The Fur (& Feather!) Flyer

Established in 1965, HAWS assists over 6,000 animals and welcomes more than 31,000 human visitors annually. As an "open admissions" shelter we lead the community in animal welfare and assure sanctuary for all animals in need, regardless of age, health or temperament. HAWS is a non-profit, entirely donor-fund organization with an active humane education program, and both wildlife and companion animal rescue services for Waukesha County.

HAWS License #267280-DS

Spend the Dog Days of Summer with HAWS!

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We’re staring down the end of yet another summer that flew by way too fast! But there is still warm weather and fun to be had – including some neat things going on at HAWS.


This Saturday, HAWS hosts our regularly scheduled “First Aid for Pets” class. It runs from 1-4pm and is led by Emergency Medical Services. Call them at 262-879-0165 for details and registration.


This Saturday is also the monthly Greyhound meet’n’greet in the HAWS’ lobby, with the great folks from GPA Wisconsin. C’mon over and meet the “45 mph Couch Potato”…if they’re awake!


Each and every Sunday, HAWS hosts a “Puppy Party” – 30 minutes of playtime for pups from 8-20 weeks that will help them establish their socialization skills. The cost of $5 is worth it for the cuteness alone.


Looking into next week, HAWS offers Cat Pedicures on Tuesday, August 25th, and our own Dr. Claudeen will lead a “TellingtonTtouch” session at Delafield Public Library on Thursday, August 27th – part of their August Animals month.


If you’re stuck at home this weekend, how about doing some closet cleaning for HAWS? You can go green and help the paws and claws of HAWS at the same time – just bring your worn (and worn out) clothing, shoes and more to the Friends of HAWS/USAgain Collection Drive on Saturday, August 29th. HAWS receives a donation for every pound collected, so every little bit counts! And if you can’t make it to our shelter for the festivities on Saturday, the bins will still be available for drop-offs from Friday thru Sunday. We’re at 701 Northview Road, in Waukesha, right across the street from the airport and fairgrounds.


The dog days of summer are looking pretty good!


Please check our website,, for details on all of these and other events happening at the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County. Check out our adoptables while you’re surfing, too!

Adopt 4 Snuggly Paws from HAWS

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At HAWS we are absloutely willing go on record saying that men are not pigs. Except this one... 

Meet Snuggle the Guinea Pig. He's a fun little guy who loves the lovin' and cuddle time.

Hmmm, sounds like the perfect Valentine, no?

Snuggle is one of a handful of guinea pigs (and other small pets) currently available for adoption at HAWS. And, when you adopt Snuggle or one of his piggy buddies, you receive a free copy of the Cavy Health Record Book, so you can keep your new little friend healthy and happy for a lifetime. What a deal!

Just announced:  HAWS is holding a Rally for Rats! Join us on Sunday, March 1st from 1-4pm for a fun-filled afternoon of learning about these amazing little creatures. Featured guest speakers are Denise Follett, DVM, who will discuss common health issues of rats and Kirsten Watry of HAWS’ Behavior Department, who will help you add a new member to your rat pack thru rat bonding! This event is free and all ages are welcome (children must be accompanied by an adult; please leave your rat friends at home for this event).

See YOU at HAWS!

Adopt 4 Paws from HAWS!

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Resolve to Support the 'HAWS Cause' in 2015

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Best. Christmas Present. Ever.

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Happy HAWS-y Days to You and Yours!

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HAWS Ugly (Holiday) Pet Sweater Cyber Contest Begins!

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'Tis the season to don those awful holiday sweaters - why not let our pets get in on the fun?! Get Fido or Fluffy all dolled up, snap a photo and share it on HAWS Ugly (Holiday) Pet Sweater Cyber Contest event page on Facebook to win a HAWS gift basket and other great prizes!

Rex the cat is entered in HAWS' Ugly Sweater contest! Join our buddy Yoda and get in the HOLIDAY SPIRIT!
HAWS is holding an Ugly Sweater Contest for pets - now thru mid-December.

Photos will be accepted from noon on 11/20 thru noon on 12/15, and will be posted on the event page and in HAWS' shelter lobby at 701 Northview Road, Waukesha.

Photos can be submitted by posting directly to the event page (just "Join" the event and go!), via email to HAWS' main Facebook page (Humane Animal Welfare Society - HAWS of Waukesha) or by email to

Complete contest Rules & Guidelines can be found on the event page or by logging on to

Winners will be determined by "Likes" on Facebook, by open voting in HAWS lobby and by a panel of HAWS staff judges.

You can also 'Help the HAWS Cause' through this event: Make a donation in one of the pictured pet's honor, and that pet receives 1 additional vote for every dollar donated!

Happy Holidays to one and all from HAWS!

Taco John's and HAWS - Sharing the Holiday Spirit!

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Five Things You Probably Never Knew about Animal Shelters

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HAWS’ Humane Educator, Khris Erickson, guest blogs this week. Click here to see what else HAWS’ Ed. Department is up to…including Winter Kids ’N Critters Day Camp this December! Follow Khris’ blog all year long here.

1) Animal Shelters are individual organizations; there isn't an umbrella organization that creates policy or that a shelter has to answer to.  

"We adopted him from your _______ location."  At HAWS we hear things like this all the time. 
People are often amazed when we tell them that HAWS is our own organization and we aren't affiliated with other shelters. 

While some shelters have a variety of campuses within a general area, there is no national organization that oversees all of us.  And while we may occasionally work with other shelters on projects, exchange ideas with one another, and sometimes transfer animals, we aren't the same organization at all.  Just 2 of the awesome animals available for adoption at HAWS!

2) Shelters can be government run, but many are private non-profits. 

It seems to be a common misconception that all animal shelters are government run entities that are run off of a tax base.  While some shelters are (usually called "animal control" facilities), many shelters are not.  It really depends on the specific facility.

HAWS is a private, non-profit organization that is run by a member-elected board of directors.  The majority of our funds are obtained through donations and fundraising efforts.  The only money we get from the tax base is by contracting out our services  to many Waukesha County municipalities to handle such things as stray animals and holding animals that have been confiscated from their owners through allegations of neglect or abuse. 

3) Shelters don't necessarily have any authority to investigate neglect or abuse cases. 

An animal control officer or humane officer is the person, besides a police officer, who would investigate allegations of neglect or abuse to an animal.  These are people who have been specifically trained to know the law as it pertains to animal welfare, and are trained in animal care and behavior.  They are also endowed with legal authority to conduct investigations, issue citations and file charges.

Because HAWS is a privately run non-profit we are not a government agency.  The people who investigate neglect and abuse cases in Waukesha County are Humane Officers employed by the County.  HAWS works closely with these officers since we're a holding facility for animals removed from homes through legal action, and also a bite case quarantine facility.  But if we get calls from people wanting to report neglect or abuse of animals in the community we refer them to Waukesha County. 

4) Not all shelters take in stray animals. 

Government run shelters will take in strays - since as an animal control facility that is a large part of their purpose.  Non-profit animal shelters vary depending on their policies and the contracts they may have with area municipalities.

Shelters that choose to be what's called in the animal welfare industry "Limited Intake", take in only those animals that they have space for and that they feel they can place.  They usually don't offer stray or animal control services because to do so could mean that their intake would exceed what they're capable of housing.

