The Debates End. Ponto Leads

The debates for Mayor ended last evening and Steve Ponto leads by a wide margin.

I was there and personally observed the ability of the candidates to field a variety of questions and form an intelligent and comprehensive response.

In particular, my notes reflect the remarks made by the incumbent.

The printed handout written  by the Mayor begins with "Jeff Speaker Priorities: Keep taxes and spending in check". How does one keep taxes and spending in check ? "Preserve Public Safety". How does one preserve public safety?

These are boilerplate issues for any candidate and are without substance in his handout.

The Mayor in his handout states"I have added officers to our police department". In our city government city staff and aldermen make those decisions by recommendation and vote. The job descriptions for the officers and whether they fill newly created or existing positions is not clear.

In his responses to the questions the Mayor took credit for computer software upgrades, which is a normal task. When asked about high speed rail he first joked and then concluded that the old train station in the village would make a good railroad museum.

Steve Ponto responded like a professional. That is what we need.

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