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Genetic engineering gone awry? Take a look; it's funny!

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If you have ever grown a vegetable garden, you know that sometimes the carrots or potatoes grow in some unusual shapes. I have harvested anatomically correct boy carrots or potatoes that looked like aliens. But I have never encountered produce that resembled the female form. That is until now.


I bought some really good looking strawberries on Friday. As I was washing some off, I came across one unlike any I had ever seen. It was like Pamela Anderson on steroids!

Laughingly, I yelled, you have got to see this strawberry. My son came trotting into the kitchen to see and quipped, maybe genetic engineering isn't such a good idea?


If this is a natural phenomenon, as it is with the carrots, or if it is a result of genetic engineering, I have no idea. Some of the gene splicing projects I have read about are a little frightening. Correcting a defective gene and replacing it with a perfect gene is one thing, but adding human genes to pigs or taking out the gene in strawberries that makes them decay is quite another. I don't think we know enough yet about the complexities and ramifications of genetics to be making such drastic changes.


As for our femme fatal strawberry, not wanting to take any chances, I told my son, I better eat this one. If anyone is going to be enhanced, it's going to be me!  ;-)


Actually, the strawberry had many, um, appendages.


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