The policy of an open admission shelter is to take in any unwanted animal from their community no matter how adoptable or unadoptable it is, what physical condition it is in, or how friendly or aggressive it may be.  HAWS is  run as an "Open Admission" shelter and part of our mission is to provide stray services to municipalities that want to contract with us.

5) Some shelters only take in dogs and cats, others take in a variety of animals.  

HAWS is lucky to have the space and resources to be a truly open admission shelter and we take in just about anything that can be kept as a pet.  We always have rabbits, and almost always have guinea pigs.  Additionally many times you can find birds, small rodents and reptiles at HAWS looking for their forever home!

By the way - another neat thing about HAWS is we are open 7 days a week! Stop by to view our adoptable pets Monday thru Friday from 1-6pm, Saturday from 11am - 4pm and Sunday from noon to 4pm. We'll see you soon!

HAWS’ November: TTouch, "Tales," Portraits & PETS!

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Adopt 4 Paws from HAWS!

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This week we feature one of our kennel kids, a HAWS adoptable dog that is watching and waiting for his new forever home.

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"Fair" August Days and Riding for HAWS

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Are You Ready to Walk?!

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Come celebrate spring with HAWS at our 31st Annual Pet Walk, sponsored by the Friends of HAWS! 

Bring your dog, your kids - the whole family - and join us for this fun event held May 3rd at Sussex Village Park. There is something for everyone, with walking trails, great lunch items, vendors and, best of all, camaraderie with fellow pet lovers and their beautiful dogs. So if dogs make you smile, be sure to join us at this fantastic fundraiser for the animals at HAWS.

This year the Friend’s group is raising money for a new HAWS’ Animal Rescue vehicle. Money raised from this year’s Walk will go towards both the purchase of this vehicle and the animals at HAWS. This vehicle will be on duty 24/7/365 in our community to assist animals in need. We transport sick or injured wildlife, and stray and abandoned or injured domestic animals, responding every day as needed to our Waukesha County communities. Each year we respond to over 1500 calls for help with animals in our surrounding communities.

There are so many ways you can donate! Make your own personal online fundraising page by going to the Walk page of our website, Or, collect pledges, walk the trail and then turn the funds in at the Walk itself. Or simply join us, have lunch with us and make a donation. 

There are many ways you can give and many ways you can enjoy the day! We’ll see you May 3rd!

By the way - this Sunday is the day to see the transformation from fuzzy to fabulous! Extreme Makeover: HAWS Edition begins at noon!

A Different Kind of Dog Park

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HAWS notes that humans aren't the only ones with options when it comes to exercise facilities!

Are you all about "the Y"? Loving the ladies-only gym? A die-hard health-clubber? Maybe you prefer using home equipment and have a co-dependent relationship with your treadmill or Soloflex? And there's always the old school jog on the track or walk around the neighborhood. Having the right option to suit your needs and comfort level is key to maintaining healthy behaviors.

Taking your dog for a walk is ubiquitous. Households even have mini-skirmishes over who's turn it is because walking the dog is a daily chore. Many entrepreneurs have capitalized on this need - and are available for hire to exercise Fido for you as needed.

Now coming into vogue is the private dog park. These members-only facilities have strict rules and guidelines for usage, requiring both vaccination records and behavior evaluations prior to granting a (paid) membership. These membership fees keep the park in operation as they don't receive tax funding or regular donations like a non-profit group.

Newly-opened Lucky Dog Park, at 1270 Mineral Springs Drive in Port Washington, explains it this way: "All dogs wanting to obtain entry to the park will have to meet with our staff, fill out the membership form and provide proof of vaccinations.... To gain membership, you'll need to make an appointment ahead of wanting to use the park. Entry will not be granted to non-members or dogs who do not pass our personality profile. This helps to ensure that any dogs entering the park are appropriate for a multi-dog setting."

The owners of LDP took action after hearing from many fellow dog owners who have had negative experiences at public parks.  Bob and Ellen note the positives of Lucky Dog Park are controlled use by members only, onsite supervision at all open park hours and 24-hour webcame surveillance to ensure safety.

This type of park isn't for everyone, and isn't everyone's "thing." But if you are looking for a controlled alternative to a general public park session, the private dog park may be just the thing for you and your pup!

By the way - have you set aside August 17th for HAWS?!! Between our 6th Annual Pet Fair and our 4th Annual Ride for Rover (motorcycle AND car rally), we've got you covered!
Log onto to register!

Sweet Sisters Seeking Sanctuary

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We have a wonderful selection of cats available for adoption at HAWS right now.  Good for you if you're looking for a cat!

May we suggest:  Radar and Lola.

(Radar is the brown tabby, Lola the black and white with tuxedo markings.)

Radar and Lola are a bonded pair.  These sisters, both 2-years-young, are spayed and ready to go home today if the right person came to visit!  They arrived at HAWS on November 9 because of a death in their family, and they are now patiently waiting for their new forever home.

Our volunteer cat socializers report that Radar and Lola are mature and not troublemakers.  They are serene and sweet little girls who like attention, but also peace and quiet.  A home with windows to look out of - and a few birds in the area - would be perfect.  You will love spending time with them, curled up this winter with a good book...maybe one about bird-watching?!

By the way:  HAWS will be open for receiving only this Saturday, 12/31 from 9am - 3pm.  We will be closed Sunday to observe New Year's Day...but we'll be back open for business as usual on Monday, January 2.  A Happy New Year to all pets and their people!

By the way, part 2:  While you're surfing, check out our Upcoming Events for January!  It's going to be a great month, with Oompa Paws on 1/28, Janboree at HAWS on 1/21, our bowling party on 1/29...c'mon along for the fun!

HAWS Takes Time to Celebrate

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Come Say Hello to Your (New) Little Friend!

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HAWS has many, many, MANY little pets currently available for adoption!  So, we're having a special event to promote them...

Come to HAWS this Sunday, October 2nd, from Noon - 3pm for our first-ever 


Meet the many adult and baby gerbils and hamsters in need of loving forever homes.  We have singles, pairs and trios all available!

Adopt a little best friend from HAWS for only $5!
(Along with your little best friend you'll also receive a free care item.)

Volunteers will be on hand to answer your little pet questions, to make sure you and your new best friend get things started off on the right paw!

By the way - don't forget to reserve your spot along the catwalk for HAWS' Fashion for Paws fundraiser on Friday, October 14th!  Only a few weeks away - don't miss this fun and fashionable evening in support of the HAWS cause.

Twice as Nice, "Two" Cool, "Two-tally" Awesome Pairs!

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It is raining cats at HAWS!  But we still think it's "Pair"-adise...

Currently living in our Cat Adoption Area are almost a dozen pairs of bonded cats.  All the pairs are adults, ranging in ages from 14 months to 12 years.  They are a myriad of colors and sizes, males and females.  Do a little pre-shelter-visit window shopping here...

Meet Spooky & CanCanWe need to adopt them out with their buddies.  So, we're having a 2-fer adoption special!

RIght now YOU can adopt a pair of bonded adult cats for $22.22.  And, along with the cats, you'll receive a "two-tally" awesome gift pack of 2 litter pans, 2 cans of food, 2 bags of treats, 2 rope toys and 2 ball toys.  Now that's "TWO" COOL!

