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Parental Rights Amendment to be introduced March 31

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Fifty-Six Sponsors!

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

On March 11, we invited you to make history. And you did it!

On that date, we had 31 members of the U.S. House of Representatives committed to becoming original co-sponsors of the Parental Rights Amendment, joining the bill’s lead sponsor, Rep. Pete Hoekstra of Michigan. We urged you to write your congressman, in hopes of convincing 19 more to join on before the bill was introduced.

Thanks to the leadership of Rep. Pete Hoekstra, your calls, emails and letters, coupled with the diligent work of Rep. Hoekstra’s staff, an additional 24 representatives have signed on to sponsor this bill, bringing our total (including Rep. Hoekstra himself) to 56 as of today! With that many secured, plans are underway to introduce the bill in the House on March 31.

To see who has joined us, check our list of sponsors. If your representative is on the list and you have not yet done so, consider writing a letter thanking them for sponsoring the Parental Rights Amendment. You might use a simple statement like the following:

“I just learned that you have committed to co-sponsor Rep. Hoekstra’s Parental Rights Amendment bill. I believe very strongly in this Amendment, and I am proud to be able to say that my congressman will be an original co-sponsor! Thank you, and keep up the good work!”

We do urge that you write a letter of thanks to your congressman. If that is not possible, an email would be a good second choice. We ask that you do not call them to thank them. Phone calls tend to interrupt their day, which makes them great tools for urging action, but a poor way to say “Thank you.”

Of course, if your congressman is still not on board, you might want to contact them again. This time, though, instead of asking them to become a cosponsor, ask them this:

“Rep. Hoekstra’s Parental Rights Amendment bill will be introduced on the 31st, and he already has 56 original cosponsors. Why isn’t Congressman ____ one of them?”

This will put them on the spot, and force them to ask themselves the same question—Why not?

Once again, you can find your representative’s Washington office address (or phone number) by typing your zip code into the box at

Fifty-six is very encouraging number of original co-sponsors, and having 100,000 signers on the Parental Rights petition certainly was helpful in securing their support. To pass the Amendment, however, is going to require 290 “Yea” votes in the House, and we’re going to need millions of citizen supporters to bring that about. Our petition is not a legal document in any way—but it is a tool for communicating to Congress the overwhelming number of Americans who support the Parental Rights Amendment.

That is why, even in light of this great victory, we need more than ever volunteers to recruit or to become 10-and-2 Representatives to secure even more signatures to the Parental Rights petition. If you have not yet accepted that mission, we urge you to get involved in that campaign! If you haven’t signed the petition yet yourself, that would also be a great place to start. Sign the petition here.

In addition, if you are not already a member, I would encourage you to consider joining The membership fee of $25 will fund our on-going efforts to pass the Parental Rights Amendment, and each new member will receive two new window decals bearing the logo and motto, “Protecting children by empowering parents.” If you have not already done so, won’t you join today. These decals are a great way to start a discussion of parental rights with people you come into contact with every day.

Gratefully yours,

Michael P. Farris

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