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This is scary: Obama discussing launch to "chill runaway global warming"

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Hey, what happened to Climate Change? Guess that crisis didn't fit as nicely into the idea of blocking sunlight?  Notice they are again referring to it as Global Warming instead of Climate Change? Odd, since we are in a period of Global Cooling.


In case you have no idea what I am talking about, President Obama and his top science adviser are actually talking about shooting a missile up into space loaded with pollution particles, to deflect or block the sun's rays. It is to mimic a volcanic eruption. Yes, you heard that right. They are talking about tampering with the atmosphere! (I remember one summer in the 1960s when there was a lot of natural volcanic activity in the Philippines? It was a very cold summer. In fact, it sleeted in July, as I recall, while we were camping near West Bend!)


An idea similar to this was bounced around last year. It involved shooting up millions of mirror-like objects to reflect the sunlight, but even the Australian concluded that was too risky. (I looked for my saved link on the article, but wouldn't you know, it is on my half-dead hard drive--I know, that is rather like the dog ate my homework.)


Doing something like this is very dangerous, whether it is introducing pollutants or shiny objects. What if we are headed into another ice age? Do we really want to block the sun? What about plant life and the normal warmth obtained from our friend Mr. Sun? And doesn't this hamper the President's solar energy program and all those green jobs?


John Holdren This is John Holdren*, Obama's new science adviser--the one we are trusting our planet's future with. (AP Photo/J. S. Applewhite)

Read what he says about Global Warming: (My emphasis)

Tinkering with Earth's climate to chill runaway global warming — a radical idea once dismissed out of hand — is being discussed by the White House as a potential emergency option, the president's new science adviser said Wednesday.

That's because global warming is happening so rapidly, John Holdren told The Associated Press in his first interview since being confirmed last month.

The concept of using technology to purposely cool the climate is called geoengineering. One option raised by Holdren and proposed by a Nobel Prize-winning scientist includes shooting pollution particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun's rays.

 ...[That] first approach would "try to produce a cooling effect to offset the heating effect of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases," Holdren said.

But he said there could be grave side effects. Studies suggest that might include eating away a large chunk of the ozone layer above the poles and causing the Mediterranean and the Mideast to be much drier.

And those are just the predicted problems. Scientists say they worry about side effects that they don't anticipate.

There are always "side effects that they don't anticipate." Here are just a few "good ideas" of the past that came to my mind:

  • Using asbestos for insulating pipes and heating duct work, kitchen heat resistant trivets, and even carpet type mats. Today we are spending millions to rid buildings of asbestos.
  • Live virus polio vaccines used to be administered until we realized the only new cases of polio in the United States came from contact with newly vaccinated children.
  • Introducing Asian Carp to eat the "submersed aquatic vegetation" in ponds near the Mississippi or "direct introduction" to the river occurred in the 1970s and 1980s. Today, the carp are thriving and expanding their turf in the river system, threatening good native species of trout, salmon, etc.
  • How about the St. Lawrence seaway? That introduced the lamprey and alewives to the Great Lakes. The big ships also bring with them other detrimental invasive species.
  • Lake Yellowstone's native Cutthroat Trout are in decline because the introduced Lake Trout overtook the native fish's habitat. Yup, it seemed like a good idea at the time. It also has a negative affect on fishing birds of prey such as the Eagle and Osprey who depend on surface swimming fish for food. (Lake Trout like deeper waters.)

There are hundreds more good ideas gone bad, those were just a few I thought of off the top of my head. Let's not forget that the leading scientists of the day once thought that garbage spontaneously generated rats and that the world was flat!


I think we should adopt the Hippocratic Oath when dealing with the earth: Avoid deliberate harm!


*...John Holdren, [who] out-does Al Gore with predictions of global warming calamities. Back in the 1970s he was worrying whether mankind would survive the “threat of making the planet too cold.”

More reading: 

Firing trillions of mirrors into space may fight global warming

In a unique solution to fight global warming, scientists have suggested firing trillions of mirrors into space to deflect the sun's rays forming a 100,000 square mile "sun shade".

...Despite the obvious obstacles, including an estimated 350 trillion dollars price tag for the project, Dr Angel is confident of getting the project off the ground.

"What we have developed is certainly effective and a method guaranteed to work," he said. "Tests are ongoing but we expect to be ready to launch within 20 or 30 years time. Things that take a few decades are not that futuristic," he added.

Can smoke and mirrors ease global warming?

Backers of extreme technologies to curb global warming advocate dumping iron dust into the seas or placing smoke and mirrors in the sky to dim the sun.

...Climos is seeking to raise money to test adding iron dust to the southern ocean to spur growth of algae that grow by absorbing heat-trapping carbon dioxide from the air. When algae die, they fall to the seabed and remove carbon.

FYI, in our biology class we learned that ocean algae is one of the chief producers of CO2! (Plants exhale CO2 at night.)


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