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Established in 1965, HAWS assists over 6,000 animals and welcomes more than 31,000 human visitors annually. As an "open admissions" shelter we lead the community in animal welfare and assure sanctuary for all animals in need, regardless of age, health or temperament. HAWS is a non-profit, entirely donor-fund organization with an active humane education program, and both wildlife and companion animal rescue services for Waukesha County.

HAWS License #267280-DS

Spend the Dog Days of Summer with HAWS!

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We’re staring down the end of yet another summer that flew by way too fast! But there is still warm weather and fun to be had – including some neat things going on at HAWS.


This Saturday, HAWS hosts our regularly scheduled “First Aid for Pets” class. It runs from 1-4pm and is led by Emergency Medical Services. Call them at 262-879-0165 for details and registration.


This Saturday is also the monthly Greyhound meet’n’greet in the HAWS’ lobby, with the great folks from GPA Wisconsin. C’mon over and meet the “45 mph Couch Potato”…if they’re awake!


Each and every Sunday, HAWS hosts a “Puppy Party” – 30 minutes of playtime for pups from 8-20 weeks that will help them establish their socialization skills. The cost of $5 is worth it for the cuteness alone.


Looking into next week, HAWS offers Cat Pedicures on Tuesday, August 25th, and our own Dr. Claudeen will lead a “TellingtonTtouch” session at Delafield Public Library on Thursday, August 27th – part of their August Animals month.


If you’re stuck at home this weekend, how about doing some closet cleaning for HAWS? You can go green and help the paws and claws of HAWS at the same time – just bring your worn (and worn out) clothing, shoes and more to the Friends of HAWS/USAgain Collection Drive on Saturday, August 29th. HAWS receives a donation for every pound collected, so every little bit counts! And if you can’t make it to our shelter for the festivities on Saturday, the bins will still be available for drop-offs from Friday thru Sunday. We’re at 701 Northview Road, in Waukesha, right across the street from the airport and fairgrounds.


The dog days of summer are looking pretty good!


Please check our website,, for details on all of these and other events happening at the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County. Check out our adoptables while you’re surfing, too!

HAWS Promotes Spay Day 2011

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HAWS again joins HSUS, the Humane Society of the United States, to observe Spay Day 2011 on February 22.

Free spay-neuter services will be available at HAWS to qualifying Waukesha County residents during the last 2 weeks in February. HAWS also invites greater community awareness and support through “Sponsor-A-Spay” donations, the sale of limited edition Spay Day ’11 t-shirts at the shelter (arriving soon - we'll keep you posted!) and thru an Online Pet Photo Contest where HAWS can receive $1/vote!

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HAWS was called onto the scene at the North Street apartment fire on Saturday - we are still actively helping residents with pets.

WAUKESHA ­­— January 17, 2011 —  HAWS, the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County, continues to have an active role in the assistance of the dozens of displaced victims and their pets from Saturday evening’s Waukesha apartment building fire.

HAWS’ Animal Rescue Team was initially called to the scene shortly after 5:00 p.m., as several cats that had escaped the blaze were in need of safe housing. Residents searching for pets were also able to give reports to staff on the scene, to enable any cats reported as found by neighbors to be more quickly matched with their waiting owners.

Safe and secure at HAWS - time to relax!Overnight and into Sunday HAWS handled the transfer and care of 7 cats:  one cat continues to be held in safe-keeping at HAWS, while another cat is in treatment at the Emergency Veterinary Service facility in Waukesha. The remainder of that group of cats has been reunited with their owners. However, HAWS holds missing reports for an additional 6 cats. Waukesha residents who have seen cats wandering or have found a lost cat in the area near North and Madison Streets should contact HAWS at 262-542-8851 to file a report.

By the way -
This tragedy reminds us all to prepare for everyday emergencies. Create a pet emergency kit before you need it, with a carrier in an easily-accessible location, and include food and water, leash, medical records and feeding schedules, cat litter or dog waste bags, identifying photos and toys. If possible, find a trusted neighbor who will assist if you are not home during an emergency to take care of your pet. 

HAWS is always available to house companion pets for the short term when a disaster or emergency occurs. Anyone wishing to donate to HAWS to assist with animal emergencies can log onto and click on the DONATE button, or call 262-542-8851, x112.

HAWS Goes to the Fair - the Menomonee Falls Pet Fair!

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3rd Annual Meno Falls Pet Fair
And don't forget the Pet Photo Contest to benefit the paws & claws at HAWS...
Paws for the Cause Photo contest
We'll see YOU there!

Homecoming - Celebrating our Alumni

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Rah!With temps flirting with the 90s and the humidity in "very damp" range, it is hard to focus on fall.  But that's exactly what we're doing at HAWS:

Our annual fall fundraiser is October 16th.  This year, we're having our very own HOMECOMING!  Rah!

Tickets will go on sale September 1st, but we need you to get involved already, right now:

Our Homecoming Committee is looking for sponsors for this fun event.  Sponsorships include special VIP tickets to the event with early entry and reserved seating, advertising for your company or group, and the great feeling you get when you've helped HAWS help the animals and their people in our community!  Get in touch with us by August 4th and you'll be part of our really neat (really, really neat), personalized event invitations that are sent out to 12,500+ friends of the HAWS cause.

It's very easy to get involved:  Head on over to our HAWS Homecoming webpage and download the sponsorship info, then send your sponsorship commitment form back to us via fax, snail mail, carrier pigeon (really, we do get plenty of those stopping by our shelter, so why not?!)...or email Jen or Nichole at and we'll get you all set.  Sponsorships range from $250 - $5000.  You can call us for more info, too - 262-542-8851, x107.

HAWS Homecoming will feature the usual great food, auction items, raffle and casino games, but this year we have a few special twists!  We'll kick off the evening with our very own Homecoming Parade (you can sponsor a float in that, too, by the way, for $100) and a Homecoming Court of Adoptable Pets from our shelter.  You might even be able to take home the King or Queen...

So Join our Team!  Show Your Spirit!  Become a Sponsor!  Rah!

By the way - HAWS fall fundraiser is one of the 2 main events our shelter does annually in support of our animals, services and programs.  Your support means the world to us and the animals and people we serve each day.  Thank you!

Meet Siska!

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Since it is the Dog Days of Summer, we'd like you to meet one of our many adoptable dogs at HAWS!

This is Siska.  She is a German Shepherd mix who celebrated her 7th birthday in May.  This beautiful gal has a long coat which gives her a more shaggy appearance the most of the German Shepherds we're used to seeing.

Siska's story is a bit sad:  She was brought to HAWS after her owner died.  Other family members were simply unable to care for her, so she found safe haven with us.  We were happy to welcome her!

This loyal dog is working with our Mod Squad - the volunteers from our Behavior Department who do special things like Tellington TTouch to help the HAWS residents who need a little extra TLC.  Probably because of her age, a shelter environment is a little more disconcerting for Siska, so the Mod Squad daily spends time giving her the reassurance she needs to stay comfortable here while waiting for her new home.

Siska is looking for companionship and love, leisurely walks (when it isn't too warm out!) and a nice quiet place to relax.  Stop by any day to meet her!

By the way - this weekend is a BUSY one for HAWS!  Our annual Mini-Golf outing is Sunday, July 25th (sponsored by the Friends of HAWS group.)  Also, our Mobile Adoption unit will be all over the county, even in the Dousman Derby Days Parade on Sunday.  Check us out!

Camp Gone to the Dogs

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HAWS ever-popular Kids ‘N Critters Summer Day Camp began this week with a specially-themed session that will benefit campers and shelter dogs alike.

