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Kyle and her husband moved to Brookfield in 1986. She became active in local politics and started blogging in 2004. Her focus is primarily on local issues but often includes state and national topics, too. Kyle looks at things from the taxpayers' perspective in a creative, yet down to earth way, addressing them from a practical point of view.

Madoff: Ponzi scheme=jail, U.S.: Ultimate Ponzi scheme=biz as usual

Ethics, Socialism / Marxism, TAXES

Bernard Madoff headed to jail yesterday, March 12, for his Ponzi scheme (think pyramid scheme) of taking investors money, not investing it, and using it for whatever he pleased. People were outraged, and rightly so.

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Obama reverses Bush, funds failed embryonic stem cell research & more

Ethics, Medicine, President Obama, Pro Life / Pro Abortion

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Stem cell success, stem cell failure, which kind worked?

Conservatives, Ethics, Medicine, President Obama, Pro Life / Pro Abortion, Religion, Truth

Just this week, we have 2 more stories in the news about stem cells used in human trials. In one case, a Parkinson's disease sufferer was helped, and in another case, a child with a brain disease, stem cells made the situation worse. 

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Belgium, sanctity of life

Conservatives, Culture, Ethics, Pro Life / Pro Abortion, Slipping fast!, Truth

 Obama is not going to defend life like President George Bush did. It was pretty hard to swallow Obama's line in his inaugural address that science would have it's rightful place regarding health care. I couldn't help think he  referring to stem cells. Science is revealing Adult Stem Cells to be useful. Embryonic plagued with problems.


Education, Ethics, Government / Bureaucracy, Health care, Pro Life / Pro Abortion, Slipping fast!

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Creating better society through Dr. assisted suicide for children under 1?

Culture, Ethics, Health care, Religion, Slipping fast!

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Minnesota's Franken/Coleman recount: One monster of a Senate race

Conservatives, Elections, Ethics, Government / Bureaucracy, Politics, Voter fraud

It appears Al Franken has truly turned Minnesota election law into a Franken-stein of a monster recount--something the election laws were never intended to do: enable stealing an election.

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Holiday hate speech at State Capitol

Constitution, Culture, Ethics, Government / Bureaucracy, Holidays, Religion, Slipping fast!, Truth, WISCONSIN

Our state capitol in Madison has a Christmas tree (I am using last year's term), a menorah for Hanukkah, and I think something for Kwanza too. I am fine with that. They are holidays celebrated in December by people of various religions and cultures in our state.

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e-Harmony bullied into submission

Culture, Ethics, Homosexual agenda

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"Christmas," I saw it in a store ad!!!

Conservatives, Culture, Ethics, Holidays, Religion, THE ECONOMY

 Kohls ad and newspaper bag ad said, Christmas sale.

Grow your own transplant parts from ADULT stem cells

Conservatives, Ethics, Medicine, Pro Life / Pro Abortion, Religion

Don't you love it?  Grow your own transplant parts from your own stem cells. Claudia Castillo gets windpipe tailor-made from her own stem cells: (My emphasis)

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Why we need Talk Radio

Conservatives, Constitution, Ethics, Media/ Talk radio

NBC has its eco week. Did they tell you about Nasa's mistake? No, they were giving misleading info about oceans rising 200 feet!

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Obama to fund embryonic stem cells? They don't work

Ethics, Health care, Pro Life / Pro Abortion, Religion Obama May Move Quickly on Stem Cells, Children's Health Nov. 10, 2008 

ACORN overstated their "harvest"

Elections, Ethics, Obama 2008, Voter fraud Group's Tally of New Voters Was Vastly Overstated  

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**Obama on Partial Birth Abortion: Are you for or against? Yes

Culture, Elections, Ethics, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Politics, Pro Life / Pro Abortion, Religion, Truth

Partial Birth Abortion is a barbaric procedure in which doctors induce a late term pregnant woman to actually give birth, but before the baby is totally delivered, doctors will puncture the child's brain to kill it. If any other culture did that we would be outraged. (This procedure is to be confused with late term labor induced abortion, which occurs earlier in the pregnancy.)

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Christianity is not an ala carte menu

Culture, Elections, Ethics, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Religion

One of the most important differences between the 2 political parties is their Pro-Life or Pro-[Abortion]Choice stance.

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McDonald's noticed some weren't "Lovin' it"

Alert, Ethics, Homosexual agenda, THE ECONOMY


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From little ACORNs big voter fraud grows

Elections, Ethics, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Politics, Truth, Voter fraud

Is ACORN Stealing the Election? That was the title of Wednesday's Investor's Business Daily's editorial. It is a long but worthwhile read (also sickening.) The connections to Obama are troubling: Obama worked for ACORN and his campaign paid ACORN.

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Ayers Obama connection

Elections, Ethics, Obama 2008, Politics,ayers082608.article 

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Democrat's donations key to why they think rich must pay more taxes?

Ethics, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Religion, TAXES

I always find it interesting to see how much politicians give to charity. Senator Joe Biden gave a paltry $995 last year, yet he made $2,450,042! And his $995 to nonprofits was over twice his normal yearly giving for the past 9 out of 10 years. Why do I say paltry? Because many teens I know give more money from their part time job income than he gave in his past average donations.  Biden made almost $2.5 million but gave such a little amount... amazing.

