The Fur (& Feather!) Flyer

Established in 1965, HAWS assists over 6,000 animals and welcomes more than 31,000 human visitors annually. As an "open admissions" shelter we lead the community in animal welfare and assure sanctuary for all animals in need, regardless of age, health or temperament. HAWS is a non-profit, entirely donor-fund organization with an active humane education program, and both wildlife and companion animal rescue services for Waukesha County.

HAWS License #267280-DS

Spend the Dog Days of Summer with HAWS!

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We’re staring down the end of yet another summer that flew by way too fast! But there is still warm weather and fun to be had – including some neat things going on at HAWS.


This Saturday, HAWS hosts our regularly scheduled “First Aid for Pets” class. It runs from 1-4pm and is led by Emergency Medical Services. Call them at 262-879-0165 for details and registration.


This Saturday is also the monthly Greyhound meet’n’greet in the HAWS’ lobby, with the great folks from GPA Wisconsin. C’mon over and meet the “45 mph Couch Potato”…if they’re awake!


Each and every Sunday, HAWS hosts a “Puppy Party” – 30 minutes of playtime for pups from 8-20 weeks that will help them establish their socialization skills. The cost of $5 is worth it for the cuteness alone.


Looking into next week, HAWS offers Cat Pedicures on Tuesday, August 25th, and our own Dr. Claudeen will lead a “TellingtonTtouch” session at Delafield Public Library on Thursday, August 27th – part of their August Animals month.


If you’re stuck at home this weekend, how about doing some closet cleaning for HAWS? You can go green and help the paws and claws of HAWS at the same time – just bring your worn (and worn out) clothing, shoes and more to the Friends of HAWS/USAgain Collection Drive on Saturday, August 29th. HAWS receives a donation for every pound collected, so every little bit counts! And if you can’t make it to our shelter for the festivities on Saturday, the bins will still be available for drop-offs from Friday thru Sunday. We’re at 701 Northview Road, in Waukesha, right across the street from the airport and fairgrounds.


The dog days of summer are looking pretty good!


Please check our website,, for details on all of these and other events happening at the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County. Check out our adoptables while you’re surfing, too!

Adopt 4 Snuggly Paws from HAWS

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At HAWS we are absloutely willing go on record saying that men are not pigs. Except this one... 

Meet Snuggle the Guinea Pig. He's a fun little guy who loves the lovin' and cuddle time.

Hmmm, sounds like the perfect Valentine, no?

Snuggle is one of a handful of guinea pigs (and other small pets) currently available for adoption at HAWS. And, when you adopt Snuggle or one of his piggy buddies, you receive a free copy of the Cavy Health Record Book, so you can keep your new little friend healthy and happy for a lifetime. What a deal!

Just announced:  HAWS is holding a Rally for Rats! Join us on Sunday, March 1st from 1-4pm for a fun-filled afternoon of learning about these amazing little creatures. Featured guest speakers are Denise Follett, DVM, who will discuss common health issues of rats and Kirsten Watry of HAWS’ Behavior Department, who will help you add a new member to your rat pack thru rat bonding! This event is free and all ages are welcome (children must be accompanied by an adult; please leave your rat friends at home for this event).

See YOU at HAWS!

Love February? Love HAWS!

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Adopt 4 Paws from HAWS!

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Party with the Paws and Claws at HAWS!

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Resolve to Support the 'HAWS Cause' in 2015

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Best. Christmas Present. Ever.

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Happy HAWS-y Days to You and Yours!

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HAWS - Celebrating Incredible Journeys, Amazing Pets & People!

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HAWS Ugly (Holiday) Pet Sweater Cyber Contest Begins!

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'Tis the season to don those awful holiday sweaters - why not let our pets get in on the fun?! Get Fido or Fluffy all dolled up, snap a photo and share it on HAWS Ugly (Holiday) Pet Sweater Cyber Contest event page on Facebook to win a HAWS gift basket and other great prizes!

Rex the cat is entered in HAWS' Ugly Sweater contest! Join our buddy Yoda and get in the HOLIDAY SPIRIT!
HAWS is holding an Ugly Sweater Contest for pets - now thru mid-December.

Photos will be accepted from noon on 11/20 thru noon on 12/15, and will be posted on the event page and in HAWS' shelter lobby at 701 Northview Road, Waukesha.

Photos can be submitted by posting directly to the event page (just "Join" the event and go!), via email to HAWS' main Facebook page (Humane Animal Welfare Society - HAWS of Waukesha) or by email to

Complete contest Rules & Guidelines can be found on the event page or by logging on to

Winners will be determined by "Likes" on Facebook, by open voting in HAWS lobby and by a panel of HAWS staff judges.

You can also 'Help the HAWS Cause' through this event: Make a donation in one of the pictured pet's honor, and that pet receives 1 additional vote for every dollar donated!

Happy Holidays to one and all from HAWS!

Taco John's and HAWS - Sharing the Holiday Spirit!

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Five Things You Probably Never Knew about Animal Shelters

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HAWS’ Humane Educator, Khris Erickson, guest blogs this week. Click here to see what else HAWS’ Ed. Department is up to…including Winter Kids ’N Critters Day Camp this December! Follow Khris’ blog all year long here.

1) Animal Shelters are individual organizations; there isn't an umbrella organization that creates policy or that a shelter has to answer to.  

"We adopted him from your _______ location."  At HAWS we hear things like this all the time. 
People are often amazed when we tell them that HAWS is our own organization and we aren't affiliated with other shelters. 

While some shelters have a variety of campuses within a general area, there is no national organization that oversees all of us.  And while we may occasionally work with other shelters on projects, exchange ideas with one another, and sometimes transfer animals, we aren't the same organization at all.  Just 2 of the awesome animals available for adoption at HAWS!

2) Shelters can be government run, but many are private non-profits. 

It seems to be a common misconception that all animal shelters are government run entities that are run off of a tax base.  While some shelters are (usually called "animal control" facilities), many shelters are not.  It really depends on the specific facility.

HAWS is a private, non-profit organization that is run by a member-elected board of directors.  The majority of our funds are obtained through donations and fundraising efforts.  The only money we get from the tax base is by contracting out our services  to many Waukesha County municipalities to handle such things as stray animals and holding animals that have been confiscated from their owners through allegations of neglect or abuse. 

3) Shelters don't necessarily have any authority to investigate neglect or abuse cases. 

An animal control officer or humane officer is the person, besides a police officer, who would investigate allegations of neglect or abuse to an animal.  These are people who have been specifically trained to know the law as it pertains to animal welfare, and are trained in animal care and behavior.  They are also endowed with legal authority to conduct investigations, issue citations and file charges.

Because HAWS is a privately run non-profit we are not a government agency.  The people who investigate neglect and abuse cases in Waukesha County are Humane Officers employed by the County.  HAWS works closely with these officers since we're a holding facility for animals removed from homes through legal action, and also a bite case quarantine facility.  But if we get calls from people wanting to report neglect or abuse of animals in the community we refer them to Waukesha County. 

4) Not all shelters take in stray animals. 

Government run shelters will take in strays - since as an animal control facility that is a large part of their purpose.  Non-profit animal shelters vary depending on their policies and the contracts they may have with area municipalities.

Shelters that choose to be what's called in the animal welfare industry "Limited Intake", take in only those animals that they have space for and that they feel they can place.  They usually don't offer stray or animal control services because to do so could mean that their intake would exceed what they're capable of housing.

The policy of an open admission shelter is to take in any unwanted animal from their community no matter how adoptable or unadoptable it is, what physical condition it is in, or how friendly or aggressive it may be.  HAWS is  run as an "Open Admission" shelter and part of our mission is to provide stray services to municipalities that want to contract with us.

5) Some shelters only take in dogs and cats, others take in a variety of animals.  

HAWS is lucky to have the space and resources to be a truly open admission shelter and we take in just about anything that can be kept as a pet.  We always have rabbits, and almost always have guinea pigs.  Additionally many times you can find birds, small rodents and reptiles at HAWS looking for their forever home!

By the way - another neat thing about HAWS is we are open 7 days a week! Stop by to view our adoptable pets Monday thru Friday from 1-6pm, Saturday from 11am - 4pm and Sunday from noon to 4pm. We'll see you soon!

HAWS’ November: TTouch, "Tales," Portraits & PETS!

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An EPIC Week for HAWS

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This was an epic week at HAWS! Executive Director Lynn Olenik shares the experience.

We held our first ever “Move Your Mutt” run on Sunday. It was a great event with exposure to some new faces and an early morning walk in the park with staff and volunteers. It was heartwarming to see people out with their best friends for exercise and recreation. It’s so good to see dogs, well cared for and a cherished part of their families.


On Monday, our Animal Rescue Team headed out with the Jefferson County Humane Society, returning to HAWS with 23 little dogs. Returning at noon, the remainder of the day was spent in veterinary exams, vaccinations, and grooming. Because all of them had fleas and various states of mats in their unkempt coats, this needed to be done as soon as possible. Volunteer groomers took on this project, transforming each into an adorable, clean but shy little dog. By Tuesday, staff had moved on to the search for foster homes and rescues, then began spays and neuters. Wednesday, saw more spays, neuters and caring for an additional 20 dogs in the kennel. There was the processing of paperwork and behavior evaluations all to prepare them for adoption. The Behavior Department was working to socialize and calm the dogs that were in a foreign environment. These activities kept the staff hopping the remainder of the week!  Volunteers from Mod Squad socializers to those who help with cleaning and laundry logged additional hours. It takes a team effort to get animals ready for the adoption floor.


Friday was our fall fundraiser, Creatures of the Night.  More than 275 guests joined us at the Marriot for an evening to celebrate pets and join in the cause of supporting our Animal Rescue Team and the services they provide. Though this was planned months in advance, it seemed even more appropriate considering the activities of the week. The event was fun, financially successful, and brought a number of new friends into HAWS. Without our community’s support we would not be able to do the work we do. 


Thank you to all of you – staff, volunteers, board member and our donors – from the 23 little dogs that now have a chance to be a cherished part of someone’s family and the thousands of other Creatures that are part of the ‘HAWS cause’ each year!

By the way – don’t miss our Friends of HAWS Holiday Bazaar this Saturday, November 1st. And be sure to reserve your sitting today for Holiday Pet Portraits coming next weekend, November 8-9! Call 262.542.8851.

A Special Day for Special Little Friends

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Sunday is a special day for Guinea Pigs and their fans at HAWS!

Join us at HAWS for our annual Guinea Pig Primer this Sunday, October 26th from Noon to 4pm.

Have a fun afternoon learning all about our little best friends, meet other guinea pig families and share stories. Best of all, guinea pigs are WELCOME to attend this event and participate in our Piggy Costume Contest! (Just be sure to bring your piggy in a carrier for safety and comfort.)

Guest speakers Dr. Denise Follett of Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital & Exotic Care and Susan Schneck of All Creatures Rescue will discuss housing, behavior and health issues. Please bring your questions as there will be plenty of time for discussion.

Adding to the fun will be raffle items and a fresh farm hay sale. This event is FREE to attend; children must be accompanied by an adult.

By the way - mark your calendar! The Friends of HAWS annual Holiday Bazaar and Bake Sale will be held on November 1st, with Holiday Pet Portraits the following weekend, November 8-9.


Magnus Gets Schooled

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When you adopt 4 paws from HAWS it’s not just thanks and out you go! HAWS has the resources to help you and your pet keep your relationship strong and healthy.

Magnus has been a part of our household now for 6 months. When we adopted him, we knew he had a few things we’d need to work on together; now that he’s settled in with us and knows just how much we love him it’s time to get to work!

We’ve got it easy. “Mags” is a great car-rider and loves to go on trips with us, he doesn’t try to jump up (on guests OR the furniture), he steers clear of the cat, eats like a champ, loves to play with his older sister Scooter, doesn’t mind his crate, knows his basic commands…when it comes to the important stuff, Magnus is awesome.

What we DO need to work on, tho, is his confidence. Mags is fearful of new things, some loud noises and sudden movements. He also isn’t the best at ‘networking’ – when he first sees another dog he has to make himself look big and impressive, because when it comes right down to it he is quite shy (even of the neighbor’s Yorkiepoo who is about 1/10th his size).

We had a one-on-one consult with Leann here at HAWS’ Behavior Department. She assessed Mags’ behavior (altho she already knows him pretty well from the time he’s spent at HAWS…under my desk), discussed our impressions and observations, and then gave US the homework. We’re doing simple programs called “S.P.A.” and Cooperative Learning, and Mags is trying his best to “focus” and trust we know what we’re doing. (No worries, Mags, Leann is going to check up with us periodically to make sure.)

All dogs can become GREAT dogs with a little help – mostly by training their owners! At HAWS the resources are a simple phone call or click away.

By the way – Move Your Mutt for HAWS this weekend (10/19) and be one of HAWS’ Creatures of the Night next Friday (10/24)! It’s not too late to get involved – just visit

"Payton's Place"

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Some days at HAWS are even more amazing than the rest…

Often we don’t know the impact we have had on another person. But every day at HAWS we get a chance to see how animals affect us.

There is the joy of new adopters, the sadness when someone must say goodbye to their best friend. The frustration during an early training class…the pride when we figure each other out (despite the language barrier)! Pets remind us of what is important. And they are the best at making us feel loved and appreciated.

We were contacted in July by ABC’s 20/20 news magazine. They were doing a story (which aired on September 26) and wondered if they could spend an afternoon at HAWS? Next thing we knew we were welcoming World News anchor David Muir to our shelter – and we’ve got the picture to prove it! (David is at the far left in the group picture.)

But, the reason they chose to visit HAWS has resonated with us far more than the brush with celebrity and fame.

The segment they were taping featured the young Waukesha girl who was attacked in the “Slenderman” case. Turns out, this young survivor – Payton – has found strength and joy in part from something very simple: She loves to visit HAWS, and especially to play with our adoptable cats. Her mom remarked how the old spark and smile comes back when they are at our shelter. David noted in his voice over that HAWS is “her favorite place in the world.”

Makes sense to us! Animals don’t have an agenda – other than to play, snuggle, eat, love and be loved. There is a reason why we call them true companions and our best friends. They give without expecting anything in return.

That day in August was a gift in several ways – a young girl reminded us humans why animals are worth so much, and the cats at HAWS were able to help her on her journey from victim to survivor. We are honored to have played a part…and wish her the brightest of futures, because she’s just what a “humane society” is all about!

HAWS to host Waukesha Reads Event on October 7th

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HAWS is proud to announce a partnership with Waukesha Reads.

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Adopt 4 Paws from HAWS!

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This week we feature one of our kennel kids, a HAWS adoptable dog that is watching and waiting for his new forever home.

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Fall for HAWS this September!

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A Miracle for HAWS?

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The "giving season" is already upon us! HAWS has been named as one of the charities that will be part of the random drawing to become a beneficiary of Potatwatomi Hotel & Casino's 2014 Miracle on Canal Street donation program. We are excited for this opportunity and the wonderful windfall it could provide for our shelter!