Stop by HAWS 7 days a week to adopt - weekdays from 1-6pm, Saturday from 11am-4pm and Sunday from Noon-4pm.  Come to cat pair-adise today and find not just one but TWO new best friends.

By the way - HAWS will be closed for viewing/adoption on Monday, May 30, to observe Memorial Day.  Those needing assistance with lost/found animals can still call the HAWS main number at 262-542-8851.


Could it be...Spring?!?!?!?!!!

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Everyone at HAWS is excited about the weather forecast for this week...and there is speculation that our snow cover will be gone by the weekend because of the mild temperatures!

Of course, that brings with it a "heads-up" (or 2) for pet owners.

1.  Along with the (brown) grass becoming visible, also becoming unburied are the little "treasures" that have accumulated over the past few months...the organic material (wink, wink), lost toys, spilled garbage, etc.  Honestly, this stuff can be downright dangerous to your pets.  Animal waste carries bacteria and germs that can still be active even after being out in the cold for some time.  The garbage that got spilled and then buried during our frequent snowfalls is now out there for your pets to "enjoy" - and you really never know what they'll find.  (Chicken bones?  Yikes!  Tossed-out anitfreeze containers?  Double Yikes.)  So the dog-owner-walker words to live by this spring:  Its a walk, not a buffet - eat at home.  Inside.

2.  Yes, it is great "dog" weather!  But please remember, if you let your dog off-leash anywhere - your yard, the park - keep an eye on them and be vigilant.  When we have a spike in temps we also have a spike in stray dogs reported and coming in to HAWS.  Make sure your best friend is safe and secure rather than wandering loose - and enjoy the weather together with an on-leash walk or a fenced-in game of fetch.

By the way - Have you bought your tickets yet?  You can take your dog to the Milwaukee Admirals game on Sunday, March 27th (no, really!) and HAWS can get a donation from your ticket purchase!  Go to the listing on our Upcoming Events website calendar for buying instructions, or call Brian at the Admirals office directly (414-227-0567) and tell him you want to help HAWS!  Pups and pucks - what fun.

"B" is for Best Buddies

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Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter B – as in Best Buddies. And HAWS has a bounty of adoptables whose names begin with B – namely Benson, Bonnibelle, Burt, Big Mike, Bruno, Binky, Birdie, Bogey…and all the bunnies!

Benson is a 6-years-young Toy Poodle. This little man would like a more businesslike home with (slightly) older kids, or all adults.

Seven-year-old Bonnibelle is a Persian cat. She loves attention and brushing – which helps because she will need regular grooming for her lovely coat.

Burt is a boffo domestic shorthair, age 5. He loves to play as much as he loves quiet cuddle time!

Big Mike the turtle is of the Red-Eared Slider breed. He’ll probably do best as an only child…or an eternal bachelor, all by himself…

Bruno is a green-yellow Parakeet, while Binky and Birdie are blue-white Parakeets. They are three of the bunches of birds currently residing in the HAWS aviary.

Bogey is a black Mouse. He has lots of mouse buddies also to choose from, if you’re looking for a bevy of them to bring home.

Bunnies are currently great in numbers at HAWS. And while none of them have B-names, they are still beautiful little companions - and have their own day at HAWS on May 1st!

By the way – our Friends of HAWS annual Bowling event – the HAWS for Paws Bowl – is now in its 6th year! Join us January 30th at Fracaro’s Lanes in Waukesha from 11:00am – 2:00pm for a fun-draising day to benefit HAWS. $15 gets you 3 games + shoe rental. Families and teams are welcome, with special rates for teams of 4-6. Call Maria at 262-490-2102 to reserve your lane. Be sure to be there!

Not Just Packers vs. Eagles

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We have plenty of Green Bay Packers fans here at HAWS, and this weekend's matchup with Philly is a common topic of discussion - in and outside of work.

But, as many know, it isn't just about the teams when one of the teams has Michael Vick as their QB.

"So, since you're all about animals, how do YOU feel about Michael Vick?"

Most of my co-workers and I have gotten asked this question in the past, but the questions are more direct this week.  (I can honestly say that my opinion on the matter is no different now than it has been for the past several years:  What Vick did to the dogs in his "care" was beyond cruel and inhumane, and I was glad to see he was punished and imprisoned.)

But has he paid his debt to society?  Is he truly sorry?  Has he changed?  Does he deserve to be back in the NFL?  I wish I could definitively answer those questions, but I can't.  And I know I wouldn't really have the intestinal fortitude to meet the man and ask him in person. 

So the debate continues.  THAT, however, is the silver lining!  (Really, there is one - keep reading.)

As long as Vick is playing (well) and is in the spotlight, the debate and the issue of dog fighting remains in the public eye.  His "fame" allows for continued awareness of the problem of dog fighting, its cruelty and pervasiveness (don't kid yourself, dog fighting is going on in Wisconsin).  It gives the animal welfare world a great opportunity to teach how wrong dogfighting is, and we can take more steps towards ending it.

I'm not as big-hearted as a dog - the species is incredibly forgiving and loves us no matter what.  All the more reason to welcome the "Vick question," and I have an answer at the ready:

"I'm glad you asked that.  For me, it's not about Vick, but about the dogs.  Here's what you can do to help..."

By the way - Pitbulls, pit mixes...all the "bully" breeds make GREAT pets.  Don't discount them because of the stereotypes or negative images you see.  Do your research - talk to pit owners and their families - and THEN decide.

Even if you aren't the lucky guardian of a Pit, you can help dispel the myths about them.  No, they're not pre-disposed to being mean or to fight - like any dog they are the product of their environment.  (Bite cases involving Golden Retrievers are more common!)  Like any intelligent, strong and active breed, when given structure, training, exercise and love, a Pit Bull is a fantastic companion.  They're lovers, not fighters...

Pets are a Gift, but Not as Gifts!

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I had a rather shocking encounter with a relative over Christmas this year that really got me thinking.

Being that I've been an employee of HAWS for more than a dozen years, my family and friends long ago got used to my pro-animal welfare mantras and viewpoint.  What a surprise, then, when one of them told me that they "were worried I was going to bring the kids a dog as a present this Christmas."

I think my jaw is still on the floor.  Dumbfounded.  Speechless.

HAWS, along with most rescues, strongly discourages the giving of pets as gifts for any occasion.  In fact, it is an item on our application and is discussed during adoption counseling.  A pet is a life that requires a lifetime commitment - it isn't a token, or a plaything to get bored with, or a trendy accessory - too often that is the way a gift is viewed.

Personally I believe very much in the importance of the no-pets-as-gifts policy, because I have seen first hand the number of animals that have been surrendered to HAWS because they were unwanted gifts.  (If a person wants a pet, they should be part of the process of choosing that pet - their responsibility, their choice.  Its only fair.  Besides, who wants someone else picking their best friend for them?  Chemistry is important in human-pet relationships, too.)

Not to mention, an employee of HAWS could very well be in jeopardy of losing their job if they participated in the giving of a pet as a gift.  (See #2 and the number of surrenders...that is not a good way to ensure job security.)

Doing my best not to get on people's nerves or be preachy, maybe I haven't talked about this concept, let alone other animal welfare issues, strongly enough?  Maybe it is okay to turn more moments with family and friends into "teaching moments."

