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Americans are gathering in Washington D.C., calling, and praying to stop ObamaCare

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The big question today is, will the Democrats have the votes to pass the Slaughter solution, which passes the Senate ObamaCare version, on Sunday? We still don't know. The WHIP counts are unreliable.

Some hearty Americans are not giving up the fight though; they are gathering in Washington DC this weekend to protest ObamaCare. Actor Jon Voight, Minnesota Representative Michelle Bachmann (among others), along with the American Grassroots Coalition are planning a rally on Saturday. Obviously, not all of us are able to pack up and go, but more power to them.

There are pleas to call the Democrat Representatives who are still undecided. Code Red has a list. If you have tried to call, you know the Capitol switchboard is being flooded with calls. Lots of people call, but there are many more who don't because it is too much hassle or they can't get through.

But there is one more thing everyone can do, if they want to, and that is pray. Pro-Life groups of course have requested prayer, so have secular conservative talk show hosts, but there was even a prayer request from a very unexpected source: a Democrat blog!

Yes, it is true. The Democrat HillBuz duo went to church this week to ask for Divine intervention against ObamaCare, and they are begging readers to pray:

"If it doesn’t offend you to ask this, please pray for America tonight. Ask your friends to pray, too. Tomorrow, light some candles* in your churches and ask the little old ladies in there to pray for our nation too.

We’re in trouble, people.

Deep trouble.

Worse than this nation has ever faced, because those who want to do America harm are not in Berlin and Tokyo, but in Washington itself.

They must be stopped.

We must pray that everyone has the strength collectively to form the Resistance needed to do that.

Please pray for our nation.

We truly beg of you.

Please pray we all have the strength to do our part to stop this madness."

I find it touching that these 2 men, who are no longer religious, realized righting what is going on in our nation requires God's help. So they returned to their early religious roots and prayed. And they didn't stop there; they are imploring their readers to do the same.

This Sunday's vote is huge. Not just because it puts ObamaCare into play with its taxpayer funded abortion, 170,000 new IRS workers, new taxes, and crushing debt, etc., but because the Slaughter tactic could be used for other hot-button bills such as Immigration Reform. Can Cap and Trade or Card Check be far behind?

Like the HillBuzz duo, I too ask that people pray. I am praying for resolve for those Representatives who are opposed to ObamaCare and for a change of heart for those who support it. I am praying for God's forgiveness and mercy on our nation, that we be spared this legislation and that we return to our Judeo/Christian roots.

*Lighting candles for prayer is a Catholic teaching.


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