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Kyle and her husband moved to Brookfield in 1986. She became active in local politics and started blogging in 2004. Her focus is primarily on local issues but often includes state and national topics, too. Kyle looks at things from the taxpayers' perspective in a creative, yet down to earth way, addressing them from a practical point of view.

Ethanol is back, on steroids!!!

Energy, Ethanol, Going Green, Government / Bureaucracy, Legislation, WISCONSIN Everyone hates ethanol. blends over 10% harm engines, etc. good

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Save 10% on gas with the "Melchert Plan"

Conservatives, Elections, Energy, Ethanol, Legislation

Last May I told you about Randy Melchert, candidate for the Wisconsin State Assembly--24th District.  Although that is not my district, his "Melchert Plan" to lower area gasoline prices by 10% is appealing. I don't have to live in the Menomonee Falls/Germantown area to be in favor of that! 

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"Inconvenient Fact(s)" Re:100% zero-carbon electricity in 10 years

Bigger picture, Common sense, Energy, Environment, Ethanol, Going Green, Truth

Most of us heard about Al Gore's JFK-like 10 year challenge last week for "America to run 'on 100% zero-carbon electricity in 10 years." Bret Stephens wrote about it and Al Gore in his Wall Street Journal piece, Al Gore's Doomsday Clock. He wrote, "though that's just the first step on his road to 'ending our reliance on carbon-based fuels.'  Serious people understand this is absurd. Maybe other people will start drawing the same conclusion about the man proposing it."

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Science lesson: "Our Mr. Sun," CO2, and the Germans

Bigger picture, Energy, Environment, Ethanol, Going Green

One of the benefits of being a homeschool mom is that essentially I had a refresher course on grades 1-12. (English skills are still rough!) It's been 39 years since I graduated from high school, but even without homeschooling, one thing I never forgot were the basics of photosynthesis. Seems like some of the Global Warmingists could use a refresher course too.

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McCain Urges EPA To Eliminate Biofuel Mandates, How About Wisconsin Too?

Energy, Ethanol, Going Green, Legislation, McCain 2008

Wednesday, I caught a few minutes from Mark Belling's last half hour on the radio. He read this Wall Street Journal piece, The Biofuels Backlash. It is yet another condemnation of the whole biofuel fiasco--the food crisis, pollution, excessive water use, price supports, etc. You know, the usual complaints... (Let them eat and drink ethanol).

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Let them eat (and drink) ethanol ala Marie Antoinette

Energy, Environment, Ethanol, Going Green, Legislation, Truth, Unintended consequences

Marie Antoinette's "Let them eat cake" is quoted a lot these days in regard to ethanol and rising food prices. There are many interpretations as to what she meant by it--some debate whether she said it at all.

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Go, Jim and Jeff, Go! Repeal those ethanol mandates

Energy, Ethanol, Going Green, Government / Bureaucracy, Legislation

Just heard this on Mark Belling, Sensenbrenner co-sponsored a bill to end ethanol mandates

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Congressman Sensenbrenner's Town Hall Meeting

Environment, Ethanol, Government / Bureaucracy, TAXES, THE ECONOMY, Unintended consequences, WISCONSIN

I attended Congressman Sensenbrenner's Town Hall Meeting Sunday. Attendance was light--maybe 2 dozen people (mostly men). Perhaps the early start time kept people away?

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A new high: $4.05 per gallon!

Ethanol, Going Green, Truth, Unintended consequences

Oh, did you think I was talking about gasoline?

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Fastest growing new religion gains one more convert

Ethanol, Going Green, Government / Bureaucracy, Truth, U.S. Sovereignty, Unintended consequences

You may have thought this post was going to be about the rapidly spreading religion of Islam, but it is not.

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Virtual Schools, Ethanol back in committee, Photo ID languishing in Senate

Education, Elections, Ethanol, Legislation, WISCONSIN

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"Ethanol Mandate Bill Stalls in Pro-Ethanol Committee"--keep the heat on

Ethanol, Legislation, WISCONSIN


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Ethanol: The bad bill that just won't die! It's back

Ethanol, Legislation, WISCONSIN

Yes, the bad ethanol mandate bill that just won't die is coming back to an Assembly near you.

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Ethanol bill: Just what would be a conflict of interest?

Ethanol, Ethics, Going Green, Legislation, Truth, WISCONSIN

First, let me share my response from our own Governor Jim Doyle to my plea to him to oppose the ethanol mandate. Notice how the highlighted statements match rather closely to an email (in bold) from ethanol producer Paul Olsen (Senator Luther Olsen's brother).

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Keep the heat on Ethanol bill: Senate short 2 votes! Update: Sen. Olsen abstains

Ethanol, Legislation, WISCONSIN

UPDATE: Senate Bill 380 sponsor Senator Olsen removed his name from the bill and will abstain from voting for it due to a perceived conflict of interest. Vicki McKenna of WISN radio was kind enough to send me that tidbit. Senator Olsen, by the way, is a republican, which just goes to show we need to watch them all. She also sent this lint to an Ethanol piece Mark Belling wrote 2 years ago when this was heading to the senate. Very interesting.

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It's back! Ethanol bill heads to senate Thursday--speak up

Ethanol, Going Green, Unintended consequences, WISCONSIN

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