burglary, Crime Prevention

Recently there has been some burglaries in various areas around the City and many of them could have been avoided if some simple practices were put into place. Please take the time to review the bullet points listed below and try to employ them around your home, it should reduce the chances of you becoming the victim of a burglary.

  • Never leave an unattended garage or garden shed unlocked or with the doors open.
  • Never allow a stranger into your home.
  • Never leave your doors or windows open if you cannot physically monitor them. Unmonitored doors should be closed and locked, windows should be closed so that they are open no more than 4" and they are pinned so that they cannot be opened any wider.
  • Light the entire exterior of your home during hours of darkness.
  • Always roll up vehicle windows and lock the vehicle, even if you are away from it for a short period of time.
  • All bikes should be locked in a garage or to an immobile object when not actually being ridden.

The "Bad Guys" rely on three things - Ability, Desire and Opportunity. The one thing we can take away from the "Bad Guy" is his or her OPPORTUNITY!

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