If HAWS is chosen, funds from the 2014 Miracle on Canal Street would support HAWS' Citizen Project. This program began in earnest in early 2014.

The Citizen Project is patterned after successful programs around the country that pair juvenile offenders with animals in order to teach them a variety of skills – effective communication, responsibility, empathy, nurturing and confidence. In addition to caring for the animals, the youth will learn how to interact with shelter animals, read their nonverbal cues and change the animals’ behavior using positive reinforcement. The teens are referred to HAWS by the Waukesha County court system and will spend 3 - 5 hours each week at HAWS.

The importance and impact of a program like The Citizen Project cannot be understated! Every day we see more and more reasons to train tomorrow's leaders in empathy and compassion - and animals are magnificent teachers.

So these days at HAWS, for good luck, we are crossing our fingers...and toes and paws and claws! Thank you to Potawatomi for naming us to the drawing...and we hope we can "Make Miracles Happen" together!

By the way - HAWS will be closed to the public on Monday, September 1 to observe the Labor Day holiday. Our Animal Rescue Team will still be available for assistance - just call 262-542-8851. Regular hours will resume on Tuesday.


Keep On Keepin' On...All for the Animals!

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"Fair" August Days and Riding for HAWS

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Animals and Education

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HAWS’ Executive Director, Lynn, discusses the importance of education for animal welfare.

One thing that sets HAWS apart from other shelters is our attitude towards education and learning. We believe that we will help more animals in our community by helping people help animals. We run an extensive Education Department whose primary function is to spread humane sentiments throughout the community.

What does that mean? It means taking humane values such as compassion and empathy, add in skills such and nurturing and responsible pet ownership, top it off with knowledge about a variety of species and you have the formula to create a child with a heart and soul that believes in treating all living beings with respect and dignity.

It is important for us to raise the next generation of animal lovers — to educate and fan the flames of compassion — to build a better community. What children learn about animals today will later be passed on to their children. It will underscore all of the things that they do now and in the future. This is why we believe in humane education.

Helping owners bring out the best in their pets is another facet of education. If a dog receives socialization and training at a young age, the dog will be less likely to bite or need to be rehomed for bad manners. Giving owners a variety of skills and techniques for working with their dogs, cats or rabbits, or helping them understand their pet’s specific needs is another way we educate. Our Behavior Department is there to help problem-solve or enhance relationships so everyone in the family thrives.

Overall, we will have a greater impact by creating a culture of learning about animals throughout Waukesha County and our surrounding area. This sets HAWS apart from the rest. It’s not just about the animals in our walls, it is about all of the animals in the community – and we can help them even more by educating the animal lovers around them.

Lights, Camera...HAWS!

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HAWS has entered a partnership with Stray Pride to present regular segments on TMJ4's The Morning Blend. Every other Thursday, from July 17 thru December 18th, a different aspect of HAWS will be featured - including adoptable pets, special events and ways to get involved in the "HAWS cause."

Today we welcomed Yoda and Lisa and Paul and Kim to HAWS to shoot "Yoda Cam" video and b-roll footage for an upcoming segment on HAWS' Mobile Adoption Center.

Yoda was a pro, visiting HAWS' dogs, cats and small animals available for adoption. It was EXHAUSTING work - thanks, Yoda! And thanks, Lisa, for getting him "camera-ready!"

We let Paul take over with the big camera to film Johanna, Lucky, Karma and Cheyenne outside. Mya and Maddie and the kids at this week's Kids 'N Critters Day Camp also helped us inside with more footage! All of the video will be edited and put together for segments airing on July 31st and later in the future.

Our hope is that with this partnership we'll get even more animals adopted into their new forever homes...and with Lisa's help we'll get even more people talking about HAWS and supporting our efforts for the animals in Waukesha County and beyond.

Tune in next Thursday...and join us at HAWS!

By the way - this weekend it's Choose Your Cruise day at HAWS (7/26 from noon-2pm)...and we're gearing up for Ride for Rover and the Pet Fair in Menomonee Falls on 8/16! Just announced: Move Your Mutt for HAWS on October 19th...don't miss out!

Scooter and Magnus - so happy together!

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An update on Jen's recently adopted dog, Magnus - 4 hairy paws from HAWS!

Hard to believe Magnus has been part of our family for almost 3 months! Like many things, it seems both longer than that and shorter as well. He certainly acts like he's always been a part of our family...and Scooter and our cat, Elliott, have accepted him as a sibling, too.

The adjustment period for a new pet can be challenging - and we decided to make ours even more interesting by taking "Mags" on a hiking vacation with us less than a month after the papers were signed! Not something I would recommend for everyone, but it really helped us all bond, and gave Magnus a true taste of the good life. Dog-friendly cafes! Door County parks! The beach! (A tired dog is a good dog...)

Magnus definitely has his issues. He has a very high "startle" and can be quite the momma's boy. One thing that will help that is time - he's becoming more confident of his permanence with our family with each passing day. But another tactic is exposure - to strange new experiences, people, animals, noises and more. He'll be wearing a harness for safety when out and about for the foreseeable future. And we're keeping treats close by to positively reinforce his good reactions.

I'm fortunate to have so many resources where I work! HAWS' Behavior Department staff and volunteers have been extremely helpful while we navigate "underconfident dog" territory. Oh, and that tick that latched on to him about a month ago and was fully engorged? Thankfully the vet staff in our SNIP clinic were able to calm me down. And it is so nice to have a groomer for a co-worker when your pet resembles a miniature woolly mammoth...

As HAWS' marketing person I often use the phrase "HAWS is the #1 resource for pets and their people." I personally am testing that - and loving the results! Hey - how about YOU come and adopt 4 paws from HAWS and see for yourself?!

By the way - summer time fun times at HAWS include a WKLH Choose Your Cruise registration event (7/26), our 5th Ride for Rover motorcycle rally (8/16) and the Pet Fair in the Falls (8/16, too). Join us!

We all scream for ICE CREAM!!

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Humane society Waukesha, ice cream, Good Harvest Market

At HAWS, we LOVE partnering with other members of our community. This Saturday we've got a great event that everyone can enjoy - while helping raise funds for the HAWS cause!

Join us at 1850 Meadow Lane, Waukesha/Pewaukee, on 7/12!Good Harvest Market in Waukesha/Pewaukee presents the Ice Cream Social & HAWS Adoptable Pet Meet & Greet on Saturday, July 12th, from noon - 4pm.

- HAWS Mobile Adoption Center will be on hand with dogs, cats and other great small animals that are available for adoption at the shelter.
- Build your own organic sundae for $2! Really, what's better on a hot summer day than ice cream with toppings?!
- All ice cream proceeds AND 5% of the total day’s sales will be donated to HAWS. Bring along your grocery list and shop for HAWS!

Join us as we team with Good Harvest to promote the humane care and treatment of all animals! Come find your new best friend, chat with HAWS volunteers while they bag your groceries, and enjoy a yummy treat!

Good Harvest Market is located at 1850 Meadow Lane, which is 1 block south of I-94 on Hwy T in Waukesha.

By the way - while you're filling out your summer calendar, don't forget the great HAWS' events coming up, like Ride for Rover (8/16), HAWS' Pet Fair in Menomonee Falls (8/16), and Puppy Parties every Sunday!

Summertime Fun With HAWS

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It's raining at HAWS...Join us at our Kitten Shower!

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June is Adopt a Cat Month!

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Humane society Waukesha, adopt a cat, Kitten Shower, kittens for adoption

If you love cats, every month is Cat Month. At HAWS, we're especially cognizant of June being Adopt-A-Cat Month. And we have some great cats for your consideration!
Stuart the cat.
Every year as the weather warms here in Wisconsin, we anticipate the arrival of "Kitten Season" at HAWS. While kittens are adorable and fun, we worry how their appearance on the scene can diminish the appeal of adult cats to those who come in to our shelter looking to adopt.

Danny and Clyde, a bonded pair.June is Adopt-A-Cat Month. Currently at HAWS we have more than 40 adult cats, ages 1 year to 12 years, waiting for new forever homes. Some of them have been waiting since early this year, while others arrived as recently as today. All of them are ready to go home whenever the right match what are you waiting for?

Jane is a pastel tortie cat.Stuart is an orange and white tabby male, age 2, who has been hangin' at HAWS since February. Clyde and Donny, a bonded pair of 2 year olds, have been HAWS residents since April. Jane has also been wtih us since April - at 12 years young she's one of our oldest residents but she is very young at heart! We even have 2 Shadows - one is 8 years young and one is only 3 - both of whom would like to bask in the sun at your home.

Stop by our shelter today to meet your new best friend...and adopt 4 awesome cat paws from HAWS!

By the way - along with our Kitten Shower event on June 28th, we'll be giving away special gifts to those who adopt adult cats! Join us!

HAWS' Summer: Camp, Going Mobile...and a Shower!

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How do I get a job like yours?

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Humane society Waukesha, Volunteer

HAWS Executive Director, Lynn Olenik, shares insight on getting into the field of animal welfare.

It’s Graduation Season! Congratulations to all of the graduates from college, high school and even those moving on from middle school. We learn at such a young age that change happens and the future isn’t always clear.

While talking with one grad recently, I was asked “How do I get a job like yours?” Education is a great start, but how do you get experience?

Training for this job started years ago with my interest in animals and a willingness to learn everything I could from the opportunities presented. Those were not always the jobs I’d hoped for, but there is something of value to take away from each position you hold.

Volunteering is a great way to get involved in an organization and learn what you like, what you don’t like and to network with like-minded individuals. It’s often the way you hear about other opportunities and learn what is available in a field that may interest you. But remember, volunteering is a great way to get a job reference only if you do your best and treat it seriously.

Part time work in the field you love, though it won’t be enough to sustain you long term, is another way to gain experience. I worked in a dog kennel, vet clinic and trained dogs, all part time to keep my passion alive while I networked and honed my business skills in places not animal related but with great training programs.

So as you graduate and look at a tough job market, remember you can use and increase your skills if you are creative, ambitious and willing to help while you learn.

Congratulations graduates!

By the way - At HAWS, we also have a new crop of graduates...from our KITTY COLLEGE! Learn more here, or stop by our Kitten Shower on June 28th for a sneak peek...

Have a Memorable Memorial Weekend!

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Humane society Waukesha

With a holiday weekend approaching, HAWS gives a few tips to make sure the memories are pleasant for everyone.

Happy Memorial Day! So many thanks to our service men and women who have given so much to allow us to keep our freedoms.

Often our best animal friends like join in the picnics and parades and fun and family times along with us. With a few easy steps, we can all have a happy holiday.

No onions, please. The burgers and hotdogs on the grill taste great to all, but if you’re sharing with Fido or Fluffy, please hold the onions as they are toxic to animals. Keep them away from the alcohol, too, and the chocolate brownies and cookies (all the more for you!).

Don’t pump up the volume. Anyone can be startled by sudden loud noises – our pets can be especially bothered by the sounds of firecrackers, marching bands and even cars (they don’t have the same frame of reference for noises as we do). So make sure they have a quiet refuge when they need it…at least until someone invents doggy-fit noise cancelling headphones!

Who are you? NOW is the time to make sure your pet has the proper identification – including tags on their collar and an implanted microchip. Put as many phone numbers as possible on the I.D. tag – cell phones, work phones, family members who can help find you, a trusted neighbor. And remember, a microchip I.D. doesn’t fall off if the collar does! (We can do the microchipping at HAWS – just stop in anytime during our open hours.) Report your lost pet to HAWS – keep this link handy!

By the way – make plans to attend HAWS annual Kitten Shower on Saturday, June 28th. Help celebrate “kitten season” with contests, cake and kittens! Even see our feline students in action at HAWS’ unique Kitty College!

HAWS Receives Pathology Report for Frame Park Pit

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Humane society Waukesha

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HAWS' Youth Community Kindness Award 2014

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane society Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, youth, award

Guest blogger Lynn Olenik, HAWS’ Executive Director, announces the 2014 winner of the Diana Boettcher Youth Community Kindness Award presented by HAWS.

Diana Boettcher was a resident of Oconomowoc throughout her life, caring for the wildlife and the animals of the community for many years. She could be formidable if needed, but held a special spot in her heart for animals, always treating them with kindness and compassion. 

WhHAWS' Youth Community Kindness Award winner Sophie Gosetti.en Diana passed away, her neighbors helped establish an award in her name, to recognize a young person in the community who exhibits kindness towards animals, just as she did. The Diana Boettcher Youth Community Kindness Award is presented each year at HAWS’ annual Pet Walk in May.

This year we had a number of wonderful nominees for this award. As a member of the selection committee I found it difficult to choose just one winner, but this year’s recipient, Sophie Gosetti, definitely deserves the award. Sophie is a member of our Critter Club, where she volunteers as often as the opportunity presents its self. She has been an active volunteer for 2 additional organizations, both focused on animals. For a young person she sets a great example, always putting the animals first and turning down other activities to fulfill her volunteer commitment. She is genuinely happy when handling the animals and even is cheerful during cleaning tasks. 

Sophie sets an example for all of us to follow, in her dedication and kind spirit. Congratulations to Sophie and all of our other nominees!

By the way – while the school year winds down, the learning opportunities at HAWS ramp up! Join us for one of our dog or cat seminars, send the kids to camp at HAWS, become proficient in Pet First Aid, enroll Fido in dog training…get “schooled” at HAWS!

Pet Walk Goal: $40K for a New Ride!

adopt a cat, adopt a dog, animal shelter, HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Humane society Waukesha, fundraising, Walk

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When Scooter Met Magnus

adopt a dog, animal shelter, HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Humane society Waukesha, Pet, Walk

Jen takes a break from the usual event-promotion blog topics to share a personal experience - adopting her own 4 paws from HAWS!

When people find out where I work, they often comment "I could never work there - I'd want to take every animal home with me." This usually makes me chuckle, because there is NO WAY to fit all 6,000 animals in my house each year. Even if everyone on staff took their fair share, we would each need to take home approximately 120 animals every year. Including feral cats. And a snake or two. Not gonna happen.

But, that doesn’t mean we are immune to falling in love with one of HAWS’ adoptable pets from time to time. For me, this meant opening our home last week to our newest child, Magnus.

Magnus is a happy, wiggly mix of German Shepherd and wooly mammoth. He’s also under 2 years old – and afraid of his own shadow. The last time we had a young dog in our house was over a decade ago. And our older dog, Scooter, is not only confident but also very relaxed. With any luck, her completely opposite ways will rub off on him…while they run each other ragged in our backyard. (Fingers crossed.)

We’re going through the get-to-know-you phase, which will be followed by the attend-dog-training-classes phase and hopefully the mostly-happily-ever-after phase. We’ve been there before; we just need to remember the patience and time it takes. But it is so worth it.

