Intewedm, Google and an Apology

Yesterday there was a reply to my post on deer population control by frequent contributor Santa's Elf.  He included a link to an online discussion regarding a rifle he believes was written by Brookfield's own intewedm.  That got me wondering what else Mr. intewedm might have written.  After a little googling around, I found over 1,500 entries by a person or persons using the name "intewedm".

There was one rather curious entry.  You can find the entry by going to Google and entering the keywords "intewedm pillow".  When I tried, the only Google result is the following, dated August 15, 2007 at 9:08 p.m.  Warning: The web site may be offensive to some.  In fact the quote posted using the name intewedm said,

"What's with the [**] comments?  Get lost in the closet!  Angelina is homely.  Charlize is a doll!"

With that find, I posted the following reply to Santa's Elf comment.  Unfortunately, I used the quote from the next line on that page regarding pillow fights from someone using the name Lawrence.

"As for INTEWEDM, have you seen the comments on a web site dated August 15, 2007 by a person using that name regarding lesbian [will this get through the MJS word filters?] pillow fights?  Specifically, "the pillow fights will be awsome [sic]"  I'd post the link, but it would never get past the MJS editors. 

Besides, it couldn't have been posted by OUR intewedm who wears his faith on his sleeve and berates others for poor spelling. THAT would make him a hypocrite and I would never suggest such a thing!"

I sincerely apologize to Mr. Intewedm, whomever he is, for confusing Lawrence's comment on pillow fights with his [intewedm's] comment on closets. 

Of course, I have no way of knowing whether the intewedm from the web site is Brookfield's own, which is exactly why I used the phrase "by a person using that name [intewedm]".

I want to thank Brookfield resident Cindy Kilkenny for bringing the error to my attention.  She is only too familiar with how easy it is to fall prey to a misinterpretation of web pages.  Back in the fall of 2006 election cycle for state assembly, Mrs. Kilkenny wrote the following BrookfieldNow blog entry.  I'd provide a link to it, but the blog was erased when Mrs. Kilkenny stopped writing.  Not that I mean to imply the change was so that evidence of poor journalism would be covered up or anything.

[NOTE: I editted this after its original posting to make it less wordy.  I believe the gist of the post is unchanged.]

"FRIDAY, Sept. 1, 2006, 9:32 a.m.

Here's hoping Mike Maxwell can find his way home (UPDATE)

Help me, I can't stop blogging. There's a post from yesterday you may have missed, but you'll have to click the red "Aug" below to see it.

The real problem is that politicians can't stop lying. Mike Maxwell gave his home as "Town of Brookfield" in today's bio information for the Journal Sentinel article. Earlier he told fellow blogger Richard Cieslak that that he lives in Brookfield.

Mike Maxwell lives in Waukesha. His county GIS information (as well as his candidate registration) shows his home as Waukesha.

[deleted comments about Maxwell trying to "manipulate my (Kilkenny's) perception".]

UPDATE - 12:30pm

I apologize to Mike Maxwell. He does live in the TOWN of Brookfield. His mailing address is Waukesha, the school district is Waukesha, and his candidate registrition [sic] uses the Waukesha mailing address, but he pays TOWN of Brookfield taxes. Again I apologize: I implied he was lying when I said, "politicians can't stop lying" and then I said he lived in Waukesha. And this time the paper was right, he lives in the TOWN, not the City of Brookfield.

[Deleted comments about town and city of Brookfield relations.  Deleted comment about how it's all due to a poor Waukesha County supplied map.]

 By the way, the discussion on rifles by intewedm noted earlier included this comment,

"21st Aug 2004

I was on vacation and got the rifle a few days after I returned. It came with a tin of Beeman Silver Bear pellets. The pellets are so much better than the Chinese "junk" I was using. The first shot was at a bird on my suet feeder, 10 meters away, and the bird is now in "bird heaven". I couldn't be more pleased. I am not missing any varmints that are raiding our bird feeders. The rifle is quieter too, so I won't be tipping of [sic] the neighbours that I am shooting. The only "problem" is that it's pretty long and it's hard to sneak it around my blind without the varmints seeing it. Slow and easy does it though."

I thought the use of meters instead of yards was out of character for Brookfield's intewedm.   If this comment was written by a City of Brookfield resident, it would be a confession of breaking the following city ordinance:

9.28.010 Discharge of firearms prohibited.   

A. Except as provided in subsection B of this section, no person shall fire, discharge or use any firearm, air rifle, spring or air gun of any description, or any instrument which impels a missile or pellet by compressed air, spring or other means within the city nor shall any person have any firearm, air rifle, spring or air gun of any description, or any instrument which impels a missile or pellet by compressed air, spring or other means in his possession or under his control unless it is unloaded and knocked down or enclosed within a carrying case or other suitable container. The discharge or use of any bow and arrow is prohibited in the city, except in designated areas in city parks.  

B. Exceptions. Subsection A of this section shall not apply to any of the following:  

1. Any duly authorized law officer in the performance of his duties;  

2. Any supervised rifle or pistol range or shooting gallery authorized by the council;  

3. Any deer or animal control program duly authorized by the common council. (Ord. 1891 sections 1 and 2, 2002; Ord. 1843 section 1, 2001; Prior code section 9.01)

It's a good thing that none of these comments were made by OUR intewedm, right?

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