Wauwatosa Police Reserves 2009 Recognition Dinner

Police Reserves, Wauwatosa PD

The Wauwatosa Police Reserve Unit aids the Wauwatosa Police Department by responding in times of emergency, assisting at parades, Tosa's Night Out, Hart Fest, Tosa Fest and many other events  where supplemental manpower is needed. In addition the Reserves are involved in outreach work that includes visits to Children's Hospital, raising funds for the American Cancer Society and assisting the Wauwatosa Crime Stoppers in their many fund raising events. The Reserves are uniformed Officers who receive training similar to that of a regular Police Officer and perform many of the same duties. The typical Reserve Officer falls into one on of two categories , a young person with a interest in pursuing a law enforcement career ; many of our former Reserves are now serving proudly as regular Officers throughout the Country and credit the Wauwatosa Police Reserves with their success. The second category is a more mature individual who is set in their career outside of law enforcement and just wants to give to the community.

On Saturday March 7, 2009 the Wauwatosa Police Department, Mayor, Common Council and Fire and Police Commission honored the Wauwatsoa Police Reserves at their annual awards banquet. The Wauwatosa Police Reserves are a volunteer unit of men and women who give to the community through their service as Police Reserves. This year was a record year in the number of hours that Reserves gave which totaled 5,126. I personally have the honor and privelage of working with this outstanding group of people and on behalf of the Wauwatosa Police Department want to personally and publicaly thank all off the Reserve Officers and their families for their efforts. Every Reserves gives selflessly and seeks nothing in return except the ability to continue serving Wauwatosa.

In 2008 the Reserves had 15 members volunteer between 100 and 200 hours and 5 who topped 200 hours. The top performers were Reserve Platoon LT Katie Halopka with 204 hours, Reserve Officer Kellen Williams with 204 hours, Reserve Executive LT James DeValk with 330 hours, Reserve Captain Michael Jamrozy with 367.5 hours and Reserve Platoon LT / Treasurer Matthew Bohmann with 606 hours.

The next time you see one of our fine Reserve Officers please take the time to thank them for their unselfish giving and express your support. If you think you would be interested in being a member of the Wauwatosa Police Reserves you can contact Patrol Specialist II Paul Leist by calling 414-471-8430 Ext. 5113 or emailing him at pleist@wauwatosa.net. The requirements are simple, be at least 18 years old, have a vaild WI driver's license and be of good moral character; there are no residency requirements.

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