Well done in Iraq, G-DUB

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Since you won't hear this in any national media outlet, I'd just like to say to our outgoing president George W. Bush, good job in Iraq. 

A current AP report states that U.S. military deaths in Iraq plunged by two-thirds in 2008 as compared to 2007.  Not only has security there increased dramatically, but we have seen a steady and planned movement toward turning over control to the Iraqi's.  While there are other Communist countries growing in strength and becoming even larger threats as we speak, there is a new Democracy in the world where people are now experiencing freedoms they never had under a former dictator who repressed and killed.

Even more importantly, despite the huge U.S. loss against al-Qeada on 9-11, the enemy was not able to carry out a repeat attack on our soil since then.  As I see terror occur across the world, I can still safely walk the streets of Brookfield and Milwaukee with no fear of al-Qeada.  I can still go to Brookfield Square without fear of a car bomb as in Afghanistan.  I can go to downtown Milwaukee to the Pfister and not worry about being taken hostage as in Mumbai.

You would think that this past year, media outlets would be praising our military, our leadership, and above all, President Bush for these amazing accomplishments.  Unfortunately, our biased national media had a different agenda for the last year.  Did you ever hear that deaths were down at all last year?  No, but if a car bomb did go off, it was reported immediately, perpetuating the false perception of lost hope in Iraq.

If there is any criticism of President Bush that I offer, it is that he was not a communicator in the style of Ronald Reagan who could defy the media and send resounding messages that ring true and clear above the media spin.  I believe it is the lack of that skill that cost the Republicans the White House.

Regardless, this is one writer who will stand up to the mainstream and give three cheers to President Bush.  Thanks GW for having the courage to do what was right.

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