Children participating in this week’s Camp Gone to the Dogs are specifically working with resident shelter dogs, teaching them basic manners, training some fun tricks and generally helping the dogs to become more desirable to potential adoptive families that visit HAWS!

SherlockDogs participating in the program are Sherlock, Jersey, Dana, Poppa and Lily.  All the dogs are available for adoption at HAWS and will be able to go home with their new families at the end of the week, once the Camp Gone to the Dogs kids have completed their project.

HAWS Humane Educator Khris Erickson, who is our camp director, notes “The kids will not only be training the shelter dogs but they’ll also be learning about responsibility for pets.  They will be caring for the dogs – cleaning the kennels, ensuring their dogs have fresh water, food and clean bedding, etc.  It is a great way for them to learn all the aspects of having a pet – care plus training.”

Kids ‘N Critters Camp runs June through mid-August.   Details on the different sessions can be found at or by calling Khris at 262-542-8851, x118.

By the way - there's something for everyone this summer at HAWS!  Our Mobile Adoption Center is out and about every weekend, classes and seminars continue...and our Everyone-Is-Invited Housewarming Party is coming up Monday, June 21st from 4-7pm.  C'mon over - we'd love to see you!

Get Your Motor Runnin' for HAWS...THIS Saturday!

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Saturday, June 12th

Join us at this rally for the paws and claws at HAWS.  Riders and Non-Riders are welcome for the all-ages fun...and a great way to help out the animals on a summer Saturday!

9:00 am 
Kick off the Ride at the Harley-Davidson Museum on Canal St., Milwaukee.  Lead by Dave Cook of Cooks Customs.

10:00 am (approx.)
Pit Stop at HAWS, 701 Northview Rd., Waukesha for snacks, beverages, potty breaks.  Tour HAWS and meet adoptable pets, even purchase HAWS gear!

Rally ends at the Doggy Office, 3515 N. 127th St., Brookfield.  Enjoy a picnic and music by Cold Brew, play games, get your limited edition "1st Annual Ride for Rover" t-shirt, visit with the HAWS Mobile Adoption Center, check out bikes from Cooks Customs and more!

Admission/ Rider Bracelets:
$15, or $10 with HAWS Wish List item.

Pre-register or register at any stop along the way!
Proceeds to benefit HAWS. 

Check out these links for details: HAWS WEBSITE   or   RIDE FOR ROVER WEBSITE.

By the way...there's not enough thanks to give to Jim Demos of the Milwaukee Small Breed Dog Group, the tireless organizer of this wonderful day!  Because of the generosity of his committee of volunteers and great support from sponsors and donors, this promises to be an amazing event for the HAWS cause.  Next time you see Jim, give him a high paw - he deserves it!!!

Job Fair for Dogs?

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Do you ever wonder if Fido is living up to his potential?  Or maybe you'd just like to meet some special canines who are a big part of our service industries.  HAWS and the Waukesha County Museum, as part of our partnership for "The Nature of Dogs" special photography exhibit, proudly present...

Working Dogs Day - a day of fun and learning for pets and their people!

Saturday, May 22nd
11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Waukesha County Museum
101 W. Main St., Waukesha

Bring your best pet friend and meet K-9 police, canine search and rescue teams, therapy dogs, animal rescue professionals, assistance dogs, Waukesha County Humane Officers and more!

Pet Portrait Contest sponsored by Nancy G. Photography
For a donation of either $10 or a 10 lb. bag of kitten food, museum visitors receive a free photo session for their pet and a 5"x7" portrait. Prizes will be awarded for the best portraits.

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Sandy's Stories - "Streak"

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Today's story from Sandy illustrates the importance of taking in animals with less than perfect health.  HAWS' Foster Caregivers program gives pet lovers the opportunity to make a difference for the short term.  Want to help?  Contact us at for details!

Sometimes animals come into your life expectedly. Some stay for a short time and leave a lasting impression. That was the case with little Streak.

The veterinarian I worked for called and said that a client had found a Lab puppy in their driveway and they were just leaving for a vacation. They called the local animal shelter to put in a "found" report and asked if our office would foster him until they returned.

It did not take much persuading for us to foster him.

At the time, we had 4 dogs and cats - and all got along great with the newcomer.  We named him "Streak" because he had a lightning bolt white streak on his chest. He was adorable and a very smart pup, quickly learning to do his duty outside, and basic commands sit, stay and down.

He spent most of his time in our kitchen, and we quickly observed a very disturbing situation. Streak would not leave the water dish alone and would drink until it was empty. He did this even before he would eat his food. While he became house trained within one week, his drinking was getting worse and worse and we knew something was not right.  Our vet diagnosed him with diabetes. We tried all known treatment for two months and nothing seemed to help.

During this time, he was becoming a member of our family, and, yes, we were going to adopt him. When he went outside with the rest of the dogs, he had a ball. He loved running under the big dogs and sharing their toys.

As time went on, Streak's condition got worse and our vet said that there wasn't anything left to try.  We had a difficult decision to make!  We could see him failing each day and finally we decided to give him a well deserved rest.

Yes, our hearts were broken and he left an empty spot never to be filled. It was very difficult to have him and then lose him. We had him for such a short time, but we knew he loved the time he spent with us and that he knew we were trying to help him.  I wish that love could heal all of them!  It doesn't, but we will never stop trying because there will be times when love can do it all and we only hope that the next one that comes to us can be that special one.

Please never be afraid to try to help such an animal:  even if they don't make it, you make a huge difference in their lives and nothing can be more satisfying.

By the way - April and May are great months for activities at HAWS!  Our Annual Walkathon is on May 1st, The Nature of Dogs exhibit and special events are on-going...and we've got lots of ways for you and your pet to participate and learn.  Join us!

SIT, STAY...and Get Your Paintbrush Waggin!

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Barnaby would like to do some finger, er, PAW painting...HAWS and the Waukesha County Museum are holding a Student Art Showcase open to anyone, Kindergarten through Post High School.

Original artwork must show one of the following values we learn from our pets: Joy and Laughter, Friendship, Love and Kindness, Loyalty or Nurturing.  Notes our Executive Director, Lynn Olenik: “We often stress the importance of core values for our youth, and our pets demonstrate these values on a daily basis.  We can learn so much from our pets!”

Student artists are encouraged to choose one of the values, and be creative!  Artwork should be either 8"X10" or 11"X14" and use media such as watercolors, photography, and the like.  Further details can be found on the entry form on the HAWS website.  Entries must be received at HAWS on or before Monday, March 15, 2010.  The winners of the Student Art Showcase will be announced at by Monday, March 29, 2010.

The “top dog” from each age (K-4th, 5th-8th, high school and post high school) and each value category will be chosen.  The winners will receive a ribbon, as well as having their artwork framed and displayed at the Waukesha Museum during The Nature of Dogs exhibit, which is being showcased April 10 - June 12.  After the museum exhibit, the artwork will return to HAWS where it will be permanently displayed throughout the newly remodeled shelter!

For further details, an entry form or more information, visit or email  The entry form must be included with the artwork when it is delivered to HAWS.

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Have a Wonderful Holiday and a "HAWS"-y New Year!

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When you celebrate the holidays with your pets,
please remember…

Don’t let them eat the tinsel,

Don’t let them eat the turkey,
Don’t let them eat the chocolates
Because they won’t be very perky!

While the holiday lights are beautiful,
The electric cords are not:
Don’t let your pet chew on these --
Things could get a little hot!

From all the paws, claws, staffvolunteers and Board of Directors at HAWS:

Wishing you and yours the 
Happiest of Holidays and a Great 2010!

