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National Day of Prayer at risk

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Did you see this e-mail? I want to let you know how important it is for you to get involved.

I'm personally outraged by the attack on the National Day of Prayer because I've seen the power of prayer at this event – the unity that it builds across generations, political affiliations, and denominations.

It is outrageous that anyone would challenge your constitutional right to pray in public, but the Freedom From Religion Foundation is trying to do just that. They want to silence the voice of the Christian from public life.

That's why we need your help. Save the National Day of Prayer 

The National Day of Prayer…a tradition in our great nation for hundreds of years…is now at risk of disappearing forever.

A radical group has sued to put a stop to this God-honoring event meant to bring people of varying faith backgrounds together, not tear them apart.

The Alliance Defense Fund is defending the National Day of Prayer Task Force from this outrageous lawsuit free of charge. Click below to learn more about this case and watch a special video. Donate now to help us defend the right of Christians to gather in prayer for our nation.

 3 opportunities: Send Shirley a note of encouragement Send Shirley Dobson a note of encouragement, Sign a petition for President Obama,

Sign the petition for President Obama

Dear President Obama and your Department of Justice,

I’m writing to encourage you to support the annual National Day of Prayer and its observance in the nation’s capital on the first Thursday each May. Appeals to the Almighty on our nation’s behalf have proven indispensable throughout the history of this great nation. The National Day of Prayer truly brings people of all faiths and backgrounds together in a day of unity. Please continue this great American tradition with annual proclamations calling upon all Americans to pray. Thank you.

May God guide you in your decision making, and may God bless America.

Support The Alliance Defense Fund if you can. (I do support this organization.) Defend religious freedom with a gift


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