I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you’re up for it, there’s a lot of room on this journey and lots of pets waiting to go on it with you!

By the way – less than 2 weeks until the Friends of HAWS’ 31st annual Pet Walk! Have you created your online fundraising page yet? Are you making plans to bring the gang and join us in Sussex? Hope so! We’ll see you next Saturday!

Annie's Fund: Insurance for the Future

HAWS, , HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Humane society Waukesha, Annie's Fund

For the past few months, HAWS has been raising money for Annie’s Fund, the medical assistance program for homeless pets. Along the way we’ve shared stories of dogs, cats, rabbits – animals that look to HAWS for help.

Our goal for the Annie’s Fund campaign this spring has been to raise $10,000. With those funds readily available, we can jump in without hesitation to help the animals that come to HAWS needing special medical care.

Bear the rescued Chow and human sister, Madison.We are so fortunate that our community has always been responsive to our pleas for help. Whenever we’ve needed help, YOU have generously stepped forward with your support. It makes us proud and confident that we can continue to serve the needs of the pets and people of the Waukesha County area.

So why do a fundraiser when there isn’t a particular, specific need?

It never fails…we think we’re in a “quiet” stretch and then WHAMMO! Emergency! Last spring we had both a cat hoarding situation and dog rescue – within weeks of each other. Emergencies happen when you least expect them…or can least afford to deal with them. While insurance covers disasters and accidents, there’s no insurance for the types of animal care situations we face at HAWS. So Annie’s Fund works like insurance for HAWS; ready when we need it, available so we can take action immediately.

We’re not quite to our $10,000 goal – we’ve raised $7,000 and still need $3,000. In the last few weeks of our official fundraising campaign, we’re asking for that final push to get us over the top. So we can help the animals get over their pain – and get going with their happy lives.

Please give today!

By the way – we’re getting ever closer to our 31st Annual Pet Walk! Join us at Sussex Village Park on May 3rd…and join in the fundraising online right now!

HAWS Springs Into Action This Month

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Humane society Waukesha

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Think Spring? We're already thinking Summer - and Camp!

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Humane society Waukesha, Milwaukee Admirals, House Rabbit

Send your child to HAWS' Kids 'N Critters Day Camp this summer! Sessions are now open for enrollment...and your kids do NOT want to miss this!

Kids 'N Critters is for children ages 7-14. Sessions are 1-day, 2-day and week-long, and include lots of hands-on learning and fun. We even have specialty camps like Shutterbug Camp (for budding animal photographers) and Art Camp (when your pet inspires you, you create!).

And, back by popular demand, campers can again participate in Camp Gone to the Dogs! During this week-long session teams of campers are paired with a specific dog in HAWS' shelter. They do training and behavior exercises with that dog and track their progress, giving the new adoptive home a pre-trained pet and a great start!

Camp is designed to help children understand the responsibility that goes along with pet ownership. But, it also gives them the chance to interact with many different species - including exotic pets! At the end of camp, kids are more aware of animal welfare issues and our general duty to the animals in our community.

Sound like fun? It is! But, Kids 'N Critters is also quite popular, so don't let your child miss out on this great way to spend their summer! Enrollment is open today - log on to the Summer Camp page on our website and get your child started on the summer of a lifetime.

By the way - it's a busy weekend for HAWS: Join us at the Milwaukee Admirals Dog Day hockey game on Sunday, or stop by the shelter for our annual Bunny Day! Get all the details at

Are You Ready to Walk?!

adopt, HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Humane society Waukesha, Walk

Come celebrate spring with HAWS at our 31st Annual Pet Walk, sponsored by the Friends of HAWS! 

Bring your dog, your kids - the whole family - and join us for this fun event held May 3rd at Sussex Village Park. There is something for everyone, with walking trails, great lunch items, vendors and, best of all, camaraderie with fellow pet lovers and their beautiful dogs. So if dogs make you smile, be sure to join us at this fantastic fundraiser for the animals at HAWS.

This year the Friend’s group is raising money for a new HAWS’ Animal Rescue vehicle. Money raised from this year’s Walk will go towards both the purchase of this vehicle and the animals at HAWS. This vehicle will be on duty 24/7/365 in our community to assist animals in need. We transport sick or injured wildlife, and stray and abandoned or injured domestic animals, responding every day as needed to our Waukesha County communities. Each year we respond to over 1500 calls for help with animals in our surrounding communities.

There are so many ways you can donate! Make your own personal online fundraising page by going to the Walk page of our website, Or, collect pledges, walk the trail and then turn the funds in at the Walk itself. Or simply join us, have lunch with us and make a donation. 

There are many ways you can give and many ways you can enjoy the day! We’ll see you May 3rd!

By the way - this Sunday is the day to see the transformation from fuzzy to fabulous! Extreme Makeover: HAWS Edition begins at noon!

The "C-Section Six"

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Humane society Waukesha, pet

February 19th was not just any old Wednesday at HAWS. By mid-afternoon our shelter had welcomed 6 new residents – but they didn’t arrive in one of the usual ways…

A lovely young Pit Bull arrived at HAWS on Valentine’s Day. A stray, she was found not far from the shelter and brought in by a concerned citizen.

It didn’t take a close examination to figure out that this was a soon-to-be-mom. HAWS’ SNIP vet, Dr. Meyer, predicted the pups would arrive before their mom’s stray hold was up a week later.

Birth day arrived shortly! Mom delivered her first baby on the morning of the 19th, but staff soon realized that she was going to need help with the rest of her litter, and an emergency c-section was performed! Soon, HAWS’ caretakers were cleaning and suctioning and warming six beautiful puppies. Mom jumped in right away to take over, and the family settled in for recovery.

Knowing the importance of early development, almost immediately HAWS’ Mod Squad members led the staff in “Super Dog” exercises. These are designed to encourage neurological growth and stimulate the newborn puppies’ senses, getting them off to the best start possible...after a rather traumatic entry into the world.

What’s up next for the “C-Section Six” and their Mom? The little family headed off to a breed rescue for foster care, to quickly get them into that all-important home environment! They are receiving very close monitoring and lots of socialization time, and when the right day comes they will all be adopted into loving families.

Many thanks to the woman who found this dog and cared enough to bring her to safety at HAWS! Kudos to the HAWS vet care team, caretakers and animal handlers for their quick actions and expertise. And gratitude to the wonderful folks at breed rescue for opening their home and hearts to foster this new little clan.

Happy trails and tails, Aurora Moo-Moo, Tonka, Zoey, Murphy, Mimi, Sephora and Pirate!

By the way – this Saturday the Friends of HAWS present the Multi-Media Sale! Purchase new and gently used CDs, DVDs, video games, books, magazines…all in support of HAWS! We’ll see you on 3/15 from 10am – 3pm.

MARCH to HAWS' Beat this Month

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Humane society Waukesha, Milwaukee Admirals, House Rabbit

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Celebrate LIFE - it's World Spay Day!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Humane society Waukesha, World Spay Day

HAWS again joins animal rescue organizations around the globe to observe World Spay Day 2014 – Tuesday, February 25th.

In honor of the annual world-wide awareness campaign to prevent pet overpopulation, HAWS’ Spay-Neuter Initiative Program (SNIP) Clinic is providing free spay-neuter services for the pets of qualifying Waukesha County residents this week. Noted Lynn Olenik, HAWS Executive Director: “Our focus is on cats, kittens, Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes – species and breeds most at risk in Waukesha County.”

Olenik continued: “Throughout the entire year, HAWS’ SNIP clinic offers many free and low-cost opportunities for pet owners. Project Guardian, in particular, provides free spays and neuters for those with outdoor/barn cat populations. Since Project Guardian began almost a decade ago, the number of homeless cats coming to HAWS has been reduced by more than 30%. Spay-neuter works!”

HAWS asks for support through “Sponsor-A-Spay” donations to the shelter. A simple donation of $30 covers one cat neuter, and $75 a dog spay. Any amount - $5 to $500 - makes a difference and saves lives! To make a donation, call HAWS at 262-542-8851, visit or send a donation to HAWS SNIP, PO Box 834, Waukesha, WI, 53187-0834.

To promote greater community awareness, area breed rescue groups have been invited to join HAWS for a Spay Day celebration on Wednesday, February 26th at 11:30 a.m., to share cake and tour the shelter’s surgical suite. HAWS veterinarians and SNIP clinic staff will be available to answer questions.

“World Spay Day promotes the control of our pet population in a very positive light,” said Olenik. “And everyone can get involved in Spay Day, by advocating spay and neuter for pets, purchasing a limited edition World Spay Day t-shirt at HAWS, or with a financial contributions,” said Olenik.

By the way - this weekend is HAWS Annual RODENT RALLY!! Join us on Saturday for a day of all things little-critter. Details at

SomeBUNNY to Love!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Humane society Waukesha, house rabbits, World Spay Day

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Annie's Fund - the story of a community's generous compassion

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, dogs, adopt, animals

It was the early 1990s. The HAWS staff figured the stray black lab-cattle dog mix’s age to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 years old.

But no one knew for sure, since no one knew who her owner had been. A woman and her children found the injured dog, hit by a passing car and having sustained serious injuries. Not knowing what to do, this compassionate lady came to HAWS for help.

HAWS’ manager Mark Hess contacted a local vet for the diagnosis; a broken pelvis that would require several surgeries and, eventually, a plate and two pins to fix. The doctor generously offered to reduce the fees for the dog’ care, and gave her the name Annie, after the red-headed orphan.

Meanwhile, the lady who initially found Annie still wanted to lend a hand. Along with some very dedicated co-workers, she took up a collection amounting to more than $1,000, which her company matched, and “Annie’s Fund” was born. As Annie’s plight became known throughout the community, more donations arrived at HAWS.

This generosity led Annie’s Fund to what it is today: a means to assist the injured, homeless animals that arrive at HAWS needing care - and a second chance.
To date we aren't sure how many animals have been helped through Annie's Fund...but we ARE sure there will be more.

That is why we are asking for our community's help once again. Over the next 10 weeks we are hoping to raise $10,000 for Annie's Fund, to ensure we can answer the call of the next animal - and the next and the next. Please donate today!

Annie and all of her friends thank you!

By the way - this Friday and Saturday it's the annual Friends of HAWS Have a Heart Bake Sale...yum!

It's Time for "The Talk"

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Spay, neuter, Waukesha, World Spay Day

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In or Out?

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, adopt, dog, cat, cold

Your friends at HAWS present a cautionary tale about doggy doors and bad weather...

HAWS' Chief Animal Rescuer, Mark, went out last nite to assist local law enforcement personnel. They were following up on concerned citizen reports of a loose dog, out in the dropping temps. After covering several miles, the dog finally sat still long enough for Mark and the officer to get a good look...and then it took off again and disappeared!

Fearing the worst, the men followed the tracks. Fortunately, after a little detective work, the dog was eventually found snoozing on it's own couch. It was discovered that this canine had free run of the neighborhood at all times because of several doggy doors installed at its home.

Because of the territory the dog covered over those several hours, the dog's fate could have been much worse - it crossed several highways and outran many people that feared for it's safety. And let's face it, it was COLD last night - not good weather for any housepet, let alone this short-coated dog.

Doggy doors have also been known, in both cold and warm weather, to let in things like skunks and raccoons in addition to the household pet! Not exactly the house guest one is hoping for - nor the idea behind giving your pet a little "freedom."

Please think safety first when considering a doggy door - and be ready for WHATEVER they may allow in or out!
(And when you're in a jam, call our Animal Rescue Team - we're happy to assist.)

Support the Underdog with HAWS!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Project Blue Collar, rescue,

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Winter Safety for All!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, pets, winter, safety

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New Year - New You...Pets & People, Too!

HAWS, Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, adopt, exercise, New Years, resolutions

HAWS has an idea for a New Year’s Resolution for both you and your pet!

An old rerun of the TV show “Mad About You” was on the other day. Paul and Jamie realized their life was getting so crazy that Murray, their lovable dog, was often being left off the priorities list. After much back and forth (the usual for those two), they decided to hire a dog walker.

All went well initially – Murray and Nat got along famously, with Nat going above and beyond for his new charge. Of course, Murray bonded to Nat and there was some jealousy – but balance was achieved and the arrangement ended out working well for all involved.

The recurring joke of the situation initially was the constant question from family, friends and strangers alike:  “What kind of person HIRES someone to walk their dog?!” Paul and Jamie had a difficult time explaining this at-the-time foreign concept.

Here’s a quick answer for them: “The kind of person who cares about the physical and emotional health of their dog, that’s who!” In our busy lives, things have to give – many of the animals at HAWS are the victims of lack of time in a household. Additionally, when we don’t make time for our own good health, chances are we’re not too worried about our pet’s health, either.

For 2014, resolve to take care of both of you! No need to train for a triathlon; just get off the couch and take a walk around the block with your best dog buddy. Teach your cat how to fetch a crinkle ball. Read those food labels and make sure you’re both optimizing your calories.

And if you’re without a pet these days, c’mon over to HAWS and help exercise one of ours – or adopt if you’re ready. You’ll BOTH gain a lot (but not in the weight department, we promise)!

By the way – HAWS’ hits the ground running in the New Year, with our Winter Symposium on 1/11, a visit from the WKLH Workforce on 1/15, our own Waukesha Jan-Boree event on 1/18…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Learn more at – resolve to Advocate, Donate and Volunteer, and help HAWS Build a Society that’s Humane.

Adopt 4 Paws from HAWS: 'Day Tripper'

HAWS, Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, cats in waukesha, adopt, donate, holiday,

Time to stop roaming and start 'homing'! HAWS has just the cat for you.

This handsome brown-tabby gent is an 8-years-young former stray. We don’t really know his background, but we DO know his present: Tripper is a big, solid, calm and confident boy and will make a great friend – especially to kids! After a little playtime with toys, Tripper will enjoy just being around the family and sharing your lives.

Notice Tripper’s ears? They really set him apart from all the rest! Possibly a leftover from frostbite, love is really the only therapy he needs. Tripper will be the easiest new addition to your home and family.

To learn more about Tripper – or any other HAWS adoptable pet, give us a call at 262.542.8851. Then, do a meet’n’greet with Tripper at HAWS’ off-site adoption center at Petco-Waukesha on 1240 W. Sunset – in the Shoppes at Fox River. Fill out our adoption application and get set to make this great cat a ‘day-tripper’…to your house!

By the way – there is still time to make a year-end donation to HAWS, to support the animals that need homes and the programs that make a difference throughout our community! Log onto today and support the HAWS Cause!

Happy Holidays from HAWS

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, animal shelter, adopt, donate, holidays

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A little "fuzzy" on gift ideas this holiday season? HAWS can help!

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, adopt, holidays, gifts

This time of year the stress of finding that perfect gift for your loved one, person or pet, can be overwhelming.  At HAWS we have a few suggestions – and they’ll DO good while making you FEEL good!

