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Email, Little League and other musings...

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I have some administrative stuff I wanted to get out to the public, so I thought I would use my blog.


First of all, if you have a email I want to let you know that we here at NOW newspapers and web sites CAN NOT reply to your emails. It is a problem our IT Department is working on. I find it frustrating because I haven't been able to track down phone numbers for some people and so I can't answer their emails and I don't want them to think I don't care.

So if you have a email and want me to reply to your email, include a phone number.


I want to thank people from the Tosa Little League for following the format I asked for and I want to thank them for their patience. We have been averaging about 300 lines a week of scores. That is a lot of lines. A normal cover story is about 120-140 lines, so you can imagine how much space 300-plus lines takes up.

This past Thursday we had 340 lines and were able to print about 100. Whatever is left out is placed on top of the following week's scorecard so it won't be left out the following week. At the top of each week's scores I've been writing (3 weeks ago), (2 weeks ago) and (Last week's) scores. So once again, thanks for your cooperation, understanding and patience.


It looks like Brookfield Central and Brookfield East will be right in the battle for first place in the North Division of the Greater Metro Conference. Before running into the Lancer buzzsaw this week, the Wauwatosa East Red Raiders had been playing much better this year. As for Tosa West, coach Chad Mateske will be asking for volunteers to pitch as injuries an inexperience have cut into the Trojans' pitching. Recently, the Trojans were down to about 11 active players.


I said at the beginning of the season and I will say it again, the Brewers don't have much starting pitching and their lack of OBA hitters will hurt the consistency of the offense. Yovani Gallardo - because of his inexperience - is at best a No. 2 starter - but he is a very good starting pitcher. After that, Jeff Suppan, Brad Looper and Dave Bush are No. 5 pitchers on good staffs and No. 4 pitchers on average staffs. Manny Parra is still their second-best pitcher based on that magic word "potential" and hopefully that trip to the minors will straighten him out.

Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder can play with anyone, but the Brewers need more hitters who hit for average or have a better OBA. Everyone knows that when the hitters are hot they can play with anyone. But when they are not, they are pretty hard to watch. More contact hitters equal less slumps because anything can happen when you get people on base.

You know what you get from Corey Hart, J.J. Hardy and Mike Cameron - you just don't know when you're getting it. Craig Counsell and Casey McGehee have had wonderful years on the plus side. Based on how the Brewers pitchers are performing, you can drop the let's catch Jason Kendall every day stuff because he handles the staff so well and get Mike Rivera in the lineup more than once a week.

Finally, play Mat Gamel EVERY day no matter who is pitching. He hit lefthanders better than righthanders in the minors and you will NEVER find out what kind of player he is unless he plays all the time. It is not brain surgery.

I agree with Doug Melvin - I would not even consider trading Gamel or Alcides Escobar. I would trade Hardy in a minute because of Escobar and I would trade Hart if it meant I would get a pitcher that would be here longer than three months.

The Brewers are in the Central Division race because the other teams have holes also. So they could stay in the race if everyone continues to struggle. But unlike last season, they won't be winning the wild card this year.


Be a hit and have a ball.

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