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Kyle and her husband moved to Brookfield in 1986. She became active in local politics and started blogging in 2004. Her focus is primarily on local issues but often includes state and national topics, too. Kyle looks at things from the taxpayers' perspective in a creative, yet down to earth way, addressing them from a practical point of view.

Know someone getting a bailout bonus? I do. (They aren't rich)

Politics, President Obama, Slipping fast!, Socialism / Marxism, TAXES, THE ECONOMY  (Ryan)   GOP lawmaker flips on AIG bonus tax  ...House Republicans split almost evenly last week over the Democrats' bill to impose a 90 percent retroactive tax increase on bonuses for employees at AIG and the other biggest recipients of federal bailout funds in a political bid to recoup the government's money. Conservatives rejected the bill as a punitive tax, but more than 80 Republicans voted for it, fearing the populist backlash over the AIG bonuses.   ME: those recipients included Wells Fargo, which as Sensenbrenner put it, were not allowed to leave the room until signing onto receiving tarp funds. They were cooerced into signing so as to not label the ones who did take funds with a scarlet letter. Now those employees, even those who make less than $50,000 a year might get their bonus taxed at 90%. How would you like that to be you?

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Stubborn AIG bonus tax passes

Government / Bureaucracy, Legislation, Slipping fast!, TAXES, THE ECONOMY

 Bill of Attainder, a bill intended to punish a certain group of individuals.

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Who chooses your child's education? N.C. children forced into public school

Creation Science / Intelligent Design, Education, Family, Homeschooling, Slipping fast!

We may be heading to the left, but last time I checked, it was a parent's right to decide how their child was educated.

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Obama: 2008 - 1984

President Obama, Slipping fast!, Socialism / Marxism

This was a bumper sticker idea I heard on Vicki McKenna's radio show Monday. She was taking listener's suggestions for a whole host of bumper sticker ideas. I was in the car at the time, but I did manage to write down this one. I think it sums up the direction many Americans feel our country is headed toward: Government control of every aspect of our lives.

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Will Republicans just say NO to pork? (Trillion $ stimulus plan)

Government / Bureaucracy, President Obama, Slipping fast!, Socialism / Marxism, TAXES, THE ECONOMY

UPDATE: Yes, the House Republicans did say NO. Every one of them, plus 11 Blue-Dog Democrats! Send them a BIG thank you. Next question: Will the Senate Republicans and Senate Blue-Dogs say NO next week too? (I'm praying they will vote NO.) If enough Americans squawk, loudly, they just might. (Yes, that is a longshot.)

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One area of economy booming: gun sales!

Conservatives, Constitution, Slipping fast!, United States

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Belgium, sanctity of life

Conservatives, Culture, Ethics, Pro Life / Pro Abortion, Slipping fast!, Truth

 Obama is not going to defend life like President George Bush did. It was pretty hard to swallow Obama's line in his inaugural address that science would have it's rightful place regarding health care. I couldn't help think he  referring to stem cells. Science is revealing Adult Stem Cells to be useful. Embryonic plagued with problems.

Is TRILLION the new BILLION? Deficit spending must stop!

Conservatives, President Obama, Slipping fast!, TAXES, THE ECONOMY, Unintended consequences, United States

Conservatives were not pleased with President Bush's spending habits. Liberals criticized Bush for expanding the deficit too. So why is it, now that the Democrats are in charge of everything, they are making Bush look like a penny pincher? Why is it that these proposed unprecedented deficits are winked at as not having devastating consequences for us, our children, grand children, and great grandchildren?

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Education, Ethics, Government / Bureaucracy, Health care, Pro Life / Pro Abortion, Slipping fast!

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Creating better society through Dr. assisted suicide for children under 1?

Culture, Ethics, Health care, Religion, Slipping fast!

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Tipping point

Culture, Obama 2008, Slipping fast!

men doing their job go to jail while the drug dealer goes free

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Oh brother! A bovine "gas" tax?

Environment, Going Green, Slipping fast!, TAXES, THE ECONOMY

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Are they kidding? Dumping Electoral College makes it worse!

Elections, Politics, Slipping fast!, Unintended consequences, United States

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Holiday hate speech at State Capitol

Constitution, Culture, Ethics, Government / Bureaucracy, Holidays, Religion, Slipping fast!, Truth, WISCONSIN

Our state capitol in Madison has a Christmas tree (I am using last year's term), a menorah for Hanukkah, and I think something for Kwanza too. I am fine with that. They are holidays celebrated in December by people of various religions and cultures in our state.

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Looks like Senate could become filabuster proof unless....

Elections, Slipping fast!, Voter fraud

 Dick Morris urged that Republicans go to and contribute to Sas Chandly's Senate recount race in Georgia. The Obama team is already going down there to help opponent.

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Franken race reminds us voter fraud still going strong

Politics, Slipping fast!, Voter fraud

We heard a lot about ACORN and voter fraud before the election. Now, we hear virtually nothing. Are we just going to let voter fraud go unchallenged? It seems so.

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Merry Athiestmas?

Culture, Holidays, Religion, Slipping fast!

 Fox news why believe in good, just be good for goodness sake, the american humanist association 'Why Believe in a God?' Ad Campaign Launches on D.C. Buses

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