HAWS has joined the Angels for Animals holiday campaign created by MECA (Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals). Purchase a $20 ornament off the tree in our lobby and the full cost is donated to HAWS! Also, if you would like to do more, one of our “Wish List” items is on the back of the ornament for further giving ideas. How neat – you get a super-cute keepsake ornament and the animals get food, shelter and love! Donations can also be made at the Angels for Animals website.

In keeping with the helping animals idea, how about Sponsoring a Pet at HAWS? Help HAWS’ Behavior Department and Mod Squad continue their important work with the animals in our shelter – making them the best possible adoptable pet. Any amount will help keep this life-saving program going, so drop a donation in snail mail or log onto (choose the Behavior Department page and “Mod Squad Works” for details). Also, you can log onto our Pet Showcase and choose a HAWS adoptable pet for an online donation. Easy, peasy!

Interested in helping with the ever-present issue of pet overpopulation? Sponsor-A-Spay through HAWS’ SNIP clinic and save lives with spays/neuters of shelter and rescue pets, through Project Guardian, and through free World Spay Day surgeries.

There’s something for everyone! HAWS needs scholarships for deserving kids to attend our camps and education programs, food/treats for all of our kennel residents, supply donations to keep our operating costs down, dollars for Annie’s Fund medical assistance for shelter pets and more. A Sustaining Membership means your monthly donations for a year give continued support to HAWS.  Or, choose an Annual Membership (a once-a-year donation) and let your loved one stay connected to all things HAWS. And you can make a lasting impression on HAWS with the purchase of a Tribute Paver Brick, Tile or engraved plaque. These tributes are placed on display at HAWS, easily viewed at any time by the honoree or their family and friends.

Happy Holidays from HAWS!

By the way – HAWS’ Mobile Adoption Center doesn’t go on hiatus for the holidays! This weekend we’ll be at PetSmart in Pewaukee for “Santa Claws,” Barnes & Noble of Brookfield Square for gift wrapping, Pets Supplies ‘N’ More in Muskego for nail trims and microchipping. Join us!

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving about a "HAWSy Holiday"?

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, adopt, holiday, camp, Giving Tuesday, Cyber Monday

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SPARK-ing Responsibility and Empathy

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Humane society Waukesha, adopt, SPARK, grant, navidad

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Go ahead and's for the animals!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, shelter, Taco John's, nachos, Nachos Navidad

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Our Rizzo Isn't so Tough...

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, adopt, Rizzo, Partners for Humanity

Sometimes a gal is just looking for love. At HAWS, we have one girl in particular who's search continues.

Rizzo is a 9-year-old Cattle Dog Mix.Rizzo is a Cattle Dog mix, about 9 years old. She likes to be active and be the boss...but she's really not a tough chick. What she really wants is to live the good life! Maybe she'll find that with you?

Adopters interested in Rizzo will meet with one of HAWS' trainers to get tips on making her transition into your home a smooth one. Because, after all, being together is the word! (We'll stay away from 'grease' - it's not great for the skin....)

Learn all about HAWS' adoptable friends here. Or, better yet, stop by in person - HAWS is open 7 days a week at 701 Northview Road, Waukesha. Call our Adoption Counselors at 262-542-8851 to learn all about our pets and how to adopt, or log onto for the latest news, activities and adoptable pets at our shelter!

Viewing/Adopting hours are Monday through Friday, 1:00 - 6:00 p.m.; Saturday, 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.; and Sunday, Noon - 4:00 p.m.

HAWS' Partners for Humanity campaign ad was created by Zizzo Group!By the way - HAVE YOU VOTED? Log on EVERY DAY to vote for HAWS in the Partners for Humanity Campaign online contest, now through November 14th! Help HAWS win dollars to help the animals at our shelter and all throughout our community.

A November to remember starts of festively at HAWS!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, TTouch, holiday, shopping, Victoria Papa, cats

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Adopt Eight Lucky Paws from HAWS

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, TTouch, adopt, rabbit, guinea pig

In honor of our upcoming “TTouch for Little Critters” class at HAWS on November 3rd, we present a pair of adoptable little critters!

Meet Tulip and Petunia, a sweet and gentle pair of bonded Dutch Rabbit sisters. They love to be petted, and can be found snuggled together and grooming each other often. They will make you smile!

Did you know house rabbits can live to be 8-10 years old? If you’re ready to give a rabbit a forever loving home, please come in and ask to visit with one – or two – of our many adoptable rabbits or other “little critters”! You may just fall in love!

(Don’t forget - free with all rabbit adoptions is the “House Rabbit Handbook: How to Live with an Urban Rabbit.”)

By the way - we have several upcoming events geared towards small animal pets and their people:

THIS Sunday, October 27th we present the Guinea Pig Primer, a fun afternoon all about our little best friends! Meet other guinea pig families, share stories and photos, learn from guest speakers Dr. Denise Follett, DVM and Susan Scheck, MS.

Then, on Sunday, November 3rd, come to TTouch for Little Critters. Learn how to use specific gentle touches to help release tension in stressful situations for your rabbit, guinea pig or other small pet. Build confidence and a long-lasting bond through touch. Class fee is $15 (children under 16 only $7, but they must attend with an adult) and the materials fee is $5. Pre-registration is required.

Log on to for details and registration.

A Cat-tastic Adoption Special

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, shelter, adopt, cat, halloween, trick or treat

We have an abundance of cats available at HAWS - and our Trick or Treat Cat Adoption Special is a sweet deal you won't want to miss!

Meet Raven, Cosmo, Luke, Autumn and Fluffy!

Autumn is a shorthaired "torbie" cat.These 5 cats are just a handful of the great felines waiting at HAWS for their new adoptive homes. We have all ages, colors and sizes...if you've ever thought about adding a cat to your family, NOW is definitely the time.


Even better, you can take advantage of our Trick or Treat Cat Adoption Special!


Raven is a domestic shorthaired cat.First, come to HAWS and find your new best cat buddy, aged 4 months and up.  Then, pick a piece of candy from our Treat basket.  The number on the wrapper is your adoption fee – anywhere from $30 all the way down to $1!

We've even got special deals for pairs of cats and kittens – so if you just have to have 2 of these cat-tastic pets, you’re in luck, too.  Trust us, black cats at HAWS are the bearers of GOOD fortune!

Learn all about HAWS' adoptable friends at our Pet Showcase at  Or, better yet, stop by in person - HAWS is open 7 days a week at 701 Northview Road, Waukesha.

See you at the Shelter!

By the way – from our Haunted HAWS to our Guinea Pig Primer, from the Holiday Bazaar to Holiday Pet Photos, we’ve got lots of great goings-on for pets and their people.  We hope you’ll join in the fun - all in support of the “HAWS cause.”


Only 10 Days Until "Haunted HAWS!"

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, adopt, halloween, Waukesha, pets

Haunted HAWS, the fall-fundraiser and Halloween bash to benefit the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County, is only 10 days away: now is the time to get into the “spirit” and Eat, Drink and Be Scary for HAWS!

You know you want to "BEE" there!Admission is $50 per person; tickets are limited and going quickly. Purchase yours at the Waukesha shelter at 701 Northview Road, online at or by calling 262-542-8851, x112.

On Friday, October 18, 2013 the Country Springs Hotel, 2810 Golf Road, Pewaukee, will be transformed into a ghostly graveyard and haunted mansion from 5:30 – 9:30 p.m. The party includes dinner and dessert buffets, silent auction and more:

  • Show your Spirit: come in costume and win great prizes!
  • Trick or Treat with the great balloon raffle.
  • No Scaredy Cats at the meet’n’greet with HAWS adoptable pets: watch them in the Pet Parade complete with Halloween costumes!
  • Let the Ghoul times roll with music by DJ Majic.
  • Learn all about the great things going on at HAWS at the Spooktacular staff booths.

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A Boo-tiful Month for the Animals

HAWS, Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, adopt, Halloween, party, canine

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Eat, Drink and Be Scary for HAWS!

HAWS, Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Patricia McConnell, halloween, costumes

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Back to School means Back to HAWS!

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, dog training, Patricia McConnell

HAWS, the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County, welcomes fall with learning and fun for pets and their people.

Dr. Patricia McConnell helps dogs and humans speak the same language in
Lost in Translation?” at HAWS on September 25th at 6:30p.m. Become fluent in all things canine during this discussion of how dogs use sight, sounds, smell and touch to communicate. At $40 per attendee, this evening will be a sellout! Register today at

HAWS’ fall classes for 4-legged kids include Life Skills for Puppies, Basic Manners, Loose Leash Walking, Scent Work, Confident Canine, Dog Play – even Kitty College! Sessions fill quickly; enroll in one of HAWS’ many training classes by calling 262-542-8851, x114 or log on to

HAWS’ Mobile Adoption Center
“brings happy tails to you” with special visits to Starbucks Muskego (9/5), North Prairie Harvest Fest (9/15), Walgreen’s Muskego (9/21) and Woodman’s Waukesha (9/22). Regular monthly visits to the Petco stores in Waukesha, Delafield and Germantown; PetSmart locations in Brookfield and Pewaukee; Hooves ‘n’ Paws, Oconomowoc and Pet Supplies ‘N More, Muskego round out the calendar. For details and info on bringing happy tails to your business click

Additional highlights on
HAWS’ September Calendar include:
Common K-9 Behavior Problems – a FREE seminar on the basics of good dog behavior (9/16)
Volunteer Orientations (9/4 and 9/15, pre-registration required); the Friends of HAWS meet 9/11
“Pet”-icures – small animals (9/11 at Pet Supplies Plus, 9/21 at HAWS); cats (9/14, 9/24 HAWS)
Pet First Aid (9/21) – call 262-879-0165 for details/registration
GPA-WI greyhound meet’n’greet (9/28) – in HAWS’ lobby

Join us in support of the HAWS cause this September!

By the way - It's time to eat, drink and be scary! Tickets are now available for Haunted HAWS – the Halloween costume party/annual fundraiser set for October 18th from 5:30-9:30pm. Let the ‘ghoul’ times roll with a silent auction, dinner/dessert buffets, raffles, music by DJ Majic, the adoptable pets Costume Parade and more. Admission is $50/person; sponsorships and reserved tables are still available – call 262.542.8851, x112.

All Creatures, Great and Small - at HAWS you can adopt them all!

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, adopt, mice, Boo

HAWS open admissions policy means many different types of pets  come to HAWS as a safe haven!

Boo is a busy little white mouse  who is always on the move. His disc running wheel, which he loves and is running on in the 2nd picture, will even come home with him!

Mice need a large space to live in with lots of fun stuff to climb on and out and in. They are fairly independent and can entertain themselves for extended periods of time, but a happy, well-adjusted mouse, like Boo, is one who receives daily handling and interaction. Most mice live about 1½ to 3 years -small animals (and especially mice) have a much shorter life expectancy than dogs and cats, but they still require a commitment.

Owning mice is not as expensive as owning a cat or dog, but that doesn't mean you won't spend money. The initial investment in supplies is likely to cost close to $100, and will include a 10- or 15-gallon aquarium with a fitted cover ($25 - $40) and life’s basics plus some fun extras. Don’t forget bedding material, a water bottle and ceramic food dish, high-quality mouse chow, hiding house, solid-surface exercise wheel, toys and treats. You'll probably spend several hundred dollars per year on bedding and food, both of which average about a bag per month depending on your number of mice.

Open your home to a lonely little homeless mouse or cat or dog or rabbit! C’mon in and visit Boo and his buddies – you might find just the right match.

By the way – back to school means back to HAWS! From dog training to kitty college to first aid and more - the learning starts at

A Summer Rerun

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, humane, adopt, Cosmo

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Ride for Rover - or Cosmo or Wiggles or...

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, ride, motorcycle, adopt, Fair, pets

HAWS’ 4th annual Ride for Rover is this Saturday. It again ‘merges’ with our annual Pet Fair in Menomonee Falls, which is now in its 6th year!

Cosmo is part Pit Bull, part Dalmatian and part lazy.These events are all about raising money and awareness to the plight of homeless pets in our community. It takes an entire community, working together, to fight things like pet overpopulation and animal neglect. But we can have fun doing that work – so the Ride and the Fair bring people out for a day full of activities and camaraderie while we make this world a better place for all of us.

Help us help dogs like Cosmo, a sweet, happy Pit Bull/Dalmatian mix. As a senior dog he knows what the good life is – his favorite pastime is napping. He’s been hanging out with us here at HAWS for way too long now, and it is time he got his own couch!

Wiggles is a young playful cat!Or maybe you’d like to help Wiggles, a young cat looking for a home where he can be his playful and active self. Wiggles is one of dozens of cats and kittens available for adoption at HAWS these days…we know we have the feline to fit your family. And don’t forget we’re your small animal source, too – rabbits, mice, gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, turtles, birds, reptiles… ALL call HAWS their haven.

See you on Saturday – either Riding on your bike or in your car, or at the Fair!

By the way – Ride for Rover is open to carloads, too! If you don’t have a bike yet, pile the gang in the auto and head to Hal’s Harley-Davidson on Saturday morning. The more the merrier. And the Pet Fair is FREE and pet-friendly…so EVERYONE is welcome!

HAWS Adoptables Join the Show!

HAWS, HAWS waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, cats, adopt a cat, cat show

This weekend, adoptable cats from HAWS will again be competing in a regional cat show. Come watch – and maybe take home a star!

The TICA Great Lakes Regional Pedigreed and Household Pet Cat Show runs this entire weekend, August 9-11, at the Waukesha County Expo Center’s Forum Building.

HAWS Mobile Adoption Center representatives will be on hand with a number of cats and kittens, both competing and looking for adoptive homes. We’ll have adoption applications available – in case one of them is your purrfect match! Or, since HAWS is just down the street, stop by our shelter to see the many, many other wonderful cats and kittens looking for new homes!

Midnight, a black 10-month-old shorthair male, and Snowflake, a 1-year-old shorthair female, are just 2 of the great felines waiting at HAWS …and since they have a little free time they thought going to the cat show could be fun. Both cats have been favorites of our staff and are social, loving kids! We think they’re shoo-ins for success at the show.

By the way – you remembered Ride for Rover 4 and the HAWS 6th annual Pet Fair in Menomonee Falls are coming up next Saturday, right? Motorcycles, cars, pets and people are all welcome to join in the fun. Log onto for all the details!

HAWS Hits the Road - Again and Again!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, Waukesha County, National Night Out, Ride for Rover

Summer is the season of roadtrips! We're totally in that spirit at HAWS.

The Ride for Rover early registration deadline is today! Because of the need to pre-order, we can only guarantee we'll have your size for the official R4R4 t-shirt if you sign up NOW...and while we'll still have shirts for those who sign up after today and on the day of (August 17th), we'd HATE to see someone be disappointed because they wanted a XL and we only have smalls left. (We can also guarantee the 2013 shirt is super-cool and you WILL want one.)

