Bucks looking good

Your Milwaukee Bucks are the toast of the town and the NBA. Why? Well to begin they lost their 2 best players, Michael Redd, early in the season, and Andrew Bogut  right before the playoffs. For another team this would be the end of the season. But a smart front office and a hungry coach for a winner made them shake it off and play basketball.

The front office made a deal of deals to obtain an all star type guard and the coach made the team play like they were really friends.

The playoffs bring excitement and publicity back to us and a high level of basketball. Now the Milwaukee Bucks are a team and a franchise to listen up to.

It is not easy in the game of high salaries, higher expenses and higher expectations to become a premier team.

It also is not easy to entice hot shot players to live here in a relatively small environment. Not many NBA players will come here toattend summerfest.

I happen to be a Milwaukee guy who grew up with the old AAA Brewers, the first NBA team , the Milwaukee Shooting Stars, the state fair park Green Bay Packers and the first ladies baseball team.

Watch your Milwaukee Bucks compete.

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