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Ants, Grasshoppers, and April 15th Tea Parties - UPDATE

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UPDATE: See bottom of post for Milwaukee's Tea Party location.


I received a comment request to post a link from today. It came from a couple in Connecticut who have a blog and business making mugs, bumper stickers etc. (Cute stuff) They liked my Ant and the Grasshopper & Tea Parties post. Here is their latest: It's Time For Tea.


After a few emails back and forth I found the wife of the husband/wife team was attending a tea party tomorrow in New Haven, Connecticut. She was impressed that our Madison Tea Party was anticipating a huge crowd. She reported that their organizer would be on Fox News tonight. It is estimated there are between 1,500 and 2,015 Tea Parties scheduled for April 15th. These Tea Parties are catching on!


If you are going to our Madison rally, take your camera. If you take some pictures, send them to me and I will try to post them. Any interesting comments would be welcome as well. I doubt that we will get much in the way of news coverage on the rally. Americans for Prosperity has photos from Tea Parties that have already taken place at Taxpayer Tea Party.


In case you haven't made up your mind yet about attending a Tea Party, here is the info for the Madison's. You DO NOT need to register to attend if you are going on your own. There is a parking lot and free shuttle, courtesy of the Republicans.

Fight Back Wisconsin! Remember, The Wisconsin Tea Party Tax Rally is April 15th, 11:30 am on the steps of the Capitol on the King Street side, in Madison. You do NOT need to register to attend. There is a shuttle service if you are driving, or you can opt to take a bus, which you MUST register for, check the locations then click here for Bus Registration

If Madison's Tea Party seems a bit too much, there is a local man who is organizing a Downtown Milwaukee Tea Party, but please note it is NOT at the Federal Building as noted on Fairly Conservative, but at RED ARROW PARK at 920 N. Water Street at noon. I believe this change was made because the Red Arrow location was given on the Official Tax Day TEA Party site (Click the push pin to the right next to Milwaukee on page 30.)  Milwaukee is certainly is more manageable than Madison. Click the Downtown Milwaukee link for a lot of good protest sign ideas.


UPDATE: There was a bit of confusion this morning regarding Milwaukee's Tea Party location. Jay Weber announced it was at the Federal Building, but later corrected and stated it was at RED ARROW. It is at RED ARROW PARK and Johnathan will be there with his signs.


Don't forget to tell the Joint Finance Committee what you think of Doyle's budget.


More reading: Taxpayers Get Really Tea-ed Off: Tax Revolt: The Boston Tea Party helped free us from an oppressive king. This week's nationwide anti-stimulus tea party demonstrations have a tougher goal: ending the tyranny of big-spending politicians.


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