By the way - HAWS holiday hours are 9am-3pm Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve (receiving only, no viewing), Closed Christmas Day and News Year's Day.

All We Want for Christmas is...

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Welcome to HAWS!Have you ever moved into a new home and not had all the furnishings for it yet?  Maybe you went from a small apartment to a full-size house, or upgraded to a bigger place - but the living room stayed empty while you decided on the new couch and chairs and tables that would best fill it...

As our shelter expansion project nears completion, we are taking stock of what we need to fill some of our new rooms!  We have plenty of residents coming and going, now we need the little, final touches to make our shelter the best it can be.

Below is our "sponsorships" WISH LIST - we buy the item, but put YOUR name on it if you donate towards the purchase price.  For example, is there a cat lover in your house?  Donate in their name towards our cat townhouses and we'll put their name on a plaque by that item.

Most of the things on our list are directly for the animals, and some are to help us help the people that come to our shelter facility.  Our goal is to have a place that is warm and welcoming for everyone that visits!

Climbing areas for the cat exercise room  -  up to $1000 each
Comfy, pet-friendly seating for HAWS.
Comfortable (and comforting) love seats for Friends Meeting Room, Home-like Interview Room & Rainbow Room  -  $850 each

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A Thanksgiving That Will Last

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This week's blog is more a personal entry than on behalf of HAWS.  I am sure, tho, that my sentiments are shared by many others within the HAWS family - adopters, donors, members, friends, volunteers, board, staff...

I wanted to take the opportunity to give thanks for the wonderful year we have had at HAWS.  We knew 2009 would be a year unlike any other!  Knocking walls off the side of the building and tearing out a few more from within will make for a unique experience.  We will always remember HAWS "Year of the Build."

Along the way we have learned just how blessed we are to be in this community!  Almost all who have come thru our doors this year have been beyond accommodating with the chaos they've encountered.  Our volunteers have just kept plugging away, no matter what changes are made to their routines.  My co-workers have managed to continue with the day-to-day, even when their workstations have disappeared completely or our operations have been relocated to unfamiliar territory or offsite. 

Most importantly, adopters have still come in, despite the dust, to find their new best friends.

The animals we are here to help have also soldiered on, still wagging tails, purring and chirping.  Their ability to take every day in stride has reminded us to do the same.  And it makes us even more dedicated to getting them out to their forever homes.

In the next few weeks our facility expansion will be completed!  It has both gone quickly and taken too long, depending on the day of the week!  But 2010 will begin soon and with it our "new" HAWS will open.  Oh, the anticipation!

We feel like kids on Christmas night!  And we can't wait to open our "gift" - and share it with all of you.

Intern Insights - HAWS Mobile Adoptions Center

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HAWS Mobile unit at a Halloween event.There are many awesome things that HAWS does.  However, something I’ve come to find particularly cool is our Mobile Adoption Center.

A few Saturdays ago I had the chance to be part of the Mobile team with event coordinator Lisa.  We went on two stops that day - the first one was to Star of Bethlehem Church in New Berlin, and the second was to Eclectica, a bead store in Brookfield.  To each different stop we took animals from the shelter that were up for adoption.

The two locations were pretty busy, and many people stopped to play with the animals and to learn about how to adopt them.  Since we went almost all of the animals we had brought with us have been adopted!

It was fun to go on the Mobile Adoption "run" because it was a really good way to tell people who may not know a lot about the shelter what goes on here day-to-day.  Also, by bringing the live animals it showed people how cute the pets are that we have available to be adopted... not just dogs and cats but often times puppies and kittens too!

The next time I will be doing a Mobile visit will be in the beginning of December at a car dealership in Waukesha (Wilde Subaru).  Hopefully people who are interested in getting a new car will also be interested in adopting a new pet!

A kitten looks out the window of our new Cat Gazebo.By the way - you can also "dine out" for the HAWS cause - visit Chili's in Brookfield or Oconomowoc during the month of November, Sunday thru Thursday, and a portion of your bill total is donated to HAWS.  Take the coupon along with you that is available at our Mobile page on our website (and at our shelter - just stop by the front counter).  And mark December 15th on your calendar - HAWS benefit nite at Claim Jumper Restaurant at Brookfield Square!

By the way 2 - HAWS has so much to be thankful for this year - our "new" shelter is probably the most obvious!  We give thanks to all of you for supporting us and the work we do!

Intern Zoe and Men at Work

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Last weekend HAWS had its biggest event of the year- the annual fall fundraiser!  This year, we celebrated the expanion work being done on our shelter by having the theme of the party be called “Men at Work.”

The past few weeks I’ve spent my time at HAWS helping to prepare for this event.  I had no idea how much time and organization an event such as this one really takes.  Other people around the shelter had started preparing for this party months and months in advance!

I spent my time preparing for the event by contacting local businesses, picking up auction items, organizing donations, making signs and posters, and other activities that needed to be done for the party. The day of the event was a marathon day - some of our workers and volunteers were at the hotel - Olympia Resort - from 9am until after midnight!  (Luckily, they let me arrive at noon.)

The party ended up being really fun and was a great success.  There was a silent auction, a live auction, a balloon contest, adoptable pet meet'n'greet, and HAWS had hired the band The Boogie Men to play live on stage.  Some of the items that were available in the auctions were really cool - sporting equipment and memorabilia, fine jewelry, home decor, Brewers tickets and even front row courtside Bucks tickets!

There were also a lot of delicious foods available including one of my favorite things - a mashed potato bar.

The event was held at Olympia Resort out in Oconomowoc and a lot of people came in order to support our cause.

By the way - this weekend is Pet Photos with Santa weekend here at HAWS - call today to set your appointment (262-542-8851).  Your fee of $30 includes your 15-minute photo session, one 8x10 and 2 5x7s, and for $5 more you'll get a CD of all the photos taken during your session.  Don't miss out!

By the way, part 2 - our annual Holiday Bazaar and Bake Sale is on Saturday, November 14th here at HAWS.  Get an early start on your holiday shopping with craft items and baked goodies for people AND pets.  Mark your calendar!

We're Diggin' It in 10 Days!

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The deadline looms!

HAWS annual fall fundraiser - this year titled the Men at Work party - is coming up on the 17th.  Hard to believe it is already October.

Please join us:  Tickets are on sale ONLY through this Saturday, October 10th - both at the shelter, via phone (262-542-8851) or through our website and the Men at Work event page.  All proceeds for this event benefit the animals in our care, and the programs and services that assist our community.  Truly a good cause!

There are 2 tickets levels this year.  For $55 you get the full-party experience:  arrive at 6:30pm for fabulous buffets (including the ever-popular sushi bar), to bid on silent and live auction items (LOTS of neat packages, gifts, memorabilia, jewelry, artwork - great things for both people and pets), meet'n'greet some of our adoptable pets, shoot some craps or try the roulette wheel...and then get down with The Boogie Men!

For the special price of $20, c'mon in at 9pm - dance with The Boogie Men and win big prizes in our casino.  Get to know a little bit of HAWS for a smaller donation!

Can't come?  You're still eligible for our "Build" Raffle - tickets are $10 each or 3 for $25.  Purchase those tickets at our shelter up until the event.

By the way - this fundraiser is one of the ways we are able to keep HAWS going strong.  Help support the HAWS cause, a cause even more important these days when more pets and their people look to us for help!  Thanks for your support!

Support HAWS Just by Having Fun!

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Our Mobile Adoptions Center makes appearances all over the area - at businesses, fairs, festivals - wherever people want to see our adoptable pets, help us spread the word about the HAWS cause, and raise some money for the animals and people that need our help.

