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$63 billion budget heads to State Assembly...Did you call your Rep? UPDATE


UPDATE: Good news! The Assembly Democrats removed the Joint and Sevedral Liability Law reform from the state budget yesterday. I would wager that decision had something to do with negative constituent phone calls and emails? Don't relax just yet, as Boots and Sabers cautioned, "It’s not over yet, though.  It could still be stuck back in by the Senate and end up in the final version.  Keep vigilant!" (Thanks, Vicki McKenna.)

After hearing about Gov. Doyle's out of control budget for weeks now, it is finally out of the finance committee and heading to the State Assembly tomorrow, Wed., June 10th. It totals a whopping $ 63 billion--$3 billion of that is NEW taxes. (The State Senate will probably take up the budget early next week.) If you have not contacted your representative, please do. (Brookfield's Reps are listed at bottom of post.)

Brookfield's 2 State Representatives, Leah Vukmir and Rich Zipperer are both conservatives and against this budget's 7% increase in spending, among other things--especially during a recession!

They both have been sending out email alerts about the budget. Zipperer has his weekly Boondoggle Alert, that features a wasteful spending measure, and Vukmir just sent out a Budget Update that includes a  budget survey. Do take the time to complete the survey; it will familiarize you with the budget issues.

I urge you to contact them. Even if you support their position, they still need to hear from you! An encouraging email is always welcome, especially since they are facing such an overwhelming amount of pork and waste.

From Rep. Zipperer: Make Your Voice Heard (My emphasis)

The Joint Committee on Finance has completed their amendments to the state budget, and it now moves to the full Assembly for consideration. According to news reports, Speaker Sheridan is expecting to bring it up for a floor debate and vote late next week [week of June 8-12]. In these final days, please make sure your friends, family members and colleagues from throughout Wisconsin are calling or emailing their representatives and senators to make their voice heard on the many misguided items within the budget!

If you have not been following the budget process, know that it currently proposes that the QEO be eliminated, W2 welfare reforms be scrapped, domestic partner insurance benefits be given for state workers, joint and several liability reform that could make someone who is only 1% responsible pay the entire settlement (what will that do to ski hill and water park owners?), RTA (trains etc.), phone taxes, pork, oil tax, and on and on. Leah Vukmir has a great list posted that is divided into categories.

They are going into battle for you. The least you can do is send an encouraging word!

Contact Rep. Vukmir 14th Assembly District:

Phone: 608-266-9180 or 414-453-0024
Contact Rep. Zipperer, 98th Assembly District:
Phone: 608) 266-5120
toll free: (888) 534-0098

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