I encourage everyone to have discussions - with family, friends, co-workers - about animal welfare issues.  Working together we can all help HAWS achieve our goal for 2011 and beyond:  using our reach as a humane society to create a whole Society that is Humane!

By the way - even tho the "giving season" is over, the need is not.  We need you to Support the HAWS Cause the whole year through - with supply donations, monetary contributions, your time and talents....  Please stop by the shelter and join us!

Purr-ade at our FAN-tastic Fundraiser!

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This weekend, be sure to join HAWS Mobile Adoption Center, the Friends of HAWS and lots of other pet-friendly people/places at Dog Day Afternoon at the Waukesha Expo Center.  Sunday, Sept. 12th, from 10am - 2pm!

(And now, a *PUN ALERT*)

A big part of our fall fundraiser, HAWS Homecoming '10, is an old-fashioned Parade, complete with floats.  The processional will wind through the entire Olympia Resort venue where our event is being held, leading our guests to the main room for a Live Auction - which will feature a 'KLH hosting gig, front-row-behind-home-plate Brewers tickets, a year-long massage membership, a dinner/moonlight boat cruise and more great items.

Want to PARADE your business? 

Get in the game and help animals come home with a HOME-COMING float

It is sure to be a HIT PARADE and a PURR-fect way to keep your biz a-'float.' 

So go with the 'float.'

Forget Sunday/sundae - we'll have a FLOAT!

So how do you go about securing your very own 'float"ation device for HAWS?  It is very easy:  you give us a $100 donation and a 2'x3' sign with your business logo on it.  We do the rest!  We'll decorate your wagon (and we mean that literally - we're using little red wagons) and have an enthusiastic volunteer ready to be the wheels!  All floats will be on display before and after the parade, too, in a pretty noticeable spot (the hallway to and from the Resort entrance) so you'll get lots of "play" at our Big Game!

Interested?  Call us at 262-542-8851, x107 or email

By the way - adopters from now until October 9th will be able to purchase 2-for-1 tickets to HAWS Homecoming '10...and will be entered in a contest to win 2 VIP tickets!  NOW is the time to adopt 4 paws from HAWS!

Fall Fun for All - Including the "4-Pawed"

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At HAWS we welcome the new season with a full calendar - including our annual meeting, classes and seminars, Mobile Adoption visits and more…all leading up to our fall fundraiser, HAWS Homecoming 2010!  And don't forget, there are always paws and claws available for adoption at HAWS!

Some September highlights:

  • HAWS annual meeting is Monday, September 20th at 7:00 p.m., featuring the year in review and election of new board members. All are welcome, voting is by membership only.
  • Two special Mobile Adoption Center events include (1) Dog Day Afternoon on Sunday, September 12th at the Waukesha Expo Center grounds right across from our shelter, and (2) a full day of activities supporting the HAWS cause on September 18th at the Shoppes at the Fox River on Sunset Dr. in Waukesha - especially at Noodles & Co., Petco and Maurices!  We're bringing happy tails to your neighborhood - come see us.
  • Various 6-week canine obedience classes begin on September 8th, 11th and 16th.
  • The Friends of HAWS monthly planning meeting is on September 8th.
  • Guinea Pig and Rabbit Pedicures are available for a donation on September 8th and 18th.
  • We’ll be “Solving Common Canine Behavior Problems” with a free seminar on September 13th.
  • Learn to “Keep your Puppy and Your Sanity” with a free seminar on September 19th.
  • Our monthly First Aid for Pets seminar is on September 25th.
  • Meet a greyhound and talk adoption through the HAWS-GPA partnership on September 25th.

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TWICE the Fun!

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At HAWS we often hear a saying that is popular with cat fans, including many of our cat "cuddlers" volunteers:  Cats are like potato chips, you can't have just one.

Sure it is fodder for t-shirts and needlepoint pillows, but there is also much truth to the concept.  And most folks who have had cats will agree, 2 is better than 1!

While dogs are more "pack-oriented" by nature and will adopt their humans as their pack, cats are often more independent.  (Admit it, if you've ever been near a cat, you've been "dissed" by one...)  Cats do, however, enjoy the company of another one of their own kind, and this can make YOUR life better, and easier, as a cat guardian.

One of the plusses of cats:  they are great companions for busy people.  They sleep alot, so when you aren't home they're not missing you.  During your few precious hours at home, though, ANY pet - including a cat - requires attention, exercise and playtime.  If you have more than 1 cat, guess who they can play with and cuddle with?  Each other!  No, this doesn't let you off the hook completely, but it sure helps when you've had a particularly exhausting day.

(Sure, more than 1 cat means more than one litter box, and probably a bigger food dish, but you were cleaning and feeding anyway...)

We have lots of cats and kittens at HAWS, along with a program called "The Buddy System" - adopt 2 for the price of 1 with bonded pairs of adult cats (like Joey and Oliver, pictured at left).  Or, if you're ready for some real crazy fun, adopt 1 kitten and get the second at half price!

As long as you're looking for one cat, why not take two?!

By the way - coming up on July 25th, from 11am to 3pm, is the annual HAWS Mini-Golf Outing.  Join us at National Golf Center in Big Bend for 18 holes of putting for paws!  $12 per person, or $10 + an item from our Wish List.  Sponsored by the Friends of HAWS!

Staying Happy & Healthy

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Meet Brewser, currently in residence at HAWS and available for adoption.

Brewzer is a 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier.  He’s wire-haired…and “wired”!  This active boy is ready to go, go, GO!  Like many members of his breed group, Brewzer is a high-energy dog and quite smart.  When properly channeled, his energy could make him a great running partner - or agility or flyball dog.  If you’re looking for a playmate to keep you active, Brewzer is your boy!  If you know and love your terriers, have we got the terrier for you!

(Funny how write-ups on Jack Russells and others of his ilk require the use of many "!!!!!"s.)

A dog like Brewzer illustrates perfectly why HAWS has our Behavior Department, Mod Squad and many volunteer dog walkers.  On any given day, our kennel is filled with dogs that don't quite fit the terms "average" or "typical."  These dogs may need special attention to keep them in the right state of mind...and to get them ready for their new adoptive homes.

In truth, there may not be such a thing as "average" anymore when it comes to shelter dogs.  We see all sizes, breeds, ages and energy levels.  Some are comfortable in a kennel environment, some are not so sure.  Some have good doggy manners, others need a little work on the basics.  And some, like Brewzer, just need more stimulation or enrichment to keep them on an even keel.

Our Mod Squad works with the more challenging adoptables.  Our dog-walking volunteers make sure all the animals in our care get out-and-about for exercise.  And our staff keeps an ever-close eye to make sure our residents are happy, healthy and ready to go home.

By the way - First Weber Realtors of Lake Country recently held a "Take Your Dog to Work Day" for their employees, raising over $800 for the HAWS cause!  A great day was had by all - both human and canine.

Did you know that ANY individual, business or group can do an event for HAWS?  Learn how at our website.

A Happy Fourth to All!

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We at HAWS wish you and your entire family - including your pets - a safe, happy Fourth of July holiday!

But there are concerns during all the fun times:  fireworks and thunderstorms can stress some animals to the point of panic. While some find a great indoor hiding place under a bed or in the bathtub, others may injure themselves by jumping through screen doors or windows. 

