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Two years ago the Wauwatosa Police Department's Community Support Division instituted a business email alerting system in which we will send out an email alert containing important law enforecment information to the businesses in Wauwatosa. Just today I sent out an email alert containing information from my last blog about the Fire Inspector Imposter and to my disappointment I received over 100 "Undeliverables" in return. This means that over 100 businesses that signed up for this service did not receive this information. This system is great when the information needed to send the alerts out is current!

If you are already enrolled and did not receive this latest alert or if you would like to enroll please email me at and in the subject line put "Business Alert - New" or "Business Alert - Change" and then in the body of the message all I need is a contact name and the proper email to send the messages to.


Don (Officer Donald M. Semega)

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