Coming up on Saturday, October 10th, from Noon to 4:00 p.m. is one of our more fun stops for the year:  we're having a party at StoneFire Pizza Company in New Berlin, just south of I43 on Moorland Rd.

Here's what you do:

  • Come to StoneFire and tell them you're there for HAWS and 10% of proceeds will go to us!
  • Fun Card sales from the front cashiers will benefit us, too - just remind them you're there for the HAWS party and you're good to go.
  • Buffet prices vary from under $6 for the 3-7 year set to $12.50 for adults.

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HAWS and ProHealth Care (PHC) have partnered to create the PHC Cardiac Friends program.  Cardiac rehabilitation patients from Waukesha Memorial Hospital (WMH) have joined the ranks of the dog walking volunteers at HAWS, greatly benefiting both the patients and shelter residents alike. Cardiac Friends and friends!“The Cardiac Friends dog-walking program is a great way to get our cardiac rehab/EXCEL patients exercising, and at the same time helping their ‘friends’ increase their activity too,” said Jennifer Ehrhardt, an ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist with PHC’s Regional Heart & Vascular Center.  The group is really enjoying their time at HAWS; time spent with the dogs and each other. The program is the brainchild of Susan Kidder, founder of the WMH pet therapy program.  Kidder was looking for ways to expand patient and dog interaction, and came up with the idea to bring HAWS and cardiac rehab patients together.  Kidder noted:  “Walking your best friend is one of the best exercises - and must be done in any weather, several times a day.” 

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Fido and Fireworks


This time of year we receive MANY phone calls here at HAWS from people asking for help with dogs and fireworks.  Seems lots of our canine companions don't enjoy the sounds of summer quite like we humans do!  (And we would also like to decrease the number of strays that come in who have run away from home because of the noise.)

HAWS business partner and animal behaviorist Claudeen McAuliffe, M.Ed. offers these suggestions for helping your pet deal with "The Big Bang."

The Big Bang bookAbout Fear
Those of us who live with dogs know that fireworks and thunderstorms can stress some animals to the point of panic.  Some simply retreat to a dark place such as under a bed or in the bathtub.  Others are so terror-stricken that they injure themselves by jumping through screen doors or windows.  Lest we think ill of our fur kids, understanding the nature of the problem may not only improve our opinion of their behavior.  It may also give us hope in a toolbox full of options to improve it.

Some fears, such as those toward strangers, children, boxes and ceiling fans, are learned through association with upsetting situations.  But in some individuals fear may occur with no conditioning or learning whatsoever, because the brain already contains the circuits that respond to a limited spectrum of stimuli, such as the loud and sudden crack of a lightning bolt.  As our dogs get older, their sensitivity to storms and other loud, sudden sounds may increase. 

While some fears may be linked to a past event, such as being tied out during a storm, or taken to a Fourth of July event during a critical fear period, often there is no such connection.  Some breeds, such as Border Collies, German Shepherds, and Labrador and Golden Retrievers seems to have a genetic predisposition to develop noise phobias, although it's possible we just see more storm and noise phobias in these breeds because they are more popular than other breeds.

What You Can Do to Help Your Dog
Besides behavior modification, the best results for helping dogs with sound sensitivity are obtained by simultaneously teaching the dog self-control and coping skills, such as running to get a tennis ball when a storm approaches, or using bodywork techniques like The Tellington Method® to facilitate a learned response to a word like "easy."  And as alternative and complementary treatments become more mainstream, we find there are actually quite a few things we can do to help our dogs.  Though they may never be completely calm at the approach of a storm, they may be content to lie at our feet rather than exploding through a screen door. 

There are many other things you can try, including flower remedies, aromatherapy, herbs, homeopathy, pheromones, and pharmaceuticals.  For more information see the booklet "The Big Bang: How You Can Help Your Dog Cope with Storm and Noise Fears" (Mc Auliffe, 2006).

By the way - Claudeen's book, "The Big Bang," is available at HAWS - stop by today and pick up your copy, so you're prepared before the fireworks start - and before that next round of thunderstorms sweeps through!

Sam the Gopher - from "Sandy's Stories"


This particular edition of "Sandy's Stories" reminds us at HAWS of the importance of properly dealing with the local wildlife.

From spring through summer, young wildlife are born and learning to venture out on their own.  Often when we spot young ones, mom is closeby, watching from a safe distance - but definitely watching.  When you find a baby bunny, small bird or other species, before doing anything be sure to survey the situation.  Allow for nature to do its thing - and keep at a safe distance yourself!  (This, of course, includes keeping your pets away from them, too!)

If you have any questions about the wildlife in your area or what to do with wildlife you may find, call us here at HAWS or contact the Wildlife in Need Center.  Having wildlife around us is a wonderful way to learn - please respect them.

Gopher on the lookout.SAM THE GOPHER
"Sam" is the name we gave to a gopher that lived by a large, beautiful tree in our backyard.  He delighted in running up to our dog fence and causing our two Airedales to go absolutely wild - it made his day.

The dogs would be motionless, and then tails began to quiver, and then loud barking ensued, followed by frantic jumping and general chaos.  It was better entertainment than any movie you could go to.  Of course, when the dogs finally calmed down, Sam would come right back and it all started again....

One day Sam even brought his wife along - this time coming through the fence to harass the dogs who were inside in our family room at the time.  Sam and Mrs. Sam both sat up and chirped right by the window, which resulted in the dogs heads being plastered against the glass, slobbering everywhere, bodies shaking with every sound a dog could make coming from them.  We had great time - and still laugh thinking about that day!

This went on for years, with Sam becoming part of our family.  When we moved we told the new owners "Sam comes with the house!"

By the way - you can c'mon in through our shelter front door now, and we even have a fresh new lot to park in!  Stop by and see the construction progress, join us for a class or seminar and, as always, maybe you'll find a new best friend to bring home...

Construction Begins!


And the walls come tumblin' down!Maybe "construction" isn't the term we should use for the progress on our building expansion this week....

Before the new areas of HAWS can be built, some of the old areas need to make way - including our parking lot and the outdoor runs and offices on the west side of our building.

There's a hole in the wall as I write this.  Actually, the wall is mostly gone.  Thank goodness it's a beautiful day outside!Wall?  What wall? 

This week we're also getting a trial by fire in how to operate under less-than-ideal circumstances.  With our driveway and parking lot gone, and those areas now occupied by backhoes, dumptrucks and dumpsters, it is pretty hard for someone to get to us for assistance.  Thank goodness for the volunteers who are set up at the end of our former driveway, ready to direct people to our Mobile Adoption center and temporary hub over at Petlicious Dog Bakery and Spa.  Rule of thumb this week:  CALL AHEAD!  (We've got it figured out, just tell us what you need and we'll be there for you:  262-542-8851.)

As the saws and airhammers become background noise, and we deal with interruptions in electricity, we are reminded this is really going to be worth it when it is all done for all the paws at HAWS.

Jackson is looking for his forever home.Jackson, who is currently gnawing on a rawhide under my desk, couldn't agree more!

By the way - we're still "fully operational" during our construction and remodeling.  And, we have a complete slate of activities, programs and seminars going on - so don't miss out!  As our building project progresses, we'll keep everyone updated on what's up, and we'll let you know what to do when accessibility to our shelter is limited.  We're still here - and we're ready to help!!

Thanks to Fox 6 and Jennifer Reyes for helping us get the word out!

The Secret Lives of Pets


Digging in!Maybe it's the construction dust getting to us, but we got to wondering around here...what or who would our pets be if they were people? 

Seriously, we really do have these conversations at HAWS.  And mostly, we've come up with alternate realities for our cats because our dogs aren't nearly as secretive...score one for the dogs.