We see lots more stray dogs coming into our shelter, and receive many more lost reports during severe weather and holiday celebrations including fireworks shows.  You can avoid the worry of a lost pet!

Here are some basics to remember:

  • Leave your pet at home, even if it is used to going places with you.
  • Leave your pet in an area of your home where it will be safe, comfortable and sheltered from any outside noise and lights. Turn on the air conditioning or a fan for background noise.
  • Be sure to put away anything that can be damaged or might harm your pet if chewed.
  • Never leave pets outside and unattended, even in a fenced-in yard.
  • Make sure your pet has identification tags, or better yet, a microchip. Microchips are available at HAWS, 7 days a week.
  • Consider having someone stay home with your pet during fireworks shows, especially if you will be away for several days on vacation.

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Kids 'N Critters Day Camp has begun!

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We LOVE this time of year at HAWS - and I think our shelter residents do, too.

Kids 'N Critters Summer Day Camp is in it's second week already!

This year, because of our facility expansion, we are able to have 2 sessions running at once - allowing more kids to attend and for a greater variety of camp offerings.  Camp runs through mid-August, offering 2- and 5-day sessions, for ages 7 up to 14.  Each camp involves activites and hands-on animal experiences, learning about our shelter and our adoptable pets...even helping make the animals even more adoptable!

Our specially-themed sessions this year are:

  • Camp Gone to the Dogs
  • Shutterbug Camp
  • Art Camp
  • Horseback Riding Camp

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HAWS has the Cure for the Summertime Blues!

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At HAWS we have something for every member of the family – pet or person – this month!  

HAWS’ busy calendar of activities for June is highlighted by the grand-opening House Warming Party on June 21st, from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.  All members of the public are welcome to tour the newly expanded and remodeled shelter - even the "behind the scenes areas," learn about HAWS’ programs and services, visit adoptable animals and enjoy a cookout.  Pets are welcome, too!

Starting June 1st, we will have new summer hours of operation.
  Monday through Friday viewing/visiting hours are from 1:00 – 6:00 p.m., with the shelter open to receive animals from 9:00a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on those days.  On Saturdays, HAWS will open to receive animals from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., with kennel viewing between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  On Sundays the shelter will have both receiving and viewing hours from Noon until 4:00 p.m.  We'll see you then.

The Ride for Rover motorcycle rally to benefit HAWS is Saturday, June 12th. The Ride, lead by Dave Cook of Cook Customs, starts at the Harley-Davidson Museum on Canal St. in Milwaukee at 9:00 a.m., “pit-stops” at the HAWS shelter at 10:00 a.m. for tours and socializing with the shelter residents and staff, and ends at the Doggy Office in Brookfield for a picnic lunch, music by Cold Brew, shopping for the HAWS’ cause and fun for all! HAWS’ Mobile Adoptions Center and adoptable pets will be featured. Both riders and non-riders are welcome to participate - $15/person, $5 with a HAWS Wish List donation.

HAWS’ Mobile Adoption Center will be active all month, and not just at the Ride for Rover!  Scheduled stops include Franklin Safety Day (6/5), West Allis Ala Carte (6/6), Culver’s in Sussex for a donation night (6/15) and Lake Country Rehab Center for a dog wash (6/26).

And, the final Nature of Dogs partnership event with the Waukesha Museum – the Best Friends Bash for kids ages 5-12 – is on June 5th.  $3/child, $1 off when you bring your best stuffed friend.

By the way:  June kicks off months of summer fun.  If you bring your pet along on vacation, be sure to call ahead to make sure it is welcome wherever you go!  Take vet records and your vet’s phone number – and don’t forget ample supplies of any medications your pet may need. Always have an I.D. tag on your pet, or better yet, have a microchip implanted. I.D. tags and microchips are available for purchase at HAWS, 7 days a week, for a nominal fee.

Never leave pets unattended in your parked car. The temperature inside a car, even with windows open slightly, can quickly reach deadly levels. In sunlight temps can rise more than 30 degrees per minute.  Anytime your pet is outside, make sure he or she has protection from heat and sun (a dog house does not provide relief from heat) and plenty of fresh, cool water.  


Drinks & Dogs - Enjoy a "Yappy" Hour this Thursday!

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Presenting another special event from the HAWS and Waukesha County Museum partnership and "The Nature of Dogs" special photography exhibit...

Join us for  “Cock-Tails Happy Hour” on Thursday, May 27 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. - at the Museum at 101 W. Main St., Waukesha. Pets and their people are both welcome!

Our featured speaker will be animal behaviorist Beth Ament, who will discuss her work and also take questions from cocktail hour guests. Beth is the co-founder and Executive Administrator for the African Predator Conservation Research Organization.  After working in the zoo animal field since 1988 in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota, Beth obtained her Certified Veterinary Technician certificate and is currently a licensed vet tech.  Unlike most CVT's she has worked on lions about as much as she has dogs and cats!  (Seriously, how cool is THAT?!)

Cock-TAILS guests can compete in an owner/pet look-alike contest (ALWAYS fun!) and a raffle for an autographed copy of The Nature of Dogs exhibit companion book by Mary Ludington. Canine visitors will enjoy “Puppy Petite Fours” treats from event sponsor, Petlicious Dog Bakery & Pet Spa. HAWS’ Mobile Adoption Center will host a meet’n’greet with adoptable animals from the shelter

The $5 advance admission ($10 at the door) includes viewing of The Nature of Dogs special exhibit, the first drink and snacks.

By the way - Museum visitors should also save their admission tickets and bring them to HAWS to be entered in the special Nature of Dogs Raffle Contest. Winners will be drawn on June 13 for prizes such as HAWS gear, restaurant gift certificates, pet goody baskets and more. Enter the raffle for each visit to the exhibit.  And while you're at HAWS...see who's available to be your new best friend!

Cocker Casserole - Lab Lasagna - Poodle Parfait!

adopt, animals, art, exhibit, cuisine, cooking, dogs, shelter, humane

HAWS and the Waukesha County Museum, in conjunction with
"The Nature of Dogs" exhibit, proudly present...

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Paws for Thought

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Would you like a reason to Paws for Thought?  Our e-blasts feature HAWS adoptable pets, breaking news and updates on all things HAWS.

Sign up on our website in the yellow SIGN UP box in the left column and be "in the know" with the HAWS cause!


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I'm Walking for HAWS

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I'm Walking for HAWS!HAWS' 27th ANNUAL

Join us at Minooka Park from 9am-3pm for our 27th Annual event, a day-long festival for pets and their people!  You can help support the HAWS cause, on foot and online.

Each year this event is produced and sponsored by the Friends of HAWS volunteer group - their hard work makes sure that 100% of your donations for the Walk go directly to the animals at HAWS!

Walk the trails, enter the dog & owner contests, check out the Lure Course (weather permitting), shop, shop at our vendor your favorite area Mascots and more.  There is something for everyone - for you, your pet, your kids, your parents, your friends...

Here's how to get involved:
Download a pledge form - you'll need it for free parking at Minooka on Saturday.
Set up your own personal online fundraising page.   I did - it's easy, fun...and it WORKS!

Be a BIGGER part of the action:
~ Become a Walkathon Sponsor.
~ Tell us Why You Walk - share your story with - we'll publish them on the Walk web page after the event! 

Don't miss a minute of the fun!
We'll see YOU this Saturday.

