Want to run for Mayor ?

Want to run for Mayor ?

Then be prepared to have a war chest of between $25,000 minimum to at least $50,000 in your campaign fund, If you do not care to spend your own money or simply cannot afford it ,and then you must solicit contributions from everyone and anyone. With the present economy that will not be easy.

Then you need a capable campaign manager who can direct the course of the campaign.

Then you need an active and dedicated staff of 10 committed people who on short notice will do what is necessary.

But, this is only the beginning. The candidate needs "Rhino" skin to withstand criticism, rumors and outright lies, and is willing to speak his/her mind.

The candidate must be in reasonably good health in order to move around the city in the winter weather which is not always candidate friendly.

Be ready for the press to find something to write about that may not be relevant to your qualifications.

There will be mailings, phone calls, emails, twitters and maybe a public appearance here and there to test you ability to respond to staged questions.

Always be sure that you family and friends are on your side.

You will have to chose your priorities between the needs of the business community and the private sector of residents. Do we spend money on renovating city hall, answering the concerns and needs of the residents, or have a moratorium on all spending.The person(s) who step  forward deserve praise by showing the courage and by offering to serve the public.

The residents of the City of Brookfield deserve the return of a safe and elite suburban community away from the big city atmosphere, where our neighborhoods rule.


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