For example, one HAWS staffer is sure her cat is British.  "Beaker" is quite polite and very thoughtful/cerebral, and probably has the secret to cold fusion drawn up in a series of schematics, which she'd be delighted to share if asked.  She is also a financial guru and surely has  an entire plan figured out to allow our staff member to pay off all debt within a year.  Beaker would most likely drive a Camry - something sensible - in light grey or beige so as not so show dust.

Another anthropomorphic staff pet is "Linx."  Linx's prior name was Bruce, and he can be pictured wearing a workshirt with a name patch on it.  Linx has an affinity for home improvement - he has even saved his family more than a few dollars (and averted many mistakes) by meowing loudly during the various projects...or throwing up on the different supplies/components.  His interruptions have caused the worker (husband) to review the directions and realize "oh, wait, we don't need to do that!"  Uncanny.

Your new best friend!Next time you're petting your dog, or watching your cat snooze, think about it.  Along with unconditional love and companionship, they might have even more to offer!  Now THERE'S a reason to bring home your new best friend!

By the way - one week from today, Tuesday, June 9th, is HAWS fundraising nite at Culver's of Sussex.  Our Mobile Adoptions unit will be on hand with coupons to ensure 10% of your food purchase price goes to HAWS.  Fundraising couldn't taste any better!!

By the way, part 2 - our parking lot is ground up, and the walls are scheduled to be knocked down/framed up/moved....  Stay tuned to our website, this blog, our Facebook page, etc., and we'll keep you informed on the progress.  We'll have to do some improvising on the way, but we will remain open throughout our construction and continue to provide all the services you rely on us to provide.

Just One Left


Here is another one of "Sandy's Stories."  This one seems very familiar - most dog owners have lived this story in one way or another!  We all have a bond with our very first pet - both as a child and then later as the primary adult caregiver.  Pets keep us healthy, sane and happy.  And safe!

As an adult, I found our first family dog, strangely enough, while inside a drug store.

A black lab is ALWAYS a good choice!A woman was with an adorable yellow lab mix puppy, which I immediately had to pet.  She said "I only have one left but you won't want it - it's black - all the other puppies were much cuter."

I said I'd take it, and we started on the craziest adventure!

While Smokey chewed the entire house apart, she also had an undying love for our children, never leaving their side.  She wouldn't let anyone go to the end of the driveway - even pulling the children back if need be.  She finally just stayed in the middle of it watching closely so no one would come too far.

As the years went by she watched the house with everything she had.  Once, when the town hall was robbed not far away, we knew she heard something and was alerting us in the middle of the night.

She was in the midst of all the kids activities until, at the age of 16, she passed on to watch us from above.  The dog no one wanted turned out to be an outstandingly loyal, loved member of our family and we were blessed to have her.

How about an orange tabby in your life?By the way - we have some great choices for pets at HAWS - dogs, cats, rabbits....  And, we also have some great events, classes and seminars coming up for pet lovers!  Come and learn how to have a puppy and your sanity at the same time!  Learn first aid for pets, find out about common canine behavior problems and their solutions, even send your kids to camp at HAWS Don't miss out on a minute of the fun.

My First Dog


Kids and pets!Please enjoy another of "Sandy's Stories" - told to us by a HAWS volunteer extraordinaire...

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That's Mine! And it could be yours!


That's My Cat book coverAt HAWS, we're always on the lookout for a neat fundraiser.  We've partnered with a local printing company and an author with local ties to bring our HAWS fans another great gift idea.

"That's My Dog" and "That's My Cat" are children's books that can be personalized with both the name of the recipient and their favorite pet.  The brainchild of Jan Krystkowiak (wife of Larry), you can order these books and a portion of the proceeds is donated to HAWS when you use our special internet code, hawswauk.

We are VERY excited to be participating in this fundraiser!  Thank you, Teuteberg Incorporated for thinking of us - and thank you, Jan, for your amazing talents.  These adorable books will be a wonderful addition to any child's library.  And some adults are quite enamored with them, too!

Stop by HAWS to see a sample of the books if you like - our Mobile Adoption unit also brings one along on all of their visits.

By the way - kitten season is here!  If now is the time to bring home your new best friend, we KNOW you can find him or her right here at our shelter.  Visit us today - viewing and adoption hours begin 7 days/week at 1:00 p.m.!

Sandy's Stories


Periodically we'll be featuring a story from Sandy H., one of HAWS' long-time supporters and friends.  As a volunteer at HAWS, Sandy devotes much of her time to our Spay-Neuter Initiative Program clinic.  Working and living with animals for many, many years, Sandy often has remarked "Every animal has a story."  These are her favorites - we hope you enjoy!

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What's up at the Walkathon


A waggin' good time!This just in - the schedule of events for HAWS' 26th Annual Pet Walkathon sponsored by the Friends of HAWS.

9 a.m.                     Kick-off the Walk
9 - ??                      Appearance by Marilynn Mee from Classic Rock 96.5 WKLH
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.       Lure Coursing - extended hours ($5 for each fun run - prize for the fastest participants)
10 - 10:30 a.m.        Contests: Owner/Pet Look-alikes, Shortest Legs, Tallest Pet (all 4 paws on the ground)
10:30 - 11 a.m.        Featured Breed:  the Greyhound
11 - 11:30 a.m.        Mascot Fun:  "Marilynn (Simon) Says" - Laugh and play along!
11:30 a.m. - Noon    Poo Toss & Contests: Longest Tail, Most Spots and Biggest Smile
Noon - 12:30 p.m.    Let's eat - Lunch break!
12:30 - 1 p.m.          Parade of HAWS Adoptable Pets
1 - 1:30 p.m.            Special recognition for Survivor & Senior Dogs - dogs that have overcome a disability or are seniors
1:30 - 2 p.m.            HAWS Alumni Parade - show your HAWS pride with your favorite alum
2 - 2:30 p.m.            More Contests:  Best Kisser (pet!), Best Trick, Best Rollover
2:30 - 3 p.m.            Lure Coursing Awards, more games
3:00 p.m.                 Winners of "Win at the Walk" announced!

Dressed for the weather!So far the weather forecast is looking favorable for Saturday, too...fingers and toes crossed...

Come, join in HAWS annual celebration of pets and their people!

By the way - there is still time to collect pledges and donations - log onto our Walkathon web page to get started!

The Straight Poop on a New Poop Scoop


No poo-zone!We at HAWS have been the proud (?) users of a “Sha-poopie” for about 6 weeks now.

The first reaction from staff and volunteers was “Sha-what?  What’s a Sha-poopie?”  (And, of course, there's the obvious singing of "Sha-poop, sha-poop, falala-lalala lalala-lalala...")

For the uninitiated, a Sha-poopie is a hand-held, telescoping-pole device to be used for easier and cleaner dog-doo pick up (think golf ball retriever).  The idea is for your pooch to do his business straight into a plastic collection tray/liner/reservoir at the end of the Sha-poopie pole, eliminating (heehee – get it?) the need for humans to stoop, scoop and toss.  This saves waste baggies, is cleaner for the human, and keeps the bacteria count down in your yard.  Or wherever your canine companion is prone to poo.  Check it out at  (The inventer has both Hollywood and Wisconsin ties.)

Our device was a gift of sorts from our friends at 96.5 WKLH Classic Rock – we have lots of dogs and lots of doo, so who better to test it out?!

One of our long-time dog walking volunteers was game to try it out as soon as we got our Sha-poopie, but abjectly REFUSED to be photographed in the process (chicken!).  Unfortunately, the dogs she was walking were not as cooperative.  And, as luck would have it, test day #1 was rather windy, and the lid to the plastic tray kept blowing closed – or flapping into the behind area of the dog, which would in turn startle the canine and produce…poopus interruptus.

