Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

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If you have been to Mayfair Mall this week you have seen the Christmas / Holiday decorations are up. Add that to the fact that the busiest retail day of the year, the Friday after Thanksgiving is just two short weeks away; not to mention the fact that the ladies in my family are about to embark on the annual shopping weekend this second weekend in November; well I am compelled to write about shopping safety tips.


Please take the time to review the tips listed below and should you think of some additional tips, add them in the comments section or give me an email.


Ø      Always park in a well lit area.

Ø      Remember where you parked.

Ø      Keep your car locked at all times.

Ø      Walk with authority, always making eye contact with others.

Ø      Shop in groups.

Ø      Dress casually and comfortably.

Ø      Leave the expensive or even expensive appearing jewelry at home.

Ø      Avoid carrying a purse if possible.

Ø      Take only the cash, credit cards and identification needed.

Ø      If carrying cash, credit cards and identification on your person, keep it in your front pocket.

Ø      Don’t flash large amounts of money around.

Ø      Always double check to make sure you have your credit cards back.

Ø      Never allow your credit card to leave your sight.

Ø      Always be alert to your surroundings.

Ø      Do not allow yourself to be overloaded with packages. Make several trips to your vehicle if needed.

Ø      Never leave packages or anything of value in view in your vehicle.

Ø      When returning to your vehicle, look around, inside and out of your vehicle before opening it up.

Ø      If using an ATM, use one in a busy area, have a friend with you.


And from the Better Business Bureau, here are some online shopping tips.


Ø      Shop only at Internet Merchants you know and trust. If in doubt visit

Ø      Beware of emails offering cut-rate prices, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Ø      Check the merchants refund policies before making a purchase.

Ø      Make sure the merchant is using a secure server.

Ø      Refrain from using a debit card or online check, it exposes your personal checking/savings accounts to fraud.

Ø      Always print and save any confirmation or order forms.

Ø      Frequently check your accounts online, no need to wait for a paper statement.


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