When we participated in First Weber - Lake Country's 4th annual "Take Your Dog To Work Day" we KNEW we'd have a blast. We didn't expect them to raise $4000 for the HAWS cause! Read their blog post about the day - and be sure to patronize their sponsors and TYDTWD partners.

Chester the cat checks out HAWS' new PetSmart Pewaukee digs.The new PetSmart store on Capitol Drive in Pewaukee will be hosting HAWS adoptable cats! Their hospitality gives us yet another off-site location to "bring HAWS happy tails to you." Partnerships like this enable HAWS to showcase our adoptables - giving them a better chance at a new loving home even more quickly.

Next Tuesday, August 6 is "National Night Out" - we'll be participating in the events in several local communities, but we are especially proud to be joining the Village of Butler for their celebration for the first time! C'mon out to Upper Frontier Park and say hello to our Mobile Adoptions crew, Behavior Department and Mod Squad reps...and even Mark our Animal Rescue chief!

By the way - check out our website -, follow us on Twitter - HAWS Waukesha, friend us on Facebook at HAWS Waukesha or "Like" our page at Humane Animal Welfare Society - HAWS of Waukesha. We put the socialization in Social Media!

Get Your Pack Together - the Road is Calling!

HAWS, Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Ride for Rover, motorcycles, Poker Run, Fair, pets

In exactly one month HAWS hosts our 4th Annual Ride for Rover! Sign up today - cars, families, pets are all welcome!

By the way - we're again 'merging' 2 great events - you can join the Ride after party from the beginning by heading straight to the 6th Annual HAWS' Pet Fair in Menomonee Falls!


Be Together. Be Safe.

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha County, dog park, play, training

Summer means time outdoors with your best friend. HAWS  reminds you to be safe, no matter what you’re doing or where you are!

You’ve been cautioned to not leave your pets in the car during warm weather. You’ve been warned about fireworks and thunderstorms and their nerve-wracking effect on many animals. You’ve seen the news stories of pets in danger. Maybe you’ve made the trip to “break your dog out of doggie jail” when Fido has taken off on his own and been found by animal control.

But what about when you spend time at the local dog park?

Dog parks can be wonderful places for play and socialization – for dogs and their owners alike. But when dog park users don’t pay attention to their pets, or follow simple guidelines put in place by the park, bad things can and DO happen. Just last week, an animal welfare colleague experienced the unthinkable: his dog was attacked while at an area dog park and later died from the injuries sustained.

This tragedy could have been avoided. Surprisingly, the attacking dogs seemed to be at the park completely unsupervised! It would be crazy to drop off a toddler at the playground and go on a coffee run, yet similarly the owner(s) of these dogs didn’t even remain within eyesight of their pets, let alone take the steps (basic manners training, recall commands) to keep them under control.

The dog park is not a substitute for involvement and engagement with your dog. And when using a dog park, each and every person there has the duty and responsibility to maintain control of their dog. Don’t expect your dog to immediately have the proper etiquette: that is something WE must teach them and reinforce.

The idea of these parks is they are large, safe areas to play – since many of us don’t have big yards the dog park is that outlet. But, too often we hear stories of incidents where one owner wasn’t responsible and others paid the price. Many have had bad enough experiences they no longer frequent a dog park of any kind.

BE WITH YOUR DOG. It’s that simple. And it’s what your dog wants and needs.

By the way – many dog clubs have “etiquette” sessions available – check park bulletin boards for dates and times. HAWS teaches Basic Manners, voice recall and more – training classes that will get both you and your dog ready to be a great park buddy.


Learning Even in Summer

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, summer camp, shelter, animals, cats, humane

HAWS’ intern, Meg, spends a day at camp!

I spent a day recently at HAWS’ Kids ‘N Critters Summer Day Camp. Camp teaches kids how to properly interact with animals of all types. It also educates kids about animal behavior and how they should behave around familiar and strange animals.  In addition, campers learn just how much work and responsibility it is to have a pet.


The campers learned all about cat behavior that day. They learned how to interpret different types of cat behavior, and more importantly, the counselors taught the campers how they should behave around cats. Additionally, in the activity “House Hunters” the campers learned the importance of spaying and neutering. The counselors taught the campers that in order to stop the overpopulation of animals, it’s essential to spay and neuter.


In a presentation called “Before the Bite” by Humane Officer Jill, campers were taught how to detect if an animal is in defense mode. They learned what they can do to prevent harmful bites. I even learned some tips to avoid being bitten!


Overall, HAWS’ Kids ‘N Critters Summer Day Camp is a fun opportunity for kids to learn all about animals. The counselors and guest speaker did an excellent job of engaging the campers in each activity. It was obvious the campers were enjoying their time at HAWS!

No Time for Summertime Blues at HAWS!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Adopt, Ride for Rover, holiday, shelter

Chase away the summertime blues with great activities at HAWS!

Due to the Independence Day holiday, HAWS will be closed to viewing and adoptions on July 4.
Those needing assistance with lost or found animals over the holiday should contact HAWS’ main number (262-542-8851) to be connected to our holiday Rescue team.

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Good Things DO Come in Small Packages!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, Waukesha County, adopt, pets, rabbits, rats

HAWS’ summer intern Meg shares a brand new experience!

Two weeks ago I spent some time in HAWS’ Small Animal Ward. I was surprised that for being so small they sure are a lot of work! It also shocked me that there is so much to know about small animals.

Andy the rat is available for adoption at HAWS!I was impressed with myself that I worked up the courage to hold a rat. While holding the little guy, I soon discovered that the often feared animal is actually quite friendly. It seems to me that once you overcome the strangeness of their tails, they really are fun animals. They definitely aren’t worthy of the bad rep they are often given.

HAWCoco and Walnut are 2 adoptable rabbits at HAWS!S knowledgeable small animals volunteers taught me quite a bit about rabbits as well. Did you know rabbits are prey animals? Due to this, they don’t care for being handled. Although they aren’t fond of being held, they certainly didn’t seem to turn down any petting!

I was fascinated that my time in the small animals ward flew by. The five hours I spent there felt like 5 minutes! I was truly impressed by the amount of time and hard work the volunteers in this ward dedicate to the small animals.

By the way – if you’re a small animal fan you’ll want to save the date for HAWS’ annual Guinea Pig Primer on October 27th and TTouch for Little Critters on November 3rd. Watch our Events Calendar for details!

Finding Out What's Best

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, adopt a dog, dogs, eval, shelter

Another post from HAWS summer intern, Meg!

Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to observe one of the dog behavioral evaluations.  These evaluations are performed to determine what type of home would be most suitable for each adoptable dog at HAWS.

These evaluations test to see if the dogs have a food preference, if they mind being touched while eating, and if they are possessive or aggressive over their food.  The dogs are not fed prior to their evaluations because this encourages them to eat during it.  Yet, although these dogs are probably quite hungry, some still have a preference to which type of food they’ll eat.

Dogs are also tested to see how they react to strangers, startling objects and noises, cats, and other dogs.  These tests all aid in placing dogs with the best match for them.  The behavioral evaluations allow HAWS to discover if each dog is suitable to live with children or other pets. 

After completion of the test the evaluator gives their recommendation on what would be the best forever home for each dog.  These evaluations really show just how much HAWS cares about its animals.  HAWS does everything possible to find forever homes for each and every animal that enters the shelter.

By the way - tomorrow, Friday, June 21st, our friends at First Weber Lake Country are celebrating their 4th annual Take Your Dog To Work Day fundraiser for HAWS!  Join the fun at 2750A Golf Road, Delafield, from 9am to noon.  Meet HAWS adoptable pets, enjoy a hotdog lunch, have your dog compete in the costume show and and other contests, all in support of HAWS.

The Impact of Success

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, adopt, intern, Pet Fair, Ride

This summer, we’re turning over the HAWS blog to our writing intern, Meg, a student at UWM. We hope you enjoy her insights as she discovers “all things HAWS.”

As I sat at the HAWS’ front desk during the first day of my internship, I began to wonder what it must be like for the employees and volunteers at HAWS to hear success stories.  I couldn’t imagine the sense of accomplishment they must feel when they hear these stories that they helped make possible.

While observing the activities going on throughout the day at HAWS, I soon discovered that every worker and volunteer at this organization is essential.  Without these devoted people, the shelter would not be the same, and the many success stories would not exist.    

Midway through my thoughts of HAWS’ amazing cause, I overheard a recent dog adopter say, “I can see her confidence building every day.”  The adoption counselor immediately responded to the man with a proud smile.  I knew at that moment the counselor felt the sense of accomplishment that I had been imagining.  My heart was warmed at seeing the happy adopter standing next to his new furry family member.

After my first day at HAWS I knew how lucky I was to have the opportunity to intern for this wonderful cause.  I realized not only was I lucky to have the opportunity to make an impact on this cause, but also I was lucky to have the opportunity for HAWS to make an impact on me.  I have already developed a deeper appreciation for the kindness in people’s hearts and their devotion to our furry friends.

By the way - save the date for HAWS 6th Annual Pet Fair in Menomonee Falls and 4th Annual Ride for Rover!  On August 17th we're again merging these 2 great events into 1 amazing day for HAWS!  Join us!

HAWS is "Expecting"...and Everyone is Invited!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, kittens for adoption, kittens, kitten shower, donation

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(Adopt A) Cat Month at HAWS

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, adoption, cat show, kitten shower

June is known in the pet world as Adopt A Cat Month or Adopt A Shelter Cat Month.  We’re all over that at HAWS!

If you’re a cat fan or just an animal advocate in general, there are several ways you can help HAWS help cats this month – get involved, donate, help spread the word about our fantastic feline friends.

HAWS’ Kitten Shower is Saturday, June 15. From 11am to 3pm we’ll be celebrating all things kitten – while also getting out information on how you can become a foster home, bring up a well socialized kitten and more. Enjoy cake and a little kitten playtime, too! Don’t forget your shower gift – check out our Wish List for ideas.

veral of HAWS adoptable cats will be participating in the WI-IL Cat Fanciers Show this coming weekend at the Waukesha Expo Center (just down the street from our shelter on Northview Road).  Cheer them on to victory in the household pet division…then take one home as your very own.

The Delafield Public Library has a wonderful display dedicated to information all about cats, adoption, proper cat care, and overpopulation issues we’re facing in Waukesha County. Stop by their branch on Genesee Street (Hwy. C) and read all about it!

Vote for Milo until June 22nd: A local family has entered their cat in the contest – if Milo wins then HAWS receives $4500! Here’s the link to vote every day – search for Milo Willms.

By the way – HAWS’ Project Guardian and SNIP spay-neuter  programs are fighting the good fight against cat overpopulation every day.  Donate and save a life!

Still Haven't Found What They're Looking For (a New Forever Home!)

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, adopt, kittens, kitten shower, adopt a dog, Pitbull

At HAWS, we don't have a time limit for our adoptable pets. As long as they need us to look, we'll keep searching for that new forever home.

Just look at that face!!For Kenya and Cosmo, the search continues. On and on and on...

Kenya has been with us at HAWS for almost a year.  Yes, a year. She joined our shelter family in August, 2012 as a stray and never left. Not to say she hasn't been out - we've taken her to schools, nursing homes, on TV, and to many special events. She's been primped and paraded, mobiled and modeled. But, alas, this almost 7 year old Pitbull is still waiting for that just right home.  Meanwhile, she looks forward to more outings with our Mobile Adoption Center - and time hanging with the Kids 'N Critters Summer Day Camp kids!

Cosmo is another long-termer. While he's only been here since this past winter, he has still seen many kennelmates come and go, possibly because Coz is 9+ years old and a Pitbull mix. He has done the TV show and Mobile Adoption circuit, also, and lately he's been our "face" of Facebook, as various staff and volunteers keep finding him snoozing in silly positions and feel the urge to "share" his bliss. You can bet, tho, he'd be even more blissed-out on someone's couch...

Long-termers, senior pets, stereotyped breeds - these factors can make for a hard sell when it comes to placing a pet. Time and time again, tho, the eventual homes for these animals have reported back to us that the adoption was the best thing they've ever done, and they can't believe how many people missed out on such a great family member.

So, what are YOU waiting for?

By the way - save the date for HAWS' shelter Kitten Shower on June 15th, and Take Your Dog To Work day on June 21st at First Weber - Lake Country. The summer fun has truly begun!

Happy (?) Kitten Season to ALL!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, adopt a kitten, spay-neuter, Kitten Shower

This weekend marks the unofficial beginning of the summer season.  At HAWS we’re already in the midst of another unofficial beginning – that of “kitten season.”

There aren’t any songs written about it, no greeting cards to buy and send, no notation on the calendar.  But every year about this time HAWS can count on being inundated with kittens.  Nature has worked it out this way and we’re just going to roll with it!

Battening down the hatches for this truly blessed event means stockpiling cat litter and kitten food and formula, collecting donations of towels and blankets, signing up as many foster homes as possible, getting our volunteer corps braced for the extra cleaning and adoptions staff ready for the uptick in visitors and adoptions.  We even hold a Kitten Shower to celebrate (Saturday, June 15th).

(Here’s the part where I “make the ask”:  we’d be grateful for your donation!  When you’re out shopping in the next few weeks, can you pick up an extra bag of litter or food, or a canister of KMR formula for HAWS?  Or, if you just want to allocate a few dollars for us to do the shopping we’d be happy to oblige!)

Meanwhile, back at the blog…

On Monday we had more than 100 kittens in foster homes.  On Tuesday that count was down to 86 as several dozen came back ready for adoption!  By this evening the in-foster-care number will again change.  And again on Wednesday morning, and again on Wednesday evening.  You get the idea – so if YOU want to join the foster family ranks, call Kelly at our shelter for info or click on over to our Foster Home Application.  We’ll provide the supplies and kittens, you provide the love.  Warm fuzzy alert!

Happy Summer, everyone!  And happy Kitten Season, too!

By the way – as much as we love kittens, they are symptomatic of the still great problem of pet overpopulation in our County.  The many rural areas are fertile breeding grounds for thousands of cats.  Please help save a life by sponsoring a spay!  And if you know someone who has a cat colony on their property, or just too many cats and could use HAWS’ free Project Guardian spay-neuter service, let us know!  Thank you.


HAWS Rodent Rally is This Sunday!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, Rodent Rally, hamster, adopt, summer camp

Get those rodents running at HAWS  May 19th at the Rodent Rally!

Come to our shelter at 701 Northview Road, Waukesha, this Sunday for a one-of-a-kind event for anyone who has a rodent of any kind - including rats, mice, hamsters and gerbils!  (Altho you should leave your rodent friend at home where they will be more comfortable.)

Itsy, BItsy, Teenie and Tiny - little girl Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters.Special Rodent Rally guest speaker Nicole Waliszewski, DVM, of Brook-Falls Vet Hospital & Exotic Care will take the podium at 12:30pm to discuss common health concerns and treatments.  Your questions are encouraged – and we know you have them.  Also covered will be proper small pet housing and the all-important complete little pet diet.

