Graffiti Ordinance 7.30

Crime Prevention, Graffiti, Wauwatosa Ordinance

There has recently been a real issue with a number of graffiti incidents in the City and I thought it would be appropriate to blog some excerpts from the City's Ordinance.

7.30.030(a) indicates that is unlawful for any person to apply graffiti to any natural or man made surface on any city owned property or, without the permission of the owner on any non-city owned property.

7.30.030(b)(1) indicates that it is unlawful for any person under the age of 18 to possess any graffiti implement and according to 7.30.020 that includes aerosol paint, broad tipped marker, gum label, paint stick or graffiti stick, etching equipment or any other device capable of scarring or leaving a visible mark.

7.03.030(c) indicates that no property owner shall allow graffiti to remain for more than 10 days. Failure to clean graffiti from private property may result in a citation.

So what does all this mean? Simply minors are not allowed to possess any graffiti devices and property owners are requried to remove all graffiti on their property within 10 days. The City of Wauwatosa and County of Milwaukee will remove graffiti from their property.

Further, you are asked to report any graffiti on private or public property to the police department so that a report can be filed which may include the taking of photographs.

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