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Congressmen Ryan and Sensenbrenner on why I voted Yea and Nay

Conservatives, Elections, Ethics, Follow the money, Government / Bureaucracy, Legislation, TAXES, THE ECONOMY, United States

I heard both Congressmen Paul Ryan and Jim Sensenbrenner interviewed on Jay Weber's radio show this morning. (Hour 4 Part 2). Since I trust the opinion of both of these men, I was curious as to why Ryan voted YES and Sensenbrenner NO on the latest bailout bill. 

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The burning recliner, tainted candy, & more Made in China cautionary tales

Ethics, Product safety, Unintended consequences

I know I just cautioned you about purchasing products that are ingested or applied to the skin from China, but here comes another Made in China cautionary tale. This time it is a chair that can cause chemical burns to the skin--just from sitting on it!  French retailer in hot seat over Chinese chairs,

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Obama ad misleading about McCain stem cell research stance

Conservatives, Culture, Elections, Ethics, Health care, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Religion, Truth

What if I had a cure for Parkinson's, leukemia, diabetes, or paralysis caused by spinal cord injury? All you would have to do is take an infant, remove all of its stem cells (sorry, the infant dies), tweak the cells, and transfer them to the ill patient.

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Another reason to avoid "Made in China"

Economy, Ethics, Healthy living, THE ECONOMY, Truth

It has happened again. Tainted Chinese made baby formula* has caused 3 infant deaths in that country. More deaths will probably follow since 1,253 babies are already sick, and at least 10,000 infants have been exposed. (In 2004, 13 babies died from "drinking fake milk powder.")

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Palin on difference between hockey mom and Pit Bull dog

Conservatives, Elections, Ethics, McCain 2008

Evidently Sarah Palin was warned about the potential for vicious attacks from McCain's opponents. She is no shrinking violet though. William Kristol posted this:

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MSNBC crossed the line

Conservatives, Elections, Ethics, McCain 2008

Last night, Bill O'Reilly was hot under the collar about MSNBC's coverage of McCain's Sarah Palin VP pick. Here is the YouTube clip.

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Catholic group not happy with Biden V.P. pick

Culture, Elections, Ethics, Obama 2008, Religion

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Al Gore is no Ralph Nader

Energy, Environment, Ethics, Going Green, Truth

I don't agree with Ralph Nader on most things, but at least he practices what he preaches. Can't say the same for Al Gore.

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Going "halvesies" should mean we each pay half--up front

Elmbrook, Ethics, TAXES

I remember being surprised the first time I heard BC(2) was behind in their payments for the artificial turf project at Central High School. Behind?  I would have thought they were required to pay their half up front?  After all, what do you do if they can't or won't pay up?

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She's only 15 for heavens sake!

Ethics, Family, Unintended consequences

UPDATE: Two world-wise, twenty-something young women today and I were talking about the Miley picture. Their reaction surprised me because they did not seem all that conservative. They both thought the picture was in inappropriate. Good, I thought, there is hope for today's youth. They then went on to tell me of another picture from that shoot that they both deemed "creepy". It was of Billy Ray with Miley draped over his leg--hardly a father daughter pose. This photo will be harder for Billy Ray to claim, I would not have allowed that pose had I been there. Obviously, he was!

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Expelled is excellent! A+++

Creation Science / Intelligent Design, Education, Ethics, Truth

After weeks of anticipation, I went to see the movie Expelled today. It is a documentary by Ben Stein on how the scientific community routinely suppresses legitimate scientists and doctors from expressing any point of view other than that of evolution.

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Elmbrook parents, Fri., April 25 is East & Central's homosexual "Day of Silence"

Elmbrook, Ethics, Truth

If you are a parent of an Elmbrook High School student, are you going to be silent about East and Central High School's Day of Silence?

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Jimmy, stick to Habitat not Hamas

Ethics, Legislation

Former Presidents of the United States are expected to be just that, Former Presidents. Their days of power are to be over once they leave the White House. Sometimes they are called upon to be good will ambassadors, but they are not to give their 2 cents on important issues. Certainly, they are not to meddle in foreign affairs unless asked by the current administration!

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HG&D (Sex Ed.) "Outcomes" on School Board agenda Tuesday, 8pm, BE THERE!

Education, Elmbrook, Ethics

Hard to believe there could be an issue I am as equally passionate about as preventing wasting taxpayers' dollars in our schools, but Human Growth and Development (Sex Ed.) definitely qualifies.

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Dr. King in town, look at candidate's content of character

Elections, Ethics, Obama 2008, Truth

I heard Dr. Alveda King speak yesterday on Vicki McKenna's radio program. Alveda is following in her uncle Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s footsteps in speaking out for civil rights for all. But the issue near and dear to her heart is one that her uncle could not even imagine--civil rights for the unborn.

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Ethanol bill: Just what would be a conflict of interest?

Ethanol, Ethics, Going Green, Legislation, Truth, WISCONSIN

First, let me share my response from our own Governor Jim Doyle to my plea to him to oppose the ethanol mandate. Notice how the highlighted statements match rather closely to an email (in bold) from ethanol producer Paul Olsen (Senator Luther Olsen's brother).

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