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Don't want to see Blue Mound Pick 'n Save go chichi, too bad about V Richards

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Oh I know nothing ever stays the same, but I don't want to see the Blue Mound Pick 'n Save go. It was my favorite* Pick 'n Save store! Pick 'n Saves underwent a face lift in recent years, and in the process of trying to emulate a more V. Richards look in the stores and produce department, they eliminated refrigerator cases for their apples. Consequently, purchasing crisp apples became more challenging. The Blue Mound store was one of the few that still kept their apples chilled--if I was buying apples at nearly $2/pound, that is where I shopped.


Another problem with the Pick 'n Saves since their remodel is that product keeps disappearing from the shelves. Almost every month there seems to be a favorite item the stores no longer carry. My most recent missing in action item is Plochman's Premium Stone Ground Mustard. It was super--not too sweet, not too sharp, not too expensive, just perfect. It is gone now.


So would I rather have a store that is beautifully appointed, like the Pick 'n Save in my neighborhood on Greenfield and Moorland, but leaves me disappointed (and irritated) because they don't have all of the items I wanted to purchase? Or, would I rather have a grocery store that has all my favorite products under one roof at low prices? Do I want a gas fired fire place, big screen TV, or a wide variety of products at a low price? I think you can guess.


I will give the new Metro Market a try, but if it is anything like my neighborhood's "upscale amenities" Pick 'n Save, well, I will have one less reason to shop on Blue Mound. (The timing of this change seems odd in light of the economy.)


The other big news here is the loss of V Richards. I must admit, I never shopped there much--especially after it was taken over by the Nehrings. (The newer Elm Grove Sendik's is much more convenient for me and they do have some good prices.) But I like the idea of locally owned business over a national chain. A CVS is hardly the same thing.


The closing represents another locally owned business failure and replacement with a national chain store. Since I rarely set foot in a Walgreens, I probably won't have any occasion to go to a CVS either.


I really feel sorry for the tenants in the V. Richards shopping plaza. How the mighty have fallen! From being associated with the high end V. Richards food store and acceptable Pedro's restaurant to being part of a mall with a CVS as the anchor store and a HOOTERS restaurant? OUCH!


Will they rename V. Richards Plaza  HOOTERS or CVS Plaza? Not good for the image of Brookfield. Makes an Aldi or Trader Joes look good, doesn't it? (No offense to Aldi or Trader Joe--I like them both.)



*Favorite is a stretch. I have a love/hate relationship with Pick 'n Save stores. I liked them a lot more when they were just interested in providing a wide variety of products at a low price. Since they are virtually the only mainstream grocery store in the area, I am forced to shop there. The Blue Mound store seemed to offer the best selection compared to other area Pick 'n Save stores.



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