Subsequent testing went a little better – and the helpful hints for ease of use started to, um, flow:

“How about a trigger of some sort at the top of the pole to open and close the lid on the collection liner?  Sha-poopie Sharp-Shooter!”

“If the plastic tray were a little heavier it might stay in the scoop-pole better – it blows out on windy days, well, before it’s full, anyway.”

“We’re gonna need a bigger model for some of our bigger dogs…”  (Hmmm, why does the theme from Jaws come to mind?)

Overall we’ve been having some success with our Sha-poopie – and a whole lot of fun.  Once the dogs get used to what we’re doing, they aren’t so freaked-out by us trying to catch their deposits.  (Well, maybe they still are, but they’re putting up with it.)  And, our SNIP Clinic vet techs have found it is pretty helpful if trying to collect a sample for any medical testing.

So now we ask our newbies:  “Have YOU Sha-poopied?”

Thanks, 'KLH!

By the case you hadn't heard, our 26th Annual Pet Walkathon is coming up VERY soon - Saturday, May 2nd.  Raise funds on foot or online - log onto our Walkathon webpage for all the details!

Raising Funds - On Foot and Online


I'm walking for HAWS!Exactly one month from today:  its the HAWS 26th Annual Pet Walkathon, sponsored by the Friends of HAWS

On the first Saturday of May each year - this year its May 2nd, hundreds of pet lovers high-tail it to our day-long festival of pets and their people.  The main event is walking the 1-, 2- and 3-mile trails of beautiful Minooka Park in Waukesha.

Not a fan of hoofin' it to secure pledges?  You can create an online fundraising page for the HAWS Walk - actually, close to 20% of our funds for this event now come from online pages!  Start your own team online, or do an individual page; either way you can personalize it and forward it to all your friends so they can get involved, too.

Your participation and pledges ensures that HAWS can continue to provide proper care, food, bedding, toys and lots of attention for the animals at HAWS.  Funds are also used to support HAWS' humane education programs, which promote responsible pet ownership and prevent animal abuse - ultimately making us ALL better pet people.

There's so more to do than just walk:  visit vendor booths and do some shopping, participate in contests and games (back by popular demand...LURE COURSING!), have a great lunch, meet adoptable pets from HAWS, enjoy meeting up with old friends - and making new ones.

The best thing about this event:  100% of the money raised for this event goes straight to HAWS!

So join us, won't you?

By the way - HAWS is a busy place this spring!  We've got seminars and classes galore...and we're diggin' in and starting the building on our facility expansion!  Don't miss a minute of the action...

Chocolate – Good and “Bad”


Not a "chocolate" rabbit!Interestingly enough, chocolate is a hot topic around HAWS these days...

Make Mine Chocolate
Rabbits are a familiar symbol of the Easter holiday - as TV pitchmen, the ubiquitous candy (admit it, you eat the ears off first, too), and in the form of stuffed animals of every shape and color.   No surprise, children want a bunny of their own, but they are usually not prepared to care for their unique needs.  In the months following Easter, many pet rabbits from our area find their way to the HAWS adoption ward.

The Make Mine Chocolate campaign is again using the season to educate the public of the challenges of properly caring for rabbits - and encouraging them to purchase chocolate Easter bunnies (or stuffed toy animals) rather than live ones.  When you've done your research on house rabbits as pets, come to HAWS to adopt (we'll have plenty to choose from).

Speaking of theobromine...

Let's play!Cocoa Mulch Toxicity
No question about it, chocolate and other products made from cacao beans contain substances toxic to dogs and cats.  The main culprit is the substance theobromine, a caffeine-like chemical which acts as a mild diuretic and stimulant in human beings but is poisonous to animals less well equipped to metabolize it.  (In English, that means that there IS such a thing as too much of a good thing.)

The kind of cocoa mulch used in landscaping mainly consists of cacao bean shells.  It contains a higher concentration of theobromine than the chocolate we usually eat (just like dark chocolate has a higher concentration than milk chocolate).  Dogs, attracted to the amazing scent, have eaten the mulch, leading to vomiting, diarrhea, trembling, seizures and, in some instances, death - depending on the quantity eaten.  

It is equally toxic to cats, but vets say they are less likely to be enticed by cocoa products, which means less risk.  Score one for the cats. 

So yes, if your dog ingests cocoa mulch, contact your vet immediately, to be on the safe side.

By the way - don't let your dog eat ANY mulch - cocoa or otherwise.  Cedar, bark and whatnot else aren't exactly good for their digestive systems either.  Best thing to do when your dog is outside:  play with him - it's good for you, too!  Happy Spring!

In the Spirit of the Season


Well, we're a little late for Valentine's Day, but we're right on schedule for St. Pat's...

Meet Cupid and McCurdy, two of the many adoptables at HAWS.

Cupid will find her way to your heart!Cupid has a HEART-warming story (gotta be in "love" mode for this one!).  She was at MADACC (the Milwaukee stray facility) and was not claimed.  This young, female pit bull mix was severely underweight, but had such love to give that she was immediately a favorite of their staff.  When we came for our usual visit to bring back adoptables to our shelter, she HAD to come with us.  Now she's put on weight and is a very happy, beautiful girl looking for her forever, true love.  You, perhaps?

Here's her stats:  Cupid likes other dogs, most cats, and is getting to know what kids are all about.  She is still a bit shy and looks to her human for reassurance.  She is not quite a year old and has been spayed.

Irish eyes are smilin' for McCurdy!McCurdy is also a MADACC stray who is now up for adoption at HAWS (he definitely has the luck o' the Irish on his side - as I type this, a lovely lady is viewing him).  Under those springy curls is a poodle/bichon mix, about 2 years old.  He would like to go to a somewhat calmer household - he may like another dog, but he would like to meet that other dog first to make sure they'll be best buds.

If you're looking for a new best friend this spring, stop on over!

By the way - HAWS is open 7 days a week for viewing - starting at 1pm each day.  We have many, many adoptable pets waiting for you - including kittens, cats, dogs and rabbits.  Stop by soon!!

Get "Lucky" at the Shelter - for the 3rd time!


Get "Lucky" at HAWS!We're at it again at HAWS:  this Saturday, March 14th, from 1:00-4:00 p.m. is our 3rd annual adopt-a-thon in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  Join us at the shelter on 701 Northview Road in Waukesha and Get "Lucky" at the Shelter...or Spot or Fluffy or Fido!

We have a great time with this event - and welcome our friends, families and partners to join us!

This year's festivities include:

  • Adoption specials - call ahead for information on same-day adoption requirements (262-542-8851)
  • Pot 'o Gold adoption giveaways
  • Microchip I.D.s for your pet for $15
  • Raffle prizes - any pet wearing green will automatically be entered
  • Kids' prizes 
  • Pocket pet, rabbit, cat and dog education
  • Teach your dog a new trick with help from our staff dog behaviorist, Ginny Marchel
  • Have a pet-icure done - or ear and teeth cleaning, for $15 by Portable Pet Groomers 
  • Play canine games with Central Bark Doggy Day Care of Sussex and Lake Country
  • Buy goodies for your best pet friend from Petlicious Dog Bakery and Pet Spa
  • Learn how your pet's nutrition can affect his behavior from Claudeen McAuliffe of Kindness K-9
  • Learn about wildlife from Wildlife in Need
  • Meet a fast friend with Greyhound Pets of America

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Bringing Happy Tails to You!


HAWS' Mobile Adoption Center has had a busy 2009 so far!

