Vehicle Theft Prevention Tips

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I am often approached and asked how to prevent motor vehicle theft so I thought why not post a blog addressing just that issue. Pleas take the time to review some tips on preventing vehicle theft. Not all of the suggestions may be practicle for you or your vehicle, you have to be the judge as to what you think is appropriate.
  • Never leave your vehicle running unattended.
  • Never leave your keys in the ignition.
  • Always roll the windows up and lock the doors, even if parked at home.
  • Install tapered door lock buttons, discard the ones with the lips on them. This will prevent the opening of your doors with a coat hanger or similar device.
  • Never leave anything of value in the auto; this includes the change left over from the convenience store and drive through.
  • Never hide a key on or under the vehicle, thieves will take the time to try and locate "Hidden" keys.
  • Park in busy and well lit spots.
  • Consider having the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) etched on the entire vehicle's glass.
  • Consider installing an ignition kill or cutout switch in a hidden location.
  • Consider using a mechanical steering wheel locking device.
  • Consider installing an alarm.
  • Consider a vehicle monitoring and tracking system.
  • If you install an alarm or employee a tracking system, display the provided stickers on your vehicle.
  • If you have recently purchased a used vehicle, especially from a private party, consider changing the ignition switch.
As always, practicing the tips pointed our here will not guarantee that you will not be the victim of a crime. But, they will lower the chances of you becoming a victim.

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