HAWS volunteers will be at the park rain or shine to collect donations.  Our rain date is May 8th, at HAWS. 

By the way...we've got another neat event coming soon:  Save the Date!!
Ride for Rover event

Walk, Ride, Hop for HAWS!

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Whatever way you like to ambulate, we've got an event for you at HAWS!

Coming up on May 1st is our 27th Annual Pet Walkathon at Waukesha's Minooka Park.  Hike the trails, then shop, have lunch, play games, meet'n'greet area mascots, enter the raffle, watch the dogs running the lure course...all in support of the HAWS cause.  To help, start collecting pledges or set up your very own personal HAWS fundraising webpage.  We'll see you soon!

June 12th is the day for the first ever Ride for Rover, sponsored by the Milwaukee Small Breed Dog Club and organized by Jim Demos.  Jim and his group of dog AND cycle enthusiasts decided to do a fundraiser for HAWS - what better way than to hop on a motorcycle on a beautiful early-summer Saturday?!  The "rally" will start at the Harley Museum in downtown Milwaukee, pitstop at HAWS for tours and snacks, and end at The Doggy Office in Brookfield with a picnic and fun for riders and non-riders alike.  Badges to ride are $15, and a discount will be available to those who make a donation off the HAWS' Wish List.

HAWS annual Bunny Day is THIS SUNDAY, April 25th.  If you already have a house rabbit or are thinking of getting one, this is the event for you.  Come learn from experts about rabbit care and behavior, meet with other rabbit fans and even win prizes.  Great supplies for your bunny friend will also be available for purchase.

By the way - "The Nature of Dogs" exhibit is now running!  This collaboration between HAWS and the Waukesha County Museum is a don't-miss, running until June 12th.  See the great photographs of Mary Ludington, join us for one of our special events during the run of the show - like this Friday's Rescue Night, and enter to win great pet-themed prizes.

Opening Day for HAWS and the Waukesha County Museum

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HAWS and the Waukesha County Museum proudly present The Nature of Dogs, opening this Saturday, April 10, with a special party from Noon to 2:00p.m.!

The Nature of Dogs, on exhibit from April 10 - June 12 at 101 W. Main St., Waukesha, features the fine art photography of Mary Ludington. Notes HAWS Executive Director Lynn Olenik: “Ms. Ludington’s works showcase many of our favorite canine breeds and embraces their spirit and heart. This show is a must-see for any dog lover.” 

As the first stop on the exhibit’s tour, HAWS and the Museum are marking the 9-week run with special event nights, seminars and fun activities for all ages.

This Saturday, April 10, is “Opening Day” at the Museum!  Join our special guest Marilynn Mee from 96.5 WKLH at the official kick-off party for the exhibit from Noon – 2:00 p.m.  Giveaways include free admission to the Museum and HAWS bracelets to the first 96 people, and doggie bags for their pets – yes, pets are welcome!  Stop in to meet HAWS adoptable animals through our Mobile Adoption Center.  Popcorn and hotdogs will be served to complete the “tail”-gate.

Then:  mark your calendar for Rescue Night at the Museum, April 23rd, 5-8pm. This exciting event will feature a meet-and-greet with local breed rescue groups and their representatives – both human and canine. Making a very special appearance that evening will be The Nature of Dogs photographer herself, Mary Ludington! 
See all The Nature of Dogs info at or  Don't miss a minute of the dog-gone fun!

By the way - our 27th Annual Pet Walkathon is coming on May 1st - raise funds for HAWS on foot or online!  Learn more at our official Walkathon webpage.



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This great weather as of late has all of us at HAWS thinking about hitting the beach...

Spring break comes THIS WEEKEND for all you HAWS fans:  Bring your dog to the K-9 Splash Swim Center in Oconomowoc for our special SPRING BREAK SPLASH event!

Here's all the details:

- We'll be there Friday, March 19th from 2 - 7pm and again on Saturday, March 20th from 9am - 4pm.

- Pre-registration is required.  Call 262-893-9540 to set your appointment.

- K-9 Splash is located at N58 W39835 Industrial Road in Oconomowoc.

- HAWS Mobile Adoption Center will be on hand, in case you're looking for a new Beach Bunny or Surfer Dude pet to add to your family...

- Best of all:  the proceeds for this spring break benefit HAWS!

We hope you and your pup can join us for the pool party.  What better way to welcome spring than with a "splash?"

By the way - mark your calendar for next Saturday, March 27th - Good Harvest Market of Waukesha is hosting Pet Day for HAWS.  Come for discounts, pet Q&A sessions, fundraising for HAWS and more!  Read all about it.

"March" Into Spring with Us!

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At HAWS we're taking “March” literally, with many great activities and especially several exciting Mobile Adoption Center events!

HAWS’ Mobile Adoption Center brings adoptable animals out into the community - can't make it to our shelter?  We'll come to you!  This month’s special events include:

  • Take your dog with you (really!) to the MilwaukeeLucky Paws, the Dog from HAWS meets Roscoe - the AHL's BEST Mascot! Admirals Dog Day Afternoon, THIS Sunday, March 7th – HAWS benefits from each ticket purchased when you use the special code “HAWS” when ordering online, or buy your tickets through Brian at the Admirals office (414-227-0567) and tell him you want your donation to go to HAWS!
  • Make a Spring Break Splash on March 19-20th at K-9 Splash Center in Oconomowoc.  Bring your pup to play in the pool and support the HAWS cause, too!  Registration required, call 262-569-9540.
  • Good Harvest Market in Waukesha is holding a special sales day for HAWS on March 27th– 5% of purchases made that day will be donated to the shelter, and HAWS’ Executive Director Lynn Olenik will lead a discussion on choosing the right pet and pet care tips.  Adoptable pets will be available for viewing at the Market.

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Calling all Adorable Pets!!!

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Wendell is ready to hang out in YOUR home - let's raid the fridge!Do you have the world’s most adorable pet?  You can help HAWS, and commemorate Spay Day USA while showing off YOUR superstar!

Here's How:
Enter your pet's picture in the Humane Society of the US online photo contest, which they're running especially for Spay Day, and specify HAWS as your charity of choice.  Then, ask everyone you know to vote for your pet:  each vote translates into a $1 donation to help HAWS spay and neuter even more pets.  (Even if you don’t have pet or don’t want to enter, you can still make a difference by voting for one the pets benefiting HAWS.)

Fufu would like a nice salad - let's do lunch!Today, February 23rd, is Spay Day 2010 - the annual event sponsored by the Humane Society of the US (HSUS) to focus on the continuing importance of spay/neuter for our companion animals.

For the rest of this week our Spay-Neuter Initiative Program (SNIP) clinic is running a "Spay Day special" - providing free spays or neuters for the pets of Waukesha County residents that qualify for the program.  Program information can be obtained by calling the SNIP clinic at 262-542-8851, x109 or by stopping by HAWS - you can check out our newly remodeled shelter while your here!

To balance the cost of SNIP services, we're also “sniffing out” donations from the community. Notes Lynn Olenik, our E.D.:  “With the support we receive from our community for our SNIP clinic, we are able to save countless lives.”

Goofy needs you to help out the HAWS cause!Anyone can “Sponsor-A-Spay” - just choose the type of surgery and the amount you'd like to contribute.  Donations can be mailed to the shelter or done online quickly and easily through Paypal, using the DONATE button on our SNIP webpage.

