Person Impersonating a Fire Inspector

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Recently a person has taken cash from several businesses in the greater Milwaukee area by impersonating a Fire Inspector. He arrives at the door and verbally identifies himself as the Fire Inspector and states he needs to check fire extinguishers. He is allowed into the business and left unescorted and not long after he leaves the business discovers that he has taken cash that is left in an unlocked safe or otherwise unlocked and unattended.

The most recent reported incident took place in Brookfield where he was described as a black male, mid 30's - mid 40's, 6'2", 180lbs, wearing work style clothing and left in a late 1990's to early 2000's white Cadillac Deville after taking $600 in cash.

In Wauwatosa our Fire Inspectors all wear white shirts, have a badge on their shirts and will present an official picture ID card upon request.

Please consider the following simple steps for anyone conducting work or inspecting not only your business but your residence as well:

  • Never leave any cash out in the open
  • Keep safes locked at all times
  • Never leave any valuables out in the open
  • Never leave any banking or credit documents out in the open
  • Never leave any personal identifying information out in the open
  • Never leave inspectors / contractors unescorted in your business or home

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