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Bring Home Your FAST Friend


Rosemary is looking for a nuevo casa!The Hounds are Back!  The Hounds are Back!

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Hopping Through the Month


Bebe loves to surf!Did you know that February is Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit month? 

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Blogging about Learning


Generally when people think "animal shelter" they think of dogs and cats in need of homes.  In reality we do so much more than that here at HAWS.  Getting information out to members of our community about our many events, programs and services is critical to our success as an organization.  This is why it’s so important for us to publish our newsletter, Tattle Tales, and why we blog here at "The Fur (and Feather!) Flyer." 

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A SNIP in Time Saves...500,000


Spay Day USA 2009 logoIt's that time of year again - Spay Day USA 2009 is February 24th. 

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A Little Help from our Friends - Part 3


PHC Cardiac Friends logoNow here's a match that makes sense:

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We Get by With a Little Help...Part 2


How about more catnip donations...?!The community spirit surrounding HAWS also includes local businesses.  Many have or are having fundraisers for us, including donation programs to honor clients, to supply drives, to theme weeks, and on and on.  It is great to see their enthusiasm for HAWS - and their creativity!

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(We) Get By with a Little Help from Our Friends - Part 1


Our catch-phrase at HAWS is "Bring Home Your Best Friend."  The concept of "Friend" means many things to us.

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Making Time


Mo is a young Shepherd mix.Time is a precious commodity at animal shelters, including HAWS.  There's never enough hours in the day to do all that we want to do, and to reach everyone we want to reach!

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Why We Work - Here


Holly thinks of a long winters nap..."I could never work there, I love animals too much."

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"You can always tell who are the dog owners"


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!At my house we're twice-a-day dog walkers.  Not only is walking beneficial to our dogs (amazing how well-behaved a tired dog is) but it also is good for us humans and our health.

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Allergies & Pets this Winter


HAWS Celebrates the Season - donate today!This time of year we notice a few things more than during the warmer months - one thing being that pet hair and dander can be bothersome even to those who don't have allergies.  Our windows are closed tight so no air can leak out, but that also means no breeze is chasing irritatants out of the house, either, to be replaced with fresh air.

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Kibbles & Bits & Pieces & Do-dads


Just some thoughts and musings from your favorite HAWS...

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"Winterizing" Our Best Friends


Winter fun!Wow, did it get cold in a hurry!

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HAWS Event Celebrates Upcoming Construction


Checking our building plans.This past Friday, our shelter's "spooktacular" evening of fun - the HAWS Halloween Howl 2008 - turned into a celebration of another sort, featuring this special announcement:  HAWS has secured the necessary funding to allow for construction to begin on the Shelter's expansion project in the near future.

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A Happy Halloween for ALL


The following information is from's Veterinary Medicine advice section.  Good things to keep in mind to ensure both you and your best friend have a safe and boo-tiful time this Halloween! 

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Fuzz Therapy


From a recent press release out of our marketing office... 

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A "Spooktacular" Evening for the HAWS Cause


HAWS Halloween Howl logoGet into your favorite Halloween costume and join us for a "spooktacular" evening of fun to benefit the animals and programs at HAWS.  HAWS Halloween Howl II (our annual fall fundraiser) is set for Halloween night, Friday, October 31, 2008 at Olympia Resort, 1350 Royale Mile Road in Oconomowoc.  The fun begins at 6:30 p.m. and runs until midnight.

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R.A.C.E. for Animals


Kids are really getting involved at HAWS - from volunteering at the shelter to doing school projects that promote animal welfare to donating the proceeds from their lemonade stands...young adults, teens and tweens are coming up with some great ideas to support HAWS!  Our caring community has a bright future.

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An Old Friend


I've been sharing my office the past few days.  Anyone who has had to do that knows how trying it can be; close quarters usually cut into productivity.  But I'll actually miss my "roommate" when he leaves.

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P.A.L.S. - Pets Are Life Savers


Training session The Humane Animal Welfare Society and the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Waukesha County have partnered to assist seniors, their pets and caregivers.  By pooling resources and working together, we can reach a larger segment of the community.  We're calling this cooperative effort P.A.L.S., which stands for Pets Are Life Savers.

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A Day in the Life - Part 2


We're back - it is still morning at HAWS.  And now, on to the cats!

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A Day in the Life...


I love a clean house!Have you ever stopped by HAWS in the morning and wanted to see the animals, only to find out that the kennel is closed until 1:00 pm?  Maybe you've looked through the kennel door and wondered...what is going on back there? 

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Paws on Film - Part 2


Combining several of our favorite things, our Kids 'N Critters Day Camp participants last week helped make videos of some of the adoptable animals here at HAWS.

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HAWS Brings Adoptable Pets to You!


HAWS' Mobile Adoption Center visits area businesses, pet fairs, festivals and events in the Waukesha County area all throughout the year.  It's another way we're reaching out to our community with the message of adoption, education and responsible pet ownership.  We set up inside and outside of stores, malls, parks... wherever pet people may be!  HAWS representatives even bring along an adoptable pet or two for viewing.

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"Steer"-ed to Safety


Dateline, July 16, 2008 - WAUKESHA

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Still Here, Waiting


Peggy/PiggyShe's still here.

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What's in a Name?


There was a great article in the Monday paper about the most common names for pets in our area.  We have our own list of "too popular" names that we try to avoid whenever a pet comes into HAWS needing a moniker.

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When "Hot Car!" Isn't a Cool Thing


We all know that summer usually doesn't show up in Wisconsin until  Summer can be a GREAT time to interact with your pet!  But bringing your best friend along on road trips, even to the grocery store, can be deadly.

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Lost Birds of a Feather


Love BirdsTypically when we think of "stray" animals, a lost dog or cat comes to mind.  But a few other species come into HAWS as strays every once in awhile - and whenever that happens it is difficult to reunite them with their owners.  While dogs and cats often wear collars with I.D. tags, or even have identifying microchips, companion pets like birds usually do not have I.D.!

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It's Raining...Cats!


With the warmer temperatures marking the return of summer in our area, we at HAWS "celebrate" another momentus occasion:  It's KITTEN SEASON!

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Water-Logged and Your Dog


Uncle, we say, uncle!

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Parade of Adoptable Pets


We were unable to have the Parade of Adoptables at our Walkathon this past here's an electronic version!  All of these featured pets are available for adoption at HAWS - stop by any day to visit!  We are open 7 days/week beginning at 1:00pm for viewing.  Log onto our website for adoption information and a downloadable application.

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We're baaaaack!


Our dogs are back available for adoption today!  Many emotions come to mind - excitement, relief, cautious optimism...

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A True Friend of HAWS


We lost a friend of HAWS this past weekend - a person who was integral to our beginning and our continued success.

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Listen to our Stream


As a participant in a recent expo, HAWS received some internet-stream advertising on a local radio station.  While our actual commercial had to be abbreviated, the concept took us on a few tangents...our apologies to the restaurant personnel who didn't enjoy the creative process as much as we did!

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From “Not our Favorite Week” to Happy Tails


Last week at HAWS we were excitedly gearing up for our 25th Anniversary Pet Walkathon on Saturday when...WHAMMO!

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The Tale of Chris, Buddy and Pat


Buddy & BuddyChris was a young human full of enthusiasm for life.  A newly-minted adult with stable employment and living alone, Chris decided to bring home a pet.  Chris looked in the paper, got a new pet named Buddy, and all was good.

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Don't Touch - No Matter How Tempting!


“I have every confidence that there will be a revival of activity in the spring, and that during this coming year the country will make steady progress." - Andrew Mellon (1855 - 1937) financier, philanthropist 

We’ll leave the steady progress of the country to other blogs, but at HAWS we can certainly vouch for the “revival of activity” part! 

