history for St. Patrick's Day! That proves the ever vigilant blog reader and commenter Santa's Elf was right! It's not Obama, it's O'bama! ;-)



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