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Alderman Brookfield JP Murray

My name is JP Murray and I'm running for District 4 Alderman.  I moved here from CO to take a job as an engineering program manager hired to help a team of engineers design a jet. I moved to Brookfield just over a year ago when I bought an old farm house on Barker Rd.

I'm getting married on April 10th to a wonderful woman who grew up right here in the city of Brookfield. She understands the values that our city holds high. We both want a city that offers a high level of service at a reasonable cost to the tax payer. I feel that with some minor changes, Brookfield is the city I want to start my family and raise children in.

When I first moved here my first impression of WI was "holy cow - taxes are high".  As I learn about the tax structure here I'm coming to learn that we have a plethora of very high level services but we’re also paying a lot for these services.  Some I approve of and some frustrate me.

I know it sounds cliché, but I've always felt the children are our future.  It's for this reason that I want to ensure our schools are properly funded.  In areas I've lived before this has been an issue. In Brookfield I feel that our schools need to be closely scrutinized to make sure our money is spent well.  I will never support any measure where the objective is to drastically reduce spending in our schools. I will support the close scrutiny of our school spending to ensure it is spent wisely.

Our property taxes are high and nobody on the ballot is offering to drastically change that.  What I don’t understand is why we’re paying so much more then most of the country yet the services we’re paying for are very similar. I'm excited for the opportunity to work closely with the city to reduce unnecessary spending.

Between now and April 6th I look forward to expressing my views and getting to know this city even better.

JP Murray

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