Isaac and Newton, the little boy Robos.Admission to HAWS' Rodent Rally is FREE, but donations to HAWS' Small Animal Fund are greatly appreciated. 

While you’re here, stop by and say hello to our Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters currently available for adoption!  The girls are Itsy, Bitsy, Teenie and Tiny, and the boys are Isaac and Newton.  Since they love being together they should be adopted either as groups or in pairs.  Robo Hamsters are very active and always on the move – they enjoy hanging out together and scampering around non-stop exploring the fun stuff in their habitats!  They are very difficult to hold probably wouldn’t do well with children, but they do not typically bite and are quite friendly.

By the way – have you gotten the kids signed up for Kids ‘N Critters Summer Day Camp yet?!

As School Winds Down...HAWS Calendar Fills Up!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, adopt, camp, Kids 'N Critters, Rodent Rally, Kathy Sdao

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Spring! When a Young Dog's Fancy Turns to...Walkabouts?

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Pet Walkathon, walk, adopt, microchipping, I.D., tags

Spring has taken a while to arrive, but it does feel good now that it ​has finally arrived. With spring, in come the kittens, the stray dogs and ​ wildlife. HAWS’ Animal Rescue Team is busy on the road!

Stray dogs “happen.” They sneak out when the kids run out the door, they  ​find open gates and go for walks in the spring sunshine – just like we do. ​A friendly dog looks for company where ever it can find it, so with more people outside, more dogs are enticed into excursions. I own huskies that are opportunists, and will run just for the joy of it! If you are not quick at the gate, the chase is on. Stray dogs happen. The most diligent owner can be challenged. 

I continue to be amazed at the number of dogs that come to us that do not have any identification on them. Microchips are great BUT they cannot be read by the general public. A dog tag is an affordable and simple means to have your dog returned to you. Often, if it is a friendly dog, the finder will call you directly, preventing a trip to the shelter. 

A few ideas for simple insurance: 
• Get TWO tags: put them on separate rings so if 1 ring fails you will still have another tag. 
• Check your tags on a regular basis. 
• Put your CELL PHONE number on the tags! There are two sides to most tags, so fill them up with numbers. You will probably be out looking for your dog, so the cell phone number is the most important. 
• Consider putting a number on the tags that is for a relative or your dog sitter in case your family is out of town and your dog gets loose. 
• You can write your cell phone number ON the collar with a permanent marker if you have a nylon collar of a lighter color; more insurance if the tags come off! 
• Microchips are a good, permanent form of identification. They prove ownership. If you have a microchip, does it have the correct contact information associated with it? This is a good time to update that. Often we will call in a chip, contact the number and find out the phone isn’t current or the owners have moved from the listed address…or the dog no longer even belongs to them! 

Spring. It’s a good time to check on tags and update all information. Take a walk and meet the neighbors so they know who your dog is. Be prepared; maximize the chances of your dog getting returned and minimize the chances of them getting away. Nothing takes the place of supervision and leashes, but if the worst happens, tags and microchips will help your dog get home.

By the way – your dog would love to come with you to HAWS 30th Anniversary Pet Walkathon, this Saturday…!

Starting Line-Up Announced for Annual Pet Walkathon!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, fundraiser, pets, Pet Walkathon, walk

HAWS and the Friends of HAWS fundraising group have announced the “starting line-up” of activities for the 30th Annual Pet Walkathon on May 4th to benefit the Waukesha shelter. 

The event runs from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Sussex Village Park, south of Main Street/Silver Spring Drive in Sussex.

The day features something for everyone – pets and their people!

Pre-Game / 9:00am:           National Anthem & Blessing of the Animals 
1st Inning / 9:30am:           Featured Breed 
2nd Inning / 10:00am:        Award Presentations -  Diana Boettcher Youth Community Kindness
                                                 Award and the $10K Behavior Matching Grant Challenge
3rd Inning / 10:45am:         Sing Our Jingle Contest Winners perform
4th Inning / 10:30am:         Treibball Demo
5th Inning / 11:00am:         HAWS’ K9 Clicks & Tricks Brigade performance
6th Inning / 11:30am:         Parade of HAWS Adoptable Pets and HAWS Alumni
7th Inning Stretch/Noon:    Bobbing for hotdogs (dogs), Baseball piñata contest (kids)
8th Inning / 12:30pm:         Pet Contests - Best pet trick, Fastest tail-wager
9th Inning / 1:00pm:           Musical bases - "musical chairs" game for dogs

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Meet Andria, HAWS Spring Marketing Intern!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Walk, pet walkathon, Project Guardian, spay, neuter, donate, adopt

Jen steps away from the keyboard to allow HAWS’ marketing intern, Andria, to reflect on her experiences at HAWS  so far!

I’m Andria, I am currently the Marketing Intern here at HAWS. I thought that this would be a great opportunity for me as I am a double major at Carroll University in Business Administration and Biology with an emphasis on Animal Behavior. I love animals, I love people, and I wanted to gain some experience in the business side of things to help me with my future. What better way to gain experience than by also helping out a great organization!

As the Marketing Intern at HAWS my primary project was starting a Twitter account for HAWS. Not having an account myself I set off on an adventure, making my own account first so I could learn the ropes, and doing some research as to how to get many followers. We officially launched the Twitter account on March 4th! If you aren’t already, please follow us!

My favorite project here at HAWS so far has been designing postcards for Project Guardian, HAWS’ no-cost spay and neuter program for outdoor cats. I loved being able to create the post card that I think not only looks cute, but also provides the community with information about a valuable resources offered!

I am very grateful for everyone’s help here, I have felt so welcomed. I have learned a lot about HAWS as an organization, about myself, and about marketing – especially social media marketing. Jennifer has been a great mentor helping me to learn along the way.

By the way – If you haven’t heard HAWS is currently raising funds for the
30th Annual Pet Walkathon, and I would love to get more donations than Jennifer (my boss), so please feel free to check out my Firstgiving page and make a donation to HAWS through my page. Thanks!

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Hit a Home Run for HAWS!

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Walkathon, pets, baseball, Humane Animal Welfare Society

Just got a visit from a HAWS volunteer who is very excited about the new features for the 30th Annual Pet Walkathon to benefit the Waukesha shelter

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Spring Fever Hits HAWS!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Walkathon, walk, jingle, challenge, grant, kitten

Spring fever has hit HAWS with great upcoming events, contests…and a continued “Challenge!”

“Give Pets a Home-Field Advantage” through HAWS’ 30th Anniversary Pet Walkathon! Get a Team together, create a personal fundraising page – just be sure to join the fun on Saturday, May 4th at Sussex Village Park. 100% of Walk donations help the animals at the Waukesha shelter, so everyone can make a difference and save lives. Support HAWS on foot or online – all the Walkathon details are at

There are 5 weeks to go in HAWS’ $10,000 Matching Gift Behavior Rehabilitation Challenge – now is the time to donate and any amount can help. HAWS’ Mod Squad saves lives and gives second chances to deserving dogs – 650 dogs and counting! Donate today through May 4th at, then celebrate at the Walkathon!

“Sing to Save Lives” Jingle Contest videos are due April 30th. Grab that microphone, sing HAWS’ Jingle and win great prizes, including an appearance on Animal Advocate Television on WISN 12!

HAWS’ Mobile Adoption Center has a spring cleaning idea – the Dog Wash for HAWS at Petlicious Dog Bakery & Pet Spa on Sunday April 14th. Summit Credit Union has named HAWS their April "Business of the Month" – one day each week adoptable pets take over to celebrate!  Details and the full Mobile calendar are at

HAWS’ first-ever
Kitten College Socialization & Playtime is Sunday, April 14th. Kittens learn appropriate social skills that prevent future behavior problems! ​​Designed for kittens 8-15 weeks, maximum class size is 7 kittens.​ Pre-registration is required​ – call 262-542-8851, x114 or log onto

Additional highlights on HAWS’ April Calendar include the FREE Solving Common K9 Behavior Problems seminar (4/8); “Pet”-icures, for cats on 4/13 and 4/23 (additional day!) and for small animals (4/10 at Pet Supplies Plus and 4/20 at HAWS); the monthly First Aid for Pets session (4/20); and Puppy Parties every Sunday at 4:45p.m. All events and details are available at

Give Pets a Home Field Advantage

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Walk, Walkathon, pets, adopt, Spring Training, Opening Day, team

At HAWS we are celebrating a major milestone. Our Pet Walkathon is in its 30th Year!

​​​​​On the first Saturday of May – this year it’s May 4th – hundreds of pet lovers ‘high-tail-​it’ to Sussex Village Park for a day-long festival for pets and their people, in support of ​HAWS, the animals we care for and the programs/services we provide to the community.

This year’s theme is “Give Pets a Home Field Advantage.” To us that means making sure adoptable pets find forever loving homes, and that our community and neighbors all have the tools they need for successful owner-pet relationship.

So, what does your Walkathon donation do for HAWS? Your donation helps "Load the Bases" for HAWS, because:
• $10 can provide vaccinations and heartworm or feline leukemia testing for an adoptable pet
• $25 ensures on-call assistance from our Animal Rescue Team for lost pets
• $50 can spay or neuter a pet
• $100 helps feed an entire shelter ward!
Imagine what $250, $500, or more can do…

Now, i
n the spirit of Spring Training culminating in Opening Day next Monday, we think everyone should form a HAWS Walkathon Team, to walk and fundraise as a group. You will have the opportunity to promote your business or group, support your fave local shelter and receive fun goodies like the official 2013 Walk T-shirt, personalized team I.D., special raffle drawings, recognition on and in our Tattle Tails print newsletter and more.

The best part? All money collected for HAWS’ annual Pet Walkathon goes directly to the animals and HAWS’ programs…AND donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

So register your team today in the Canine, Feline or Small Critter Division of HAWS’ Baseball League. Get an assist with your fundraising by creating an online personalized fundraising webpage, and hit a home run for the pets of our community!

By the way – our $10K matching grant challenge is going strong! Help save lives by supporting our Behavior Department and their work to rehabilitate dogs!  Only 5 more weeks to give…

Sing for Your Kibble

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Sing, Pet Walkathon

Watch as HAWS Adoptable Pets Become Stars!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, jingle, contest, Walkathon, adoptable pets

HAWS announces our 3rd annual “Extreme Makeover:  HAWS Edition” pet grooming competition to benefit the shelter.

HAWS’ adoptable dogs as models, the event is this Sunday, March 17th from noon - 4:00 p.m. at HAWS’ shelter at 701 Northview Road, Waukesha. Admission is free for spectators and includes raffle prizes, a bake sale for both humans and pets, and a bow sale.

This unique showcase features 12 talented groomers who will transform
HAWS’ adoptables into stars. Groomers begin with a blank canvas – the dogs have only been given a bath and nail trims – and must complete any grooming work within 2 hours.

Judging this year’s Makeover is Scott Wasserman, PDS (Petcare Dermatech specialist), MPS (Master Pet stylist) Meritus. A winner of the Best Pet Stylist in Show at the U.S. Pet Pro Classic twice and the coveted Intergroom International Groomer of the Year award, Scott is also a Certifier and Consultant for the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists, one of the toughest and most in-depth pet styling certification organizations in the world.

Event sponsors are all Wisconsin-based companies and include Andis, Charlee Bear, Soft Lines, Ultra Lift, Stella & Chewy's, Clever Dog Toys, JK Lee Black Belt Academy, Front Porch Pets, Groomers Co-op, Piranha Promotions, and WeatherTight.

By the way – have you heard about HAWS’ “Sing to Save Lives” Contest?

By the way, part 2 – Our
30th Anniversary Pet Walkathon is May 4th…time to get your Team together…start raising donations online today!

Help HAWS Save More LIVES!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, adoptable dogs in Waukesha, Mod Squad

Saving Lives - 365!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha County, Project Guardian, spay day, neuter, matching grant challenge

Yesterday, February 26, was the annual observance of World Spay Day. For HAWS, saving lives through spay and neuter surgeries isn’t just limited to 1 day, but a year-round effort!

World Spay Day was created to raise awareness of the effects of spaying and neutering companion pets. Pet overpopulation is a problem – worldwide and in Waukesha County. But, spay and neuter surgeries can help control pet overpopulation and put an end to needless euthanasia.

HAWS’ Spay-Neuter Initiative Program (SNIP) clinic not only performs surgeries on HAWS’ shelter animals, but also gives assistance to area rescue groups and financially struggling Waukesha county residents. We again observed World Spay Day by offering free surgeries to the pets of eligible owners of cats, kittens, Pit Bulls and pit mixes during these past few weeks, but assistance is always available to those who’s pets are in need.

Our Project Guardian continues to combat the outdoor cat overpopulation issue in rural and newly-developed areas of Waukesha County.  Free spays and neuters are offered, along with basic vaccinations to those who are guardians of outdoor cat populations. Our staff can even give some helpful hints for proper trapping and release of these cats!

If you have any questions regarding our SNIP clinic or spaying or neutering your pet, please call us at 262-542-8851, x109, or email

By the way – the life-saving continues with our $10,000 Matching Gift Behavior Rehabilitation Challenge! Donate today and make a dogs’ day!

By the way, part 2 – HAWS will be at the
Milwaukee Admirals Dog Day this Sunday…will you?!

Adopt 4 Paws from HAWS: Bubby Will be Your Buddy!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, Adopt-A-Rabbit Month, World Spay Day, Dog Day

February/Adopt-A-Rabbit month continues, and we present the latest addition to HAWS’ Adoptable Bunny Family.

Bubby snuggles with Adoption Counselor Amanda.Beautiful Bubby is a Holland Lop rabbit. She is an adult female, has been spayed, and has a stunning jet-black coat. Bubby is sweet, but still a little bit shy and getting used to handling. She enjoys leafy green salads – a girl’s gotta keep her figure, you know! Bubby is waiting for her new forever human to love.

Did you know that a group of rabbits is called a herd? Rabbits are very social animals that like other bunny companions to live with in a “warren” or hutch.

If a house rabbit is properly cared for and spayed or neutered early in life, it can live to age 8-12 years! Rabbits require an owner that is able to make that lengthy commitment to them.

By the way – HAWS has a number of neat events coming up – something for everyone! We’ll be joining in the fun at the Milwaukee Admirals Dog Day game on March 3rd (you can purchase tickets to benefit HAWS through the link on our website). Our annual Bunny Day is coming on March 10th. AND, our 3rd annual Extreme Makeover: HAWS Edition is March 17th!

And don't forget World Spay Day is coming up this Tuesday...

A Time for Heroes at HAWS

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Companions for Heroes, Jeff Cirillo, Behavior, Mod Squad

HAWS has been selected as a Wisconsin shelter partner for Companions for Heroes, an organization dedicated to alleviating the psychological suffering of our nation’s returning wounded warriors and first responders by facilitating their adoption of shelter animals.

