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Existing HG&D materials a failure? I agree. Pre-fab better? We'll see

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If the alligator river story is any indication ...

School Board interested in pre-packaged sex-ed curriculum

Calling Elmbrook's existing human growth and development curriculum "a failure," School Board members joined advisory committee members in asking for more information about a pre-packaged sex education curriculum.

Board Members Tom Gehl and Gary Jones were the most vocal at a Wednesday work session, requesting that district administrative staff look into the cost and possibility of implementing lessons created by a third-party company.

Eileen Depka, assistant superintendent of educational services, said a pre-packaged curriculum could be costly and might take as long as two years to implement.

She and Melanie Stewart, director of assessment and student learning, agreed to look into the option but urged that in the meantime the School Board approve an updated set of human growth and development outcomes.

The outcomes, concepts students should learn from the curriculum, are the result of almost 18 months of work by administrative staff and members of an advisory committee.

Board member Bob Ziegler said the outcomes should be approved soon, so the curriculum can be implemented in the 2009-10 school year. For this to happen, Depka said approval would be needed by May.

Gehl and Jones objected that the outcomes are based on the district's existing curriculum, which they believe is not adequately spurring students to avoid risky behavior involving drugs, alcohol and sex.

Jones said if a pre-packaged curriculum isn't an immediate possibility, he'd like to see an entirely new district-made curriculum created with new outcomes, instead of based on existing ones.

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