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Below you will find some tips on improving the security of your home. I fully understand that everything you read here may not work for you or fit your desires, but by employing the tips listed below you will make it harder for unauthorized persons to enter your home. Like any chain is only as strong as it weakest link, your home is only as secure as your weakest security precaution.


  • Shrubs should be below the window and no higher than 2'. Consider thorn bushes as well
  • Tree branches should be a minimum of 7' high
  • Tree branches should be no closer than 6' to the edge of the roof


  • All windows should be pinned so as not be opened more than 4"
  • Double hung windows should have working sash locks
  • Casement windows should be closed and latched when the home is unoccupied
  • Basement windows should have security bars installed across them. A key should be kept 40" away on the same plane to allow unsecuring the bars for escape.
  • Basement windows can be replaced by glass block windows as well


  • Sliding glass doors should have a lift barrier strip or screws left protruding on tap track to prevent lifting of the doors from the tracks
  • Sliding glass doors should have auxiliary key locks on the top and bottom
  • All windows / glass on wood or metal doors should have a security screen or film installed
  • Doors without glass should have peep holes installed
  • Dead bolts should be employed on all exterior doors with at least 1" of bolt length
  • All strike plates (The plates that are mounted on door way frame) should have screws of 3".

 Exterior Lighting:

  • The entire exterior should be lit up with low level lighting during hours of darkness
  • Dusk to dawn sensors are recommended above motion sensors
  • Landscape lighting is very effective
  • Do not forget to light up the garage exterior

 General Items:

  • House numbers should be lit and visisble from the street
  • Caregivers should be trained in lock and window operation
  • If an alarm system is in use, make sure your key holder list is up to date
  • If going out of town ensure the grass cuttting, snow removal, mail and newspapers are taken care of
  • Consider leaving a radio tuned to talk radio while the house is unoccupied
  • Conisder timers on interior lights if out of town or you return from work after dark

 As always, the recommendations made here are designed to make your residence more secure. While there is no guarantee that you will not be the victim of a crime regardless of the precautions you take, by adopting these recommendations you should reduce your risk. The recommendations made on this blog are made in good faith and there is no guarantee implied or stated.

 As always, contact me with questions or concerns.

Officer Don

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