Capitalizing on the strong bond between people and animals, last-chance pets are connected with our nation’s heroes, providing a sense of purpose and fulfillment while minimizing stress, depression and feelings of loneliness and isolation through unconditional love and friendship.

“My shelter dog is the sole reason I am here today,” notes C4H founder David Sharpe, a U.S. Air Force veteran who was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and depression eight years after serving. “My dog has allowed me to grow close relationships with my family and friends. I believe other veterans can benefit from the same type of companionship.”

Those interested in adoption through the program should contact David Jurado at, or log on to for a qualifying application. They are then sent to HAWS to continue the adoption process, through contact Jessica at (262-542-8851, x112).

By the way - Retired Brewer Jeff Cirillo has teamed up with HAWS for the $10,000 Matching Gift Behavior Rehabilitation Challenge. HAWS has just 90 days to raise the matching funds for the shelter’s Behavior program: $15 for kennel care for one dog for a day, $27 for a treat puzzle box,  $60 for one dog through the entire program! Every dollar contributed is matched dollar-for-dollar. Donate at 262-542-8851 or Help rehabilitate those dogs who may have never received a second chance! All donations are tax deductible.

Adopt 4 Paws from HAWS - and Hop to it!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, HAWS Waukesha, adopt a rabbit month, Valentine's Day, Bunny Day

February is Adopt a Rabbit month. How convenient that HAWS has suddenly filled up with a bunch of bunnies ready for adoption!

Black Licorice is a female Silver Fox rabbit.We have more than a dozen beautiful rabbits just waiting for new homes. Each one goes home with the House Rabbit Handbook, and our great small animal volunteers will make sure you have everything you need! You can also learn all about house rabbits at

So, about those adoptables…

Got a craving? How about Black Licorice, Coco & Walnut, Snickers, Jasmine or Colada? Still loving this weather? Meet Snowball. There’s also Amber – a real gem, and Lea, Pia, Lila and many more.

Pia is a little Holland Lop bunny.Valentine’s Day is a great reminder of HAWS’ bunny “matchmaking” service. Did you know that single rabbits can be very lonely and depressed without friends of their own kind?  HAWS volunteers will help your little companion(s) find a best buddy, love match or roommate. Call HAWS at 262-542-8851 for more info…and to make a date!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day: maybe you need a gift for a rabbit fan? HAWS is still selling our Year of the Rabbit t-shirts…because it is always the year of the rabbit for bunny fans.

Stewart is a male Dutch Rabbit.By the way – HAWS’ annual Bunny Day is coming up quickly – this year it is Sunday, March 10, from noon – 4pm. Presented by HAWS and the Wisconsin House Rabbit Society, spend a day learning the Bunny Basics, ask questions of bunny experts, win prizes, meet adoptable rabbits and more! Admission is $5/adults, children under 12 free with parent. This event is for bunny caregivers only, please leave your companion rabbit comfortably at home.  More info at!

Retired Brewer Jeff Cirillo & HAWS Team Up to Save Lives

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Jeff Cirillo, HAWS Behavior Department, HAWS Mod Squad

HAWS and retired Brewer Jeff Cirillo are teaming up to raise money for our Behavior program. Bolstered by a generous kick-off donation, HAWS has been given 90 days to raise the matching funds in the $10,000 Matching Gift Behavior Rehabilitation Challenge.

“Many dogs are euthanized every year at shelters for their behavior and because of the lack of rehabilitation and retraining programs that can re-home them,” noted Cirillo. “What if these dogs had a second chance? HAWS has developed an exceptional behavior program that boasts a 90% success rate – and just recently celebrated their 650th program graduate! Best of all, as a result of HAWS’ Behavior department and Mod Squad program, more and more dogs are getting that second chance to find their forever homes and to live the life they deserve.”

HAWS’ Executive Director Lynn Olenik added: “Our Behavior Department is all about saving more lives.  Our Mod Squad volunteers begin training the dogs while they are here, setting up boot camp for those pets that need a more rigorous program – from behavior modification to enrichment to exercise.  We are doing everything possible to send home the best possible companion and save lives.”

Now the community is being asked to join the Challenge, to help raise the additional funds needed to meet the $10,000 match. A donation of just $15 can cover a full day of kennel care for one of the HAWS’ dogs in the program. A $27 donation pays for a treat puzzle box, and a $60 donation will support one dog through the entire program – and can be made in honor of the donor! For every dollar contributed, a dollar-for-dollar match will create that much more impact and save more lives.

Join HAWS’ mission to continue this vital life-saving program.  Donate by calling 262-542-8851, or log on to Help rehabilitate those dogs who may have never received a second chance! All donations are tax deductible.

JanBoree and Oom-PAW with HAWS this January!

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, polka, bowl, Waukesha JanBoree

HAWS, the Humane Animal Welfare Society, welcomes all pets and their people to join in support of the “HAWS cause” through festive events and fun learning opportunities throughout January.

Lucky, the JanBoree mascots and their friends at Cool Your Paws at HAWS in 2012NOSH AND MUSH AT HAWS:
 "Cool Your Paws at HAWS II" on Saturday, January 19th from 11:00am to 3:00pm as part of the Waukesha Jan-Boree festival.  Activities include a Shelter Scavenger Hunt for kids, pet games of Hotdog Bobbing and the Peanut Butter Lick-Off, adoptable pets, HAWS’ mascot Lucky,  raffles and giveaways including a flat screen TV and firepit!  Pets DEFINITELY welcome, but they should be secured in a carrier or on a leash for safety.  

Cool Your Paws at HAWS highlights: 
·  11:30am: “K9 Cuisine with Dr. Claudeen” pet cooking class/demo focusing on healthy pet eating. Take home the leftovers for your best friend! Pre-registration and a $5 donation requested, call 262-542-8851 for details.
·  12 - 2:30pm:  HAWS’ Executive Director Lynn and her team will be giving Dog Sled Rides!  Sign-up begins at 11:30am, first come/first served, snow permitting; rides at 10-minute intervals, $5 donation to HAWS/run.

Come to Oom-Pa PAWS, the Polka Party for HAWS!“Accordion” to the Friends of HAWS, this is one party you don’t want to miss – the 2nd annual Oom-Pa Paws, the Polka Party for HAWSon Saturday, January 26th from 7:00pm – midnight at Saxe’s in Genesee! Enjoy live music, snack on chili and cookies and keep your New Year’s resolution to exercise, all in support of HAWS. Admission is $20/advance, $30/door.  All are invited to the annual HAWS for Paws Bowl on Sunday, January 29th from 11:00am – 2:00pm at Fracaro’s Lanes in Waukesha. Only $15/person includes 3 games and shoe rental; special rates available for teams of 4-6. Reserve your lane by calling Maria at 262-490-2102. More at

HAWS’ January calendar
also includes the FREE “Solving Common K9 Behavior Problems” seminar (1/14 at HAWS) and the Thursday “Behavior Chats with Dr. Claudeen” at End of the Leash (1/17 in Mukwonago, 1/24 in Pewaukee). All levels of dog training classes along with HAWS’ Puppy Parties begin new sessions this month – register at 262-542-8851, x114. The monthly Friends of HAWS meeting (1/9), First Aid for Pets (1/26), Small Pet Pedicures (1/9 at Pet Supplies Plus, 1/19 at HAWS), Cat Pedicures (1/12), the monthly GPA Greyhound meet’n’greet (1/26) and many great Mobile Adoption Center visits throughout the area round out a fun-filled calendar! Read all about it at

By the way - some reminders for pet owners:  as of January 1st, all dogs and many cats are required by law to have an updated license – owners should check with their city hall for details. Keep pets safely indoors when the temperature dips, other than for short walks and potty breaks. Clean salt off sensitive paw pads, check ears for frostbite, and have your short-coated dog wear a coat or sweater when outdoors.  Make sure poisonous antifreeze is out of reach, and, if your vehicle is stored outdoors, be sure to bang the hood to scare away any hidden animals before starting your engine.

Bella of the Ball

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, adopt a dog, adopt, nachos, navidad, HAWS Waukesha

Need a date for New Year’s Eve? Or maybe a reason to stay home and snuggle on the couch? At HAWS, we’ve got an idea…

Meet Bella, a sweet 2-year-old Lab!

Bella loves tennis balls...and a good belly rub!Bella came to HAWS just a short while ago, when her previous home couldn’t take her along when they moved. She is enjoying her time with our staff, as you can see, but her resolution is to be in a great new home for 2013.

This little girl (she’s not the big, bulky lab you might be used to) is a bit shy at first, but loves attention and treats. She doesn’t always like other dogs so a meet’n’greet with another canine sibling is a must, and Bella definitely is NOT a cat fan. Her new family will need to be older as she startles easily around younger kids.

Bella is ready to play!Bella and a bunch of her adoptable pals, like Jack Frost, Jingle, Tiny Tim and Packer are available for viewing at HAWS today! Stop by and see if one of these pups is in your future – or if one of our many cats, rabbits or other small animals will make your New Year bright.

HAWS Holiday Hours:
HAWS is open for normal viewing, adoption and receiving from Wednesday, December 26 through Sunday, December 30. On New Year’s Eve we are open for receiving-only, from 9am – 3pm, and HAWS is closed on New Year’s Day. But, if you need help when we’re closed, there is always someone on 24-hour call to assist you!

By the way – you still have a few days to take advantage of Nachos Navidad for HAWS at Taco John’s! Satisfy your nacho craving and help HAWS, too, with 25 cents from each order donated to our shelter. 
Feliz Navidad and Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Tinsel and...TURTLES?!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, Adopt, Red Ear Slider, African Side-necked Turtle, turtles

While you bask in the glow of holiday presents, lights and good cheer, a few adoptable pets at HAWS are also basking, but they’d prefer it in new forever homes!

Bailey the Turtle.Bailey is an African Side-Necked Turtle, also known as a Serrated Mud Turtle.  She (?) is active, hearty and curious (often shy at first, these turtles acclimate well and soon show their inquisitive sides!).  Most African Side-necked Turtles can be kept in relatively simple housing because of their modest needs – a place to swim and a basking log.  When basking, Bailey will "plop" into the water when approached…but once she knows you she will quickly surface to see if you have any food!  Adult females can grow larger than most people realize, reaching 9-12" inches within five or six years.

Moo and PhillipMoo & Phillip came in together, and are sharing table space alongside Mr. Turtle (who might actually be female, ironically).  All are Red Ear Sliders, a semi-aquatic turtle that is the most common reptile pet in the world.  Unfortunately, they can be very complicated to own and often owners aren’t ready for their needs!  There is a great website devoted to them – (no, really) – that goes into lots of detail as to their needs, natural habitats and the like.

Mr. Turtle shows off his Red Ears!Bailey, Moo & Phillip and Mr. Turtle have been guests at HAWS since September.  They are definitely fun to have around and the kids participating in our education programs really enjoy them, but they would really love to become someone’s personal companions!

Adopt 4 Webbed Feet from HAWS!

By the way – you still have time to "eat for HAWS" since Taco John’s Nachos Navidad promotion continues til the end of December.  Looking forward to the New Year already?  So are we, with HAWS hosting a Waukesha JanBoree event, Cool Your Paws at HAWS, on Saturday, January 19 and then our Friends of HAWS polka party, Oom-Pa Paws, coming up on Saturday, January 26!  All the details are at – or just call us at 262-542-8851.

A Tale of Two Kitties, Chelsea, One Big Bunny…and HAWS!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, HAWS Waukesha, adopt, spay-neuter, donate

All the animals we help at HAWS have their own unique story, and together they make our mission come alive!  Please enjoy these three "happy tails" from HAWS!

Trooper and Old Timer relaxing at home.Trooper and the Old Timer

Two stray cats came to HAWS within a few weeks of each other needing lots of help. “Trooper” had such extensive injuries that one of his legs needed to be amputated, while “Old Timer” was blind and dealing with a bladder infection. After initial care at HAWS, one foster home took both cats for their recovery, and the two boys quickly became pals.  They played and snuggled together, and despite losing a limb Trooper even brought toys to Old Timer. Once the boys were completely healthy they found that their temporary foster home was now a permanent one, and they continue to bring joy to that family today.

Chelsea patiently waiting for just the right home!Chelsea
Six-month-old Chelsea came to HAWS knowing how to sit, but not much else! She was immediately placed in HAWS’ Mod Squad™ program, to be handled and fed according to a plan tailored specifically to her needs. She wanted to please and made strides quickly, becoming more confident as she learned. When the right family came in they couldn’t wait take her home! They enrolled her in HAWS’ dog training program to continue her great progress – and each visit she pulls on the leash to see her “old family” from HAWS.

Giant Jaxon

Jaxon the Checkered Giant rabbit was found wandering, unneutered and with an overzealous “bun-sonality” making him difficult to handle. Due to his size and some of his personality traits he proved difficult to re-home. Through HAWS partnership with the Wisconsin House Rabbit Society, a little social networking and lots of work by HAWS’ small animal crew, a great home was found for Jaxon. His new home has been given all the tools for success – including the suggestion of clicker training to give him something to do!

Share the Gift of Creating a Humane Society.
Building a humane community takes the involvement of all those around us.  That’s why your gift to HAWS is so important!  Your donation saves lives of countless animals and changes the lives of people, instilling humane sentiments in all that affect how we treat each other – humans as well as animals – far into the future.  Donate today and Join HAWS in Building a Society that’s Humane.

By the way - you can donate online securely through PayPal or via snail mail - just head over to our website and we'll make it easy!

An Ode to "Old"

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, adopt a dog, adopt a cat, adopt a senior pet

Bringing a fresh, new puppy or kitten into your family can be so much fun!  But, at HAWS we always like to remind people that adult pets can be just as wonderful...and your journey together so meaningful.  With age comes wisdom - for all species...

Sebastian the cat is an 11-years-young shorthaired cat up for adoption at HAWS.When you commit to your dog, cat or other pet for it's lifetime, guiding that pet through the senior years is inevitable.  Life with an older pet is so rewarding - whether you've been together from the beginning or just found each other later in life.

Several of my co-workers and I are on a similar "schedule" with our pets.  We all adopted our babies back in the late 90s or early 00s, so we've been watching them grow up and grow old together.  Sadly, we are also starting to see those beloved dogs and cats pass on - Mason at age 12, Belle at 16, Linx at 19.  Dozer was 12, Magnum was 11 and Bailey was 14.  While we grieve for each of them, we also know that they probably blessed our lives more than we did theirs!

Freeway is a HAWS alum,,,and contentedly living the good life as a senior dog.Each time we lose a pet it reminds us to live more in the moment - and in our cases, especially with those pets who are still sharing our lives.  I feel gratitude for every day I still have with my Fuzzy Mutt, Freeway, who turned 15 about 2 weeks ago..and doesn't let us forget that!  Stiff and sore in the morning?  So what - it's time for a walk!  Bedtime?  No way, not while there's still squeak in that squeaky toy.  Quiet time?  Well, since you're just sitting there you may as well give me an earrub or neck scratch.

