Mayors March Madness is here. The incumbent mayor sent the following campaign message to City of Brookfield residents.

"What his opponent has said about Jeff Speaker..."

     "We both endorse Jeff Speaker for Mayor because of the consistent, effective and capable leadership he has demonstrated over the past four years."

     "- Steven Ponto & Mark Nelson

         4th District Aldermen

         March, 2006 "


My first thought was that the mayor had a surprise endorsement. My second thought was that the mayor implied a surprise endorsement. Call it what you want but this is the ultimate of deceit in a political campaign expecting the residents to buy into this. This is equal to a negative statement because obviously it is not true today. There are certain standards of ethical conduct in politics one of which is to obtain current endorsements of people who may have endorsed you in the past. Why? Times change, people change, elections change and issues change. Common courtesy does not change.  There will be those who think it is clever. There will be those who think it is true(4 yrs. ago) and there will be those who believe that the incumbent has no endorsements of significance. I know good citizens who support one or the other candidate and are willing to have their endorsements made public. Surely there is one alderman out there that endorses the mayor. Or is there ? 

Personal endorsements and sentiments of support are important to candidates and they should not be abused.   May I add that it is the usual ethical practice to quote the material source of an endorsement that is not current. 

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