Spring in the animal welfare business means several things, notably kittens, increased foot traffic from the winter hermits venturing back out into the world, kittens, more stray dogs who’ve gone out to see what’s changed since the snow melted, kittens, and increased wildlife encounters.  Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal – for almost every species. 

This time of year, our phone calls increase dramatically regarding what should be done with wildlife that is found.  Here’s the short answer: 

Don’t touch!  No, really, leave them alone. 

Most wildlife that is thought to be “abandoned” is actually being very closely watched, and there is a mother hiding nearby.  Wildlife youngsters of all kinds need to learn to be on their own – and they get to practice, with guidance from adults.  (Hmmm, sounds familiar...) 

Parent animals RARELY abandon healthy offspring.  They will leave their youth hidden while foraging for food, sometimes only returning at dawn and dusk.  They stay away so as not to advertise the presence of their young to any predators that might be wandering by - smart!

Some myths/hints:  it is not true that parents will reject their young because a human has touched it, but you should still resist the urge to handle wildlife.  A feathered, young bird may or may not be able to fly, but unless it is obviously ill or injured the parent bird will continue to care for it.  Most important rule of thumb:  Keep kids and pets away. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

If your dog - or lawn mower – does find a nest of cottontails, young birds, or other species, before doing anything contact us at HAWS.  Or you can speak with our friends at the Wildlife in Need Center – they have licensed rehabilitators available to step in if needed. 

By the way – wildlife do NOT make good housepets.  Don’t even go there.  We’re bursting at the seams with appropriate companion pets at HAWS – stop by ASAP!

"Don't Let the Cat Out of the Bag"


Don't let the cat out of the bag!“If we start at the beginning and limit the breeding, we can change the equation in hopes to balance it.” 

That’s a quote from a presentation created by the Lead to Succeed Program at Waukesha North High School.  Lead to Succeed is a student interactive program which helps direct students to a better future, and assist in their community while doing so.  The program is produced by Community Connections Consulting and funded by UW-Waukesha. 

This group of students is working to make a difference in the pet overpopulation problem in Waukesha County.  Through a pilot project with us at HAWS, they are doing presentations to community leaders (one in particular on Wednesday, April 16th, at the HAWS shelter) about HAWS’ Owned Outdoor Cat Program:  our SNIP clinic provides free spay or neuter surgeries for the cats in Waukesha County that are part of outdoor/barn or feral cat populations. 

The students are hoping to promote awareness of what pet overpopulation can truly mean – more euthanasia as a result of there not being enough room in shelters for all the cats that are being born. 

That reality was tough for the students to swallow at first!
  So, the group was asked to develop a program to help get the word out.  Their campaign is titled “Don’t Let the Cat Out of the Bag.”  Some of their main points include: 

·  As our community changes from rural to urban, many cats are left homeless.  The cats that live in the rural areas are forced to move into our growing developments, thus making them a nuisance.  This causes problems for the cats as well, since many are suffering from lack of nourishment. 

·  Community involvement in stemming pet overpopulation makes our area a brighter and better place - knowing that we are that much closer to solving this problem. 

Lead to Succeed students, you rock!  And we can tell you understand our mission at HAWS, too, since this quote is also from your presentation: 

“Without humane education there is little hope in changing the future.”

By the way:  anyone can help with curbing pet overpopulation!  Spay and neuter, or just spread the word about how important it is - you'll save lives, and your pet will be happier and healthier. 

Still Walking...After 25 Years!


Today it is exactly one month until HAWS’ Annual Pet Walkathon – which is on May 3rd, from 9am until 3pm at Waukesha’s Minooka Park.

Official HAWS Walkathon LogoThe Walk is always a special event for us – we call it our “celebration of pets and their people.”  It is a day full of fun with our pets - dogs mostly, although we have one donor that brings his turtle and they do an amazing job of fundraising together!  We walk, play, shop and socialize, all in support of HAWS.   

The event started as a dog walk, with no tent and just a handful of picnic tables (check out the historical pix in our most recent newsletter).  It has grown to a full-fledged festival with vendors, pet competitions and demos, a lure course, celebrity guests, special recognition ceremonies, a Parade of HAWS’ Adoptable Pets and much more.   This year our Walk is celebrating a special anniversary – it is our 25th year of walking, and our paws STILL aren’t tired! 

Speaking of tired, tire-LESS is the best word to describe the organizers of this event – all of whom are volunteers, too.  Nancy is our event chair/goddess who keeps it all together, Chris zooms around in a golf cart keeping everyone happy as our day-of-the-event-captain, Sandy Z. and Zona make sure everyone is fed!  Martha and Roger keep the registration area running smoothly, Fred and Sandy H. corral and coordinate the day-of volunteers, Maria will show you where to park…I’m forgetting someone, I’m sure, because this event takes many, many, MANY hands…

A neat highlight also this year is the German Shepherd Club of Wisconsin - one group that has been with German Shepherd Club of WI on the trailus almost since the beginning.  In 2008 they are celebrating their 20th year of participation in the HAWS walk, and we couldn’t be happier to have them with us!  This group alone has raised over $66,000 during their years of Walking.

Known local animal welfare supporter Marilynn Mee, from 96.5 WKLH middays, is recruiting team members and raising funds for us.  Today’s TMJ4 Weather Plus meteorologist, Brian Gotter will be joining the fun and emceeing several of our competitions…including a lunchtime mini-race by the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club’s Famous Racing Sausages!  And, if that weren’t enough, everyone’s favorite sea dog, Roscoe from the Milwaukee Admirals, will also be on hand in the afternoon.  Not just for dogs, but for TURTLES, too! We’d love it if YOU’D join us, too!  Come and celebrate our love of pets and what they mean to us.   

By the way – our chief blogger is out until 4/15, presumably collecting Walkathon pledges.  Pace yourself with this entry – or join in (on foot or online!) and fundraise along with us!  See you on May 3rd at Minooka.

March Madness hits at HAWS


Normally HAWS promotes a Pet of the Week.  But, like most everyone else, we’ve become victims of March Madness!  So, in the spirit of the season, we’re presenting…

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“Make Mine Chocolate”™


Black Jack is a 1 year old Mini Lop.

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Some days, our entire “family” is reminded of why HAWS is so crucial – why we do what we do.  We one of those days back in October. 

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Paws on Film


A few months ago HAWS Humane Educator, Khris, started posting videos of our adoptable animals on our website’s Pet Showcase.  We have a picture database of adoptable pets through a group called Petfinder (check out 3 of our current adoptables pictured below - Grissom, Misty, and Oliver - you can move your mouse across their pictures to learn more about them), and the capability for action as well as still shots was introduced.


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Kids 'N Critters


Children are our future…in so many ways!  It is our duty to guide them to be caring, responsible adults, to show them right and wrong, good and bad.  That duty is one we take seriously at HAWS, because we know that if we start educating our youth, they will turn into animal-savvy adults.


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A Ferret Walks into a Bar...


It’s not always about domestic animals at HAWS.  Some days we wonder:  are we being Punk’d?!?  Just all in a day’s work at your favorite local Humane Society….


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HAWS Lends a Helping Paw


February 26th is this year’s date for the annual Spay Day USA, a national awareness program sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).  The purpose of Spay Day is to promote spaying and neutering as a means to control pet overpopulation.


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Mutt Musings…a Purr-fect Break


It’s a pretty ubiquitous bumper-sticker:  “Have you hugged your dog/cat today?”


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Going Green


What a concept!  Save the planet and the environment by going green!  Reduce, reuse…hey wait a minute…


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