Pets bring value to our lives at any age.  If you want a jogging partner, definitely bring home an energetic pup.  And when you're looking to add a little serenity to your life, that 8-years-young cat or dog is ready and waiting.

Just don't miss a minute!  And enjoy the journey - together.

Bear, the MinPin, is a happy 10-year-old!By the way - some super sweet "older" pets are waiting for homes at HAWS right now.  Like Aries the cat, age 12; Bear the MinPin, age 10 (pictured at left); Kenya the Pittie, age 6; Sebastian the cat, age 11 (pictured at top).  Stop by 7 days a week to view and adopt - we'd all love to see you!

HAWS' Viewing & Adoption Hours:
Monday - Friday, 1 - 6pm
Saturday, 11am - 4pm
Sunday, Noon - 4pm

Call and ask about any of our adoptables - our phone lines open at 9am Monday thru Saturday, and at Noon on Sunday!


Gone Fishin' at HAWS

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Adopt, vote, goldfish

Last week HAWS became the home to hundreds of goldfish.  Not our usual adoptable pet, but we've learned that "usual" doesn't really exist here at our shelter...
Fish delivery system.
The day before Thanksgiving, HAWS got a call from the local FedEx office that had "about 250" feeder fish in a box, meant for delivery to an area business.  The address given was deemed "undeliverable" and they were told to destroy the box and its contents.  Animal lovers they are, the FedEx employees decided to call us instead!

The number of fish in the box may have been SLIGHTLY underestimated!  We are now literally stuffed to the gills with fish - with one tank on display in our lobby and another fully stocked in our back room ready to replenish the supply as they are adopted.

Thinking of getting a relatively low-maintenance pet?  NOW is definitely the time! 

We are "adopting" out the fish at a name-your-price deal, and we're happy to give out multiple fish to interested homes.  Kids will need their parents' approval, because we really, really, REALLY don't want returns...

Adopt 4 paws from HAWS?  How about adopting 2 fins and a tail?!

By the way - do you like to make your voice heard on behalf of animals?  You can do that in a bunch of ways for HAWS right now: 
- Through this Friday you can vote every day for Bug on and HAWS will receive 5 free beds for our kennel if Bug wins!  (Bug is the super-cute schnoodle at the bottom left of the voting group.)
- Head to GOODmaker and vote for HAWS to win a grant for our STEM camp - our Improve LIves with Animals challenge entry is titled "Animal Welfare Leadership: The Next Generation."  Voting runs through December 4th - everyone can only vote once so every vote counts!
- Help make HAWS the "best shelter" on WISN's A LIst - vote for HAWS through December 16th.

Taco John's Helping HAWS have a Happy Holiday!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Nachos Navidad, Taco John's, Winter Symposium

HAWS has again been chosen to benefit from the December “Nachos Navidad” promotion and through sales of Christmas ornaments at the Waukesha Taco John’s restaurant at 317 N. Grand Ave!

Noted Dusty Stiefel, Unit General Manager for Taco John’s, “This will be our third straight year raising donations for HAWS, and we want to make sure we beat our amount from last year of $1,992.00.”

Nachos Navidad billboards will be posted November 12th, marking the day Taco John’s will begin selling their $1 holiday ornaments for HAWS.  Then, starting December 1st and continuing throughout the month, 25 cents from every Nachos Navidad sold at the Waukesha eatery will be donated to HAWS. For those with spare change in their pockets, Taco John’s will also have collection jars for HAWS.

Stiefel continued, “The entire crew at Taco John’s works very hard to make all the customers aware that we are raising money for HAWS, and our customers are a huge part of raising this money year after year. We wouldn’t be so successful without them!”

“We are incredibly grateful to Taco John’s and their continued support of HAWS through these fundraisers,” said Lynn Olenik, HAWS’ Executive Director. “Support like this from our community means so much to us – and we really enjoy working with Dusty and her staff. They are great friends to HAWS!”

By the way - HAWS' 2nd Winter Symposium is only a few short weeks away - be sure to register today for this day of learning and networking with other animal fans and professionals!  Topics include pet nutrition, cutting-edge theraputic options and more.  Click HERE for more details and registration.

It's Been Such a Long Time!

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Today our shelter at HAWS is filled with dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, turtles and guinea pigs.  Tomorrow…who knows?!

It is amazing how quickly the faces in our shelter change - from day to day and week to week.  When a prospective adopter doesn’t find the right pet for them on their first visit, we’ll tell them “just wait a few days, we’ll have more!”  Rarely do they have to wait very long.

Kane is a happy black Lab mix!Also amazing is when we have a handful of long-term residents.  We don’t have a time limit for the animals staying at HAWS – the right home will come in, and we want to give every pet that chance.

Kenya is a sweet, 6-years-young Pitbull.Kane, a black Lab mix, and Kenya, a Pit Bull, have been part of the HAWS roster since this summer. Both dogs have special circumstances and will need to be adopted by just the right owners…but we’re committed to finding those homes. In the meantime, our Mod Squad™ volunteers are working daily with Kane and Kenya to ensure they have great manners and are ready when their new loving homes become a reality.

Sherry is a super-cute gray tabby!Since our facility expansion a few years ago we’ve greatly increased the amount of room at HAWS for housing cats (there still never seems to be enough!). We’re glad to have the space to allow for a bonded pair like Hector and Vivianne, who have been with us since April. Sherry, a lovely gray tabby, is one of a handful of adult cats who joined our shelter ranks in August.  While all these felines are well-loved by our staff and volunteers and get lots of affection, playtime and attention, we’d all like to see them leave for a sunny spot in someone’s bay window!

Lea is a Dutch rabbit.Jasmine is an American rabbit.In the small animal ward we have long-timers Lea, a Dutch Rabbit, and Jasmine, an American Rabbit, both of whom have been at HAWS since March.  Fievel the mouse has been making his home at HAWS since May.

These great adoptable pets at HAWS are waiting patiently for their new homes. We just hope they don’t have to watch more and more pets come and go before they get their chance.

By the way – this Saturday and Sunday, November 10-11, our Friends of HAWS – with the help of Unlimited Vision Photography club – are taking Holiday Pet Photos. Call today to reserve your sitting at 262-542-8851, and get your pet’s picture for greeting cards and more!

'Tis (Time to Start Thinking About) the Season

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Leading up to the holidays, HAWS has all sorts of events, fundraisers and neat goings-on to help the pets of our shelter.  We invite you to join us as we "share the gift of creating a humane society"!

This Saturday is the Friends of HAWS annual Holiday Bazaar and Bake Sale.  Get a jump on your holiday shopping with gifts for both the pet and the pet fan - all in support of the animals at HAWS!  There will be handmade crafts and homemade baked goodies for sale as well as other pet-themed items and HAWS' ever-popular Paw gear.  (Possibly there's a HAWS hoodie sweatshirt in your future?!)  The Bazaar begins at 9am and runs until 4pm.  Stop by early for the best selection...and stay for a light lunch, too!

Love getting your pet in holiday apparel and getting a pet photo for your holiday cards?  HAWS has several opportunities for you to do just that, with proceeds going to the shelter. 
-  This Saturday from 10am - 3pm HAWS' Mobile Adoption Center will be at End of the Leash in Pewaukee (115 W. Wisconsin Ave.) for a holiday event - make a donation from HAWS' Wish List and receive a photo of your pet from Studio 360 of Pewaukee.  (Be sure to call Dave at the studio for your appointment, 262-227-3354.)
-  ALL next weekend the Friends of HAWS will be holding their annual Holiday Pet Photos event at our shelter, with photos taken by the great talents at Unlimited Vision Photography Club.  (Remember to call HAWS to schedule your sitting, 262-542-8851!!)

Need your fast-food fix?  Taco Johns of Waukesha will be announcing their annual Nachos Navidad fundraiser with billboards posted on November 12...which is the day they will start selling $1 ornaments to benefit HAWS!  Then, starting December 1, 25 cents from every Nachos Navidad sold through December 31 will be donated to HAWS.  In past year's this fundraiser has brought in THOUSANDS of dollars to our shelter, and what a delicious way it is to support the HAWS cause!

By the way - Ttouch for Little Critters is this Sunday, November 4, at HAWS.  Treat your rabbit, guinea pig, or other small critter to the calming effects of Tellington TTouch.  You'll learn how to use specific gentle touches to help release tension in stressful situations such as veterinary visits and grooming.  You'll also help your newly adopted companion become comfortable in your home, as you build a lasting bond through touch.  The class fee is $15.00, children under 16 only $7.00 (must attend with parent).  Materials are $5.00/student and registration is required.  Call HAWS for more information:  262-542-8851.

Salad Days at HAWS!

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There are so many great pets up for adoption at HAWS these days, it is hard to pick just one to spotlight.  But we'll do our best...

Say hello to Crouton the Cat!

Crouton is a 1-year-old, shorthair cat with coloring known as "pastel torbie."  She was brought to HAWS' shelter after being found wandering stray in the City of Waukesha.

This sweet girl is playful and friendly.  She would do well in a home with kids, and also would probably like another cat-sibling to pal around with and explore.  We get the sense that she was not at all thrilled to be an "outside" cat and will love the luxury and domesticity of house living.  She loves to snuggle, too!

Crouton and all her adoptable friends at HAWS are available for viewing 7 days a week - stop in today and find some paws to love of your own!

By the way - upcoming events include our FREE "Solving K9 Behavior Problems" seminar (10-29), TTouch for Little Critters (11/4), and Winter Symposium (12/1).  Check out our Upcoming Events calendar for details and registration!

A Kind of Cat-tastrophe

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HAWS would like you to know that today, October 16th, is National Feral Cat Day.

(Today is also Boss’ Day, and anyone who shares their home with a cat knows there are similarities…but we digress.)

Originally launched by a group called Alley Cat Allies, National Feral Cat Day is designed to improve awareness and welfare of outdoor cats.  Millions of these cats are living outside in our communities nationwide, but many are not spayed or neutered, leading to a very real overpopulation problem. Did you know that a single cat and her first litter of kittens can be responsible for the births of almost 500,000 more cats? If 1 cat = 1.5 million, imagine what will result from a barnyard full of cats…

Waukesha County is home to many, many, MANY outdoor cats! HAWS takes in thousands of cats each year – currently we have dozens available for adoption. Many of these great animals were born outside and have been homeless since birth. Without HAWS stepping in to help, these cats would give birth to more cats (compounding the problem), and could also face an unknown future full of predators, traffic mishaps, extreme temperatures and hunger.

HAWS’ Project Guardian is designed to end cat overpopulation in our community, by offering free spay/neuter surgeries. Project Guardian is also designed to create awareness within our community – to spur our residents to get involved by caring for these cats either through Trap-Neuter-Release in the case of cats that are working on area farms, or through a concentrated effort to rid an area of unwanted cats by trapping and re-homing them.

If you are aware of outdoor or stray cats in your area, please contact HAWS SNIP clinic at 262-542-8851, x109 to spay or neuter them through Project Guardian.  When you prevent the birth of more homeless animals and help put an end to animal overpopulation in our community you are literally a life saver!

By the way – this Sunday is our annual Guinea Pig Primer. Come learn more about this great little pets and their care – even bring your pet piggy along to participate in the Guinea Pig Olympic Games…featuring the Sprint for Parsley. This FREE event runs from noon til 4pm – and everyone is welcome!

Adopt 4 Paws from HAWS: Meet the very happy Kane!

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At HAWS our door is always open…to people AND animals, because we’re here 24/7 to assist you.
You’ll find
all the paws to love at HAWS!

My name is Kane, and I am a 7-year-old Lab mix looking for a home without another dog, although cats would be fine.

I was adopted and then brought back to the shelter because I am VERY HAPPY and super  ENTHUSIASTIC about life…which came across as me lacking manners and self-control.  But I just need time to show you what a great dog I really am!  I really, really need a home that understands me and a owner that will take the time to train me and realize that I am just strong and ACTIVE.

An active home with a biker or runner would be great…because a tired dog is a good dog!  I’m ready for a game of football, tag, Frisbee, whatever!  Teenagers who want to play with me would be the best, but I have been known to knock over younger kids with my enthusiasm so I should probably not live with them.  

Call HAWS today at 262-542-8851 or log onto for more information on Kane and all his adoptable buddies at HAWS!

HAWS Viewing/Adopting Hours:  Monday through Friday, 1:00 – 6:00 p.m., Saturday, 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Sunday, Noon - 4:00 p.m.  Receiving Hours:  Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Sunday, Noon - 4:00 p.m.

By the way - HAWS' 2nd Winter Symposium has been announced!  Join us on Saturday, December 1st for a day of information and networking with other "pet people."  Topics include pet nutrition and the link with behavior, therapeutic laser treatment for pets, and end-of-life care.  Animal professionals and the general public are invited to attend.  For details and registration,
log onto our website.

HAWS Unleashes a New Campaign to Foster a More Humane Community

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HAWS, the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County, is asking the community to take action in support of the life-saving work of Waukesha’s #1 pet resource center.

“HAWS goal is, and always has been, to adopt out all healthy and treatable animals,” notes Executive Director Lynn Olenik. “To build an entire community that’s humane needs the involvement of all those around us.”

The life-saving programs of HAWS include:
·  The Spay-Neuter Initiative Program (SNIP) clinic, and Project Guardian – a free spay-neuter service that is aggressively combating cat overpopulation, a problem that still exists in Waukesha County.
·  HAWS’ Behavior Department and Mod Squad™, volunteers and staff that work with dogs that are turned away by others, to rehabilitate these pets to make them wonderful adoption candidates.
·  Instilling humane sentiments with the community’s youth: HAWS Kids ‘N Critters Day Camp, K’HAWS and Critter Club youth programs, partnerships with Lad Lake and many area schools and scout groups train the animal welfare leaders of tomorrow.

Olenik adds, “All these efforts come at a price, and HAWS needs our community to take action to continue these important programs. We are committed to remaining open admissions – we don’t turn an animal away,  and full service – providing adoptions, animal rescues, reuniting lost pets with their owners, rehabilitating animals in need and treating those with medical challenges.” 

Ways the community can join the movement:
·  Volunteer at HAWS by working with the animals, or assisting with events and Mobile Adoptions.
·  Foster an animal too young for adoption, or one that is recovering from illness or injury.
·  Adopt a pet from HAWS…and tell others to adopt rather than purchasing from a pet store!
·  Donate – money, supplies, time – every amount helps and there is always a need at HAWS.
·  Promote spaying and neutering of companion pets, outdoor/barn cat populations, and end “backyard” breeding.

Help HAWS save more lives by logging onto or by calling 262-542-8851.  Join HAWS in building a society that’s humane!

The Beautiful Green Shades of Twilight - Adopt 4 'Claws' from HAWS!