Buechel Brings Vision, Leadership to D5 Aldermanic Race

I had a chance to sit down with Brookfield District 5 Aldermanic hopeful Sheila Buechel tonight at Vino Cappuccino in the Brookfield Village this evening to find out some more about this political newcomer.  I met Sheila about six years ago and this is what I knew about her before talking to her.

Educationally, she has a BA in Business & English, an MBA, and is completing her Master of Leadership Studies at Marquette University.  She has also been teaching Leadership to both undergraduate students at Marquette and to businesses on a consulting basis.  Before motherhood, she was successful in business as a District Sales Manager travelling all over the Midwest and Canada.  After she became a mom, she still continued to take leadership positions, including Girl Scouts, Founder/President of the Friends of the Library and has been an active member of her church.

So, she's got the education, business acumen and a proven track record of being dedicated and successful in the responsibilities she's taken on.  You can read that on her flyer.  But what makes her different?  I hope to illustrate that in two short stories.

While I had known that Sheila was the founder and first president of the Friends of the Brookfield Public Library, I really never knew the amazing list of accomplishments that occurred under her leadership.  She was initially recruited by Judy Hughes to get the group started.  In the four years that followed, the group was able to raise $38,000 of non-tax dollars to fund a new aquarium, TV, DVD player, bike rack, "Puppets in the Park", a hosta garden, new furniture for the Rotary Room, and renovations to the Children's area and Teen sections.  Her involvement made an improvement, and made a difference in our Library.  She was able to work through both political and at times controversial issues to accomplish the group's goal of rescuing the deteriorating art sculpture behind the Library, restore it and move it to a more visible location.  I can't think of a better quality in our alderman than to be able to affect so much positive change.

The other story she told me was about the Garden Club.  After leaving the full time workforce to pursue motherhood, she quickly realized she was under challenged in the domestic setting and needed an outlet.  She grabbed a clipboard, put her son Lukas in the stroller and headed down the block knocking on doors looking to trade contact info to get together once in a while.  The initial group started out about ten strong.  While the initial idea was for it to be a mom's club, it turned into a neighborhood community group of about 60 women, most of whom were met in the streets of Sheila’s neighborhood.

This story sums up Sheila the best.  She reaches out and brings people together.  In a community such as Brookfield, a community of passionate, caring, and giving people, there can be no greater trait for our alderman.

When asked why she wanted to run, she said she feels Brookfield is beginning a new chapter and she is excited to think she could be a part of leading this great community forward.  Who better to do this than someone who reaches out to the community and affects positive change? This is why I support Sheila Buechel for Alderman of the 5th District.  Please consider voting for her on April 6th.

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