By the way - Our Mobile Adoption Center has big plans for the month of does our entire shelter!  Save the date:  our annual Get Lucky Adoptathon is coming up on March 13th at HAWS.

Sandy's Stories - Wonderful Walter

adopt, foster, animals, pets, rescue, shelter

Please enjoy another of Sandy's Stories!

Animals are a gift!In my many years of working in animal welfare, I've seen the horrors of animal abuse. It is a constant struggle not to let your heart be broken. One never gets used to seeing abused animals, but one does learn how to deal with the feeling that arises. If you don't, you will never be able to help others!

That very feeling was the one I had when I saw Wonderful Walter, a gray and white 4-year-old cat. There he was, sitting in the back of his cage at HAWS, curled up on a nice fuzzy blanket.  He had been treated for an eye infection, but when it did not heal he was sent out for an x-ray. The x-ray revealed that he had been shot in the right eye with a b.b. gun. Anyone that has ever had anything wrong with their eye knows how painful that can be and can only imagine the severe pain and fear that this cat went through.

The x-ray revealed that the b.b. had traveled inside his body, and was now lodged inside of his cheek. The vet was able to remove it, and the surgery site was stitched shut with dissolvable sutures. We all hoped that Walter would have a rapid recovery.

Walter’s foster home had taken in another foster animal during his surgery leave, and I was only too happy to take Walter to my home as a foster. I already knew in my heart that we would probably be keeping him. 

(When I am around animals there is a feeling that I get about certain ones that I just know were meant for us…I had that feeling with Walter, or as we say at home, "The sucker sign on our foreheads was blinking again!")Walter waits at the snackbar...

When I brought him home I put him in our guest/foster bedroom. He stayed curled up in his basket and would not eat. I finally put canned cat food on a small plate and heated it in the microwave to let the savory juice entice him. It worked - and it wasn't long before he was eating like a champ! However, now we have created a monster: he now regularly sits at our snack bar counter with that cute little face, waiting for me to heat his food in the microwave. There are times during the day that I find him sitting there and, of course, I always give him a taste of his warmed food. Yes, I am spoiling him but isn't that why they are here?  Besides, the time they have with us is always too short.

Walter is the dearest, sweetest little cat with a perfectly marked white and gray face and the cutest tail I have ever seen. It curls over his back like a Husky dog and when he runs it bounces back and forth. He has fit right into our household of other cats and dogs and parakeets. He loves sitting in his basket watching the outside birds and sitting on my husband's lap. 

I cannot ever imagine not having Walter in our family, and I hope that our love and caring will erase the pain that he has endured. We can see he is happy here and that alone makes us feel that in some way we are making a difference - at least to him. 

Oh yes, we ended up adopting Walter so he is a permanent member of our household. Follow-up examinations of his eye confirmed that he is blind in that eye, but it doesn’t stop him!  Thanks again HAWS for giving a little animal a second chance.

By the way - this weekend we have 2 neat fundraising events going on for HAWS!  The Friends of HAWS are holding our annual Have a Heart Bake Sale on Friday and Saturday, the 12th and 13th, hosted by Waukesha State Bank, 100 Bank Street in Waukesha.  Then, join us for the Dog Wash for HAWS at the "spa" part of Petlicious Dog Bakery & Spa, 2217 Silvernail Road (just off I94 and Hwy. T).  Rub-a-dub, all pups in the tub!

A February of Fun and Love...and a "nip" and "snip" too!

adopt, animals, donate, holidays, rescue, seminars, shelter

At HAWS we're having a heartwarming February with great activities and events – and our annual observance of Spay Day USA!

As part of the Humane Society of the United State (HSUS) national Spay Day USA on February 23, HAWS presents our Cat-“nip” Campaign and Pit “Snip.”  Our Spay-Neuter Initiative Program (SNIP) clinic will offer free spay-neuter services to qualifying Waukesha County residents, focusing on cats/kittens, Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes - the species and breeds found to be most in need of sterilization services in Waukesha County.  Applications for the free surgeries can be obtained at or at our facility.  HAWS also seeks participation and donations from the community:  “Sponsor-A-Spay,” enter the HSUS online photo contest and specify HAWS as your charity of choice, or purchase a special limited edition Spay Day t-shirt from HAWS for $10!

The annual Friends of HAWS Have a Heart Bake Sale will take place on Friday, Feb. 12 from 9am to 5pm and Saturday, 2/13 from 9am to noon. Come to Waukesha State Bank at 100 Bank Street in downtown Waukesha to purchase sweet treats for your valentine – person or pet! Want to become a Friend? Join us at our next monthly meeting on 2/10 at 7pm at HAWS.

The HAWS Mobile Adoption Center has several special stops planned this month.  We will again attend the Great Lakes Pet Expo at State Fair Park THIS Saturday, Feb. 6 from 10am – 6pm.  And, come Wash Your Dog for HAWS at Petlicious Dog Bakery and Pet Spa on Sunday, Feb. 14 from 11am – 3pm. Join us at 2217 Silvernail Road, just off the I94 and Hwy. T interchange.

HAWS Event Calendar: Our free puppy seminar will be held on 2/7, small animal pedicures are offered on 2/10 (at Pet Supplies Plus) and 2/20 (at HAWS), First Aid for Pets is 2/20, and our general HAWS volunteer orientations are scheduled for February 21 and 23.

By the way - looking for the perfect Valentine?  Find your match at HAWS!  Unconditional love can be yours when you adopt a pet...

Can You "Spare" a Few Hours?

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The Packers are done - so are the Vikings and Brett for that matter - the Pro Bowl isn't until Sunday night...what is a person to do to fight Afternoon Football Withdrawal?

Come to the HAWS for Paws Bowl V!! 

(note the use of Roman numerals...just like a certain big game...)

HAWS for Paws Bowl...get it?!Sponsored by the Friends of HAWS - one of our volunteer groups, this fifth-annual event is taking place this Sunday, January 31st from 11:00am to 2:00pm at Fracaro's Lanes, 1430 Whiterock Ave., Waukesha.

For your donation of $15 you'll get 3 games and shoe rental.  Better yet - teams are encouraged!  Groups of 4 are $50, teams of 5 are $62 and teams of 6 are $75.  And, of course, food and beverages are available for purchase at Fracaro's.

I could get a strike...I just need thumbs to hold the ball...!All proceeds benefit the paws and claws at HAWS - so call Maria at 262-490-2102 to reserve your lane!

By the way, this is only the first of many great events this year for the Friends group - learn more by coming to their next meeting, Wednesday, February 10th at 7:00pm at HAWS, or read more at their webpage.

Sandy's Stories - Missy the Cat

adopt, foster, animals, pets, rescue, shelter

Please enjoy one of "Sandy's Stories" - a Rescue Tail written by one of our long-time volunteers.

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"Fitness Unleashed!"

adopt, animals, pets, rescue, shelter

C'mon, keep up!A book titled Fitness Unleased - A Dog and Owner's Guide to Losing Weight and Gaining Health Together found it's way to HAWS.  I was immediately interested, being the advocate I am for the Four-Footed-and-Furry exercise partner.  Hey, having a dog to walk helps you keep that same-old, same-old New Year's Resolution!  This book agrees, and is a great tool to get you both started on a new fitness routine.

