Packers, Bucks, Brewers and More

The Green Bay Packers have a veteran lineup with all the pieces and according to the press have high expectations partly because of a relatively soft schedule which does not include the Giants, Seattle and New England. The Norhern Division is no stronger than last year unless the Vikings lure Favre out of retirement. The Bears have improved on their quarterback but their receivers are tentative. The Lions are again rebuilding both their team and fans.

The Bucks are a franchise in waiting and the fans are getting impatient. Each year is a complete makeover. Their thinking is a mystery, starting over at point guard and bringing in role players no other team wants. Their only hope for the playoffs is if Bogut and Redd have career all star seasons and the defense is superb.

The Brewers, once a power hitting force, are now easy prey for rookie pitchers. Fielder and Braun together cannot carry the team to the top. The season started with a pitching rotation that was, at best mediocre, and is now really weak. Only a huge winning streak of 10 games or more in August will give them a chance for the pennant. It is possible but not probable. Almost the entire team is subject to a trade for 2010, including Hall, Hardy, Hart, Cameron, Kendall and couple of pinchless pinch hitters. Look for a starting lineup sooner or later with Macghee, Escobar and Salamone (C), and some moves within the lineup sending Weeks to center-field. Even with these changes who are the 5 pitchers in rotation ?


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