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Kyle and her husband moved to Brookfield in 1986. She became active in local politics and started blogging in 2004. Her focus is primarily on local issues but often includes state and national topics, too. Kyle looks at things from the taxpayers' perspective in a creative, yet down to earth way, addressing them from a practical point of view.

Practically Speaking's new comment policy

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In mid May, I changed my comment policy on this blog to:

"This is not the place for gossip, sniping at other bloggers, commentors, races, or religions. All comments not respectfully discussing the blog topic are going into delete world. And those of you double or triple posting under multiple names, knock it off! Keep this in mind on future posts. I will not enter the comment forum, so if you have a question for me, contact me via email:"

Many of you, who regularly comment on my blog, reacted to this change by insisting that my moderating comments violates their 1st amendment rights or that BrookfieldNOW would not allow it. Be assured, this is not true. BrookfieldNOW fully supports my comment policy.

In fact, if you actually read their comment policy, you will find that their guidelines are in line with mine:
" Here's the short version:

  • Don't use profanities or obscenities.
  • Don't post personal attacks and insults; threats; ethnic, racial, religious or sexual slurs; or otherwise engage in hateful conversation.
  • Don't stray from the topic of the blog or submit pointless comments.
  • Don't use this space for press releases or commercial purposes.
  • Don't submit knowingly false or libelous comments.
  • Don't pretend to be somebody else, or maintain more than one screen name, or use a screen name that might be considered objectionable or insulting.
  • Don't knowingly give out any personal information about other individuals, including participants of these blogs.
  • Don't post copyrighted or trademarked content."

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If voter turnout is like blog traffic, Prosser will win & Ballot Picks

Conservatives, Blogging, Elmbrook, WISCONSIN

See sample ballot below: Prosser, Carter, Write-In Kormanik & Brunner

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A goodbye to Cindy Kilkenny's Fairly Conservative blog

Musing, Blogging, Brookfield

Today Brookfield blogger and friend, Cindy Kilkenny, posted her last piece on her blog Fairly Conservative. I will miss clicking in to see what has captured her attention but look forward to her next venture.

Blogs sometimes offer the only coverage of an issue, especially since the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel cut back on local news coverage. She will be missed.

But as if on cue, Cindy is going out with a bang. A Fox News producer from New York contacted HER this morning to see if she knew the woman who asked the question on constitutionality at the Feingold WCTC Listening Session!

So goodbye, Fairly Conservative, and Cindy, fare well! 

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Oh my! A Lib blog thanks and apologizes to Bush and Chaney?

Blogging, President Obama

It is amazing to me that President Obama's approval numbers are still around 47%, when so many supporters are showing signs of voter's remorse.

Obviously, the President has lost his invincible, I'll solve it all, image, and many people are quietly changing their minds about him. But rarely do we see a turn around such as this one from a Pro-Hillary Clinton blog written by some gay guys in Chicago!*

Read this amazing post from their HillBuzz blog, Thank you former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush Here are some highlights:

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Taking some time off while Congress is in recess


My computer is acting up a bit; I'm having great difficulty copying and pasting. That might not seem so bad to you but it makes blogging a rather frustrating experience for me. So I am thinking, if our Representatives are in recess, maybe I will take it a bit easy too for the remainder of August? (Hopefully I will get to the bottom of my copy/paste issue in the next week or so.)

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Commenting on comments

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I have heard from some of you that your comments are not being posted. Please know that under the new software, a change I am not happy with for many reasons, I am no longer in charge of editing comments. This change does not please me because now comments that are edgier or more irreverent than I feel comfortable with are being posted. There is the Report Abuse button option to get them pulled on the comment, but that takes a day or two.

Yesterday morning I wrote a lengthy reply to 2 comments on my blog Obama: "You can keep your doctor." Can you? I checked. I can't   and clicked the send button. Nothing happened. Later in the day I checked again, still nothing. Why?, I wondered.

Well, I asked Mark Maley, my go-to guy at the Journal Sentinel. Here is his reply:

"There are really only two reasons a comment doesn't get posted to a blog. If it's more than 2,000 characters or if there's a flagged word, like an obscenity or borderline obscenity."

He later added, "...we need to do a better job of telling people that. The weird thing is that the comment that is too long just never shows up in the back end of the system."

So, there you have it. My comment disappeared. If your comment never showed up and you didn't include any objectionable words, was it too long?

I would suggest that before hitting the send button, just copy over into Word and do a character count. (I should have done that yesterday!) If it is too long, break it into 2 parts and submit separately.

Of course I wish I still had comment control. I don't care for the nasty, personal attacking tone in many of the comments posted. Frankly, I think allowing writers anonymity can bring out the worst in some people. They will often say things in a comment that they would never say to your face or if their real name was on it.

If I had my way, my standard of comment acceptance would be this: No CRUDE, LEWD, or RUDE comments will be posted.

Another blog I came across had this comment criteria: "As I've told my readers before, Comments personally attacking or cursing will be deleted. Anything you wouldn't say to your own mother or a stranger on the street disqualifies you from engaging in discussion here. "


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Saving the Siepmann Farm House just jumped another hurdle

Blogging, City of Brookfield, Development, History

If you have been following the save the Siepmann Farm House issue at Brookfield's Stonewood Village, you know that back in May, it looked like it would join the scrap heap of Brookfield's historic buildings. In my May 18th post, Stonewood Village's Siepmann farm on chopping block at Tuesday's Common Council meeting, I asked, "...can't we find some way to save the Siepmann farmstead and still do the wedding center?" and then urged that readers contact their aldermen.

The Siepmann Farm Homestead is a good example of a reader suggested blog topic. The morning of May 18th, someone sent me an email regarding moving or razing the Siepmann home. Since I thought it a worthy topic, I blogged about it.

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Blog articles and links: budget, free speech,samesex benies,embyonic stem,gaymarriage

Blogging, Conservatives, Creation Science / Intelligent Design, Culture, Health care, Homosexual agenda, Media/ Talk radio, President Obama, Pro Life / Pro Abortion, TAXES, Truth, Veterans

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Why history is important: My reply to a long comment

Blogging, History, President Obama, Religion, Truth, War

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Top 15 posts of 2008

Bigger picture, Blogging

At year's end, we tend to reflect on the past year and note what was significant. I looked through my postings to see what blog posts captured the most attention. Here is my top 15 list, ending with the most popular* #1 post:

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Bloggers of the world unite (OK, of Metro Milwaukee)

Blogging, Just for fun!

Last night about 40 of my fellow MyCommunityNOW bloggers and I met at the Journal Sentinel building downtown for a bloggers' meeting. Although I have been blogging on BrookfieldNOW since Feb. of 2007, this was my first meeting. 

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1 year anniversary


It has been one year since I posted my first piece, Déjà vu: It’s 'Smokes for Votes' all over again! , on Brookfieldnow.

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