For the record, I do walk the walk on this topic - literally.  My husband, myself and our 2 dogs are daily evening walkers, and on weekends I also join their twice-daily walking schedule.  (Monday thru Thursday the a.m. walk is done at 5:30 - not for me!  But I'm happy to go at the more SANE hour of 8am Friday - Sunday....)

At times, we get the strangest looks - especially when all 4 of us are bundled up beyond recognition and still out there moving.  During snow storms, rain and frigid spells we especially like to look around and ask "Where IS everybody?!?!"  (The putting on of the dog booties is a worthwhile hassle, trust us!)

Don't get me wrong, I don't always enjoy this routine.  Many days our 9-year-old greyhound and I are of the same mind:  seriously, the couch looks a lot better right now!  But we definitely notice we are all Benny is up for a few laps...more stiff if we don't go, and that extra cookie isn't so guilt-inducing once we've done a lap or 2.  (This is the part where I tell you to ADOPT 4 PAWS FROM HAWS or, if that's not an option, BECOME A VOLUNTEER DOG WALKER!)

"Having" to walk the dog can be very motivating.  Our primary source of that these days is our 12-year-old fuzzy mutt - a HAWS alumni.  We've always suspected she's part Border Collie; she's always ready to go (dog owners, you all know what it's like having to spell certain words - we can't even say anything that RHYMES with "walk" without her running to get her leash).  Lately, tho, her after-walk routine has us shaking our heads in amazement.  She'll give us about 5 minutes to settle in after returning from our nightly exercise before...grabbing her favorite squeaky toy and running up and down the hall with it.  Even better if one of us stands at either end of the hall way so it becomes a game of keepaway!

(I think in the dog-to-human-years comparison, a 12-year-old dog is equivalent to a 65-year-old human.  We're not there yet, and she is NOT going to show us up.)  But, really, we just got home....

To summarize, there is yet another role a pet can play in your life - personal trainer.  Just don't teach them how to use a whistle.

By the way - in JanuaryFebruary we have several dog-centered seminars and classes.  Check out our Events Calendar for puppy and dog events (play and exercise are a big part!), along with lots of other fun things to do at HAWS!

A Wonderful New Year to Explore

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Sophie the cat would like a toy and a house to go with it.To set the mood for today's blog entry, think of Louis Armstrong's song "What a Wonderful World."  Are you ready?  Continue reading!

One day this past summer, when I wasn't at HAWS, I looked out the front window and spied the neighbor’s Golden Retriever playing in their sprinkler.  She jumped back and forth in the spray, took a drink, got water up her nose, sneezed, and went back for more.  All the while her human kids stood giggling at her antics from the front porch.

Dewey the a "doodle" awaits his new home!Now, really, what is better than that picture?  Down economy, tough times or whatever, our pets are still living in the moment and finding the simple joys in life.  THAT’S why we need to press on – and what we tell folks when we speak with them about adopting, volunteering, donating or sponsoring our organization.  Our pets still think we’re rock stars, still believe we are the best, still find the fun in each day.  They are there for us and their role as companion, listener, clown and exercise program has never been more relevant to our emotional well-being than it is right now.

Almay the rabbit is looking for lettuce and love.Now, more than ever, we at HAWS and throughout our community need to be there for all of them!  So let’s make this year a TRUE celebration of pets and their people – and what we give to each other.

Our sincerest thanks for your help, dedication and compassion, and belief in the HAWS cause!  We are more than just a shelter because of you.  C'mon by sometime and see what YOUR support continues to do for us.

By the way - we're having a White Out at HAWS:  adopt any solid white or light colored animal at HAWS throughout the month of January, and the adoption fee is 50% off!  We're here 7 days a week, adoption applications are available both online and at our facility.

HAWS Becomes Greyhound Haven

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Toy is a 3 year old female greyhound.On Saturday, December 5th we at HAWS became a new safe haven for greyhounds being displaced due to the impending Kenosha racetrack closing.

Already in partnership with Greyhound Pets of America (GPA) – Wisconsin since February 2009, we're increasing the number of greyhounds housed at our shelter while GPA is inundated with dogs needing housing - with Dairyland ending live racing on December 31.

Our Executive Director, Lynn Olenik says its just the right thing to do.  “We want to do anything we can to help them out in this time of need.  GPA has many dogs to move in a short amount of time and we're happy to help out. The greyhounds add a wonderful spirit to our facility; our staff and volunteers love having them here.”

Female greyhounds Toy, Chic and Devi, along with male greyhound Bill, joined Lexi – a greyhound already in residence at HAWS due to the ongoing HAWS-GPA agreement – on the 5th. By Saturday, December 12th, Lexi and Chic had been adopted out to their new homes. Bill and Devi were placed on hold that day, and will be heading out to foster care this week prior to going to their adoptive families.

Five (5!) more greyhounds are scheduled to arrive at HAWS this coming Saturday, December 19th.

Greyhounds at the GPA-HAWS partnership party.We work with Ellen Paulus, GPA-Wisconsin President.  She notes, “It is great exposure for our greyhounds to be at HAWS, so people who see them realize that greyhounds can - and do - make great pets after their racing careers are over.” 

The greyhounds participating in the program live at HAWS and receive spay/neuter surgeries from our SNIP clinic. They are available for viewing 7 days a week along with the other adoptable animals at HAWS. Those interested in pursuing adoption are directed to contact local GPA representatives to continue the process. HAWS viewing hours begin daily at 1:00 p.m.

By the way - HAWS will have modified hours during the holidays.  We will be open from 9am -3pm on 12/24 and 12/31, but our kennel will not be open for viewing.  We will be closed on 12/25 and 1/1/2010.  Have a wonderful holiday season with all your Best Friends!

A New Voice for the Animals

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Angelina is a female domestic shorthair looking for her forever home!Hi everyone! I’m Zoe, a senior from Concordia University that is interning at HAWS this fall semester. I’m majoring in Business Communications and Public Relations with a minor in Marketing and I’ve been working here at the shelter since the end of August.

I decided to do an internship at HAWS because I have always loved animals. Growing up I had numerous hamsters, bunnies, cats and dogs. Currently I have three Shih Tzu’s- Buster, Baci and Binky- who are my absolute favorite things ever!

However, I also decided to do an internship at HAWS because I think it’s really important to have a voice for something that doesn’t have the ability to have a voice on their own. Cats, dogs, and other animals don’t get to choose their destinies... and they need our help in order to stay healthy and happy! HAWS is that voice. The people here are all so kind and caring, and they love animals very much.

So far I’ve done a lot of different things around the shelter. My first few days here I observed all of the different departments- everything from the front adoptions desk to the humane educator and I even spent one day in the SNIP clinic. The different departments were all very interesting and a lot more happens around the shelter than you would ever guess!

I also got to spend one day at TMJ4 with Jen and Cassie while they appeared on “The Morning Blend”. It was really cool to see behind the scenes what goes on during a live TV show.

By the way - we'll have more insights from Zoe in future weeks - stay tuned!  And don't forget to participate in all of our great programs and events - the Boo 'N Doogle Pet Costume Contest, Pet Photos with Santa, and more!  Visit the Upcoming Events calendar on our website for all the details.

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