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Right on from City Hall thanks to City Clerk, Kris Schmidt, with the cooperation of Tom Grisa and Robert Scott. It is refreshing receive a prompt response to my open records request.

My request concerns important issues that have been the subject of various blogs and talk among st the local residents. Here are my questions and the responses.

1. What is the actual cost of a speed limit sign installed ?

     The estimated average cost of an installed speed limit sign is $200. Obviously, it could vary depending where it needs to be intstalled in the city and this assumes installing it on a City owned street. We would not incur cost for speed limit signs on County or State Highways, as that is their responsibility.

2. For the new sidewalks on Capitol Drive who is responsible for snow removal and other maintenance ?

    Per recent changes to City ordinances, maintenance of sidewalks fall on the City, so City crews would plow snow on sidewalks once they are installed.

My comments to these responses are that the issue of speed limit signs or sign on Calhoun from Bluemound to Greenfield has been contested. Residents in that area want the speed limit posted because of increasing traffic and increased speeding. The Police Department via the Mayor are satisfied with the status quo until it is proven otherwise. In addition, a certain Alderperson publicly stated that the cost of a sign is in the $6,000 range. What a difference a day makes.

On the issue of sidewalks on Capitol Drive, the snow removal maintenance will cost manpower, equipment and time away from residential areas and the question of whether this is in the new budget is